Montgomery, The Capital of Alabama – 20 Interesting Facts

Montgomery Capital of Alabama

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama State and was named after someone called General Richard Montgomery.

The capital of Alabama is regarded as home to several Civil Right Movements and starting points in the United States of America.

The Population here has been estimated to be around 200,602. Montgomery is the second-largest city in Alabama State and it has a land area of 156.2 square miles.

The capital of Alabama is rich in Arts and poetry as it is very notable for its painters, poets, actors, musicians and many other professionalisms.

One of the most popular festivals of capital Art scenes is the Alabama Shakespeare Festival which has the largest professional theatre in Alabama State.

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The four nearest cities to Montgomery, Alabama are Millbrook city, Prattville city, Tuskegee city and Selma city, Alabama.

The popular legend called Dr. Martin Luther King lived in this capital and also began his preaching in a church called Dexter Ave Church.

The capital of Alabama is of no doubt one of the best cities in Alabama as it has several museums and parks which are in line with Arts and Montegomery culture.

Map of Montgomery USA
  • Population: 200,602.
  • Landmass: 156.2 square miles.
  • Area code: 334
  • Popular Celebrities: Hank Williams, Tommy Shaw (Musicians).

20 Interesting Facts About Montgomery City

Below, I have prepared 20 Interesting facts about the capital city of Alabama which you should also know about.

  • 1. The famous March for Justice which was led by Martin Luther King in 1965 started in Selma and ended in Montgomery.
  • 2. The first US Civil Aviation School was formed on the outskirt.
  • 3. Montgomery was named after a man named Richard Montgomery who died in the American Revolutionary War during his attempt to capture the Quebec City of Canada.
  • 4. It is the second-largest city in Alabama State.
  • 5. It was in this capital city that a lady named Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white man and that called her arrest. As a result of her arrest, the popular Bus Boycotts were formed.
  • 6. The first successful heart surgery on a live patient was sutured by Dr. Luther Leonidas Hill, a native of Montgomery, Alabama.
  • 7. The city was the first capital of the confederacy of the United States of America.
  • 8. It was also the originating and primary site for the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.
  • 9. It is home to the popular baseball team called Montgomery Biscuit.
  • 10. The Music legend called Hank Williams held his last performance in the capital city of Alabama.
  • 11. It was the First city in the United States to initiate an electric streetcar system and that was in 1886.
  • 12. It is no doubt currently the capital of Alabama State.
  • 13. Alabama River is the closest to Montgomery city.
  • 14. Montgomery is home to Maxwell Air Force Base.
  • 15. The United States Navy named two of their ships after Montgomery.
  • 16. Montgomery has the largest Professional theatre in Alabama State.
  • 17. The first Boycotts to ever exist started in Montgomery, particularly the Bus Boycotts.
  • 18. Montgomery rank as the 118th most popular city in the whole of the United States.
  • 19. The three popular nicknames of Montgomery are; “the cradle of the confederacy”, “the Gump” and “the birthplace of Civil Rights Movement”.
  • 20. The deadly fire outbreak that consumed about 25 people’s lives happened in Montgomery penthouse on Feb 7th, 1967, and that led to the revamping of Fire Code Standards throughout the whole United States of America.

Montgomery Facts Summary

The City of Montgomery is no doubt a place of history. Montgomery functions as a Mayor-Council system of government. The Council is represented by nine members elected to serve a four-year term.

The city is a full-service governmental agency that prides itself on providing quality service to residents and businesses.

Which of the listed facts got your attention the most? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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