45 Mohamed Salah Quotes About Life & Soccer

Mohamed Salah quotes and sayings about football

We bring to you mind-shifting Mohamed Salah quotes and sayings about life, hustle, and football. Salah is one of the most popular African football players who has made his mark.

Born couple of decades ago in Egypt, he had a dream of becoming a professional football and he followed his dream.

He is considered one of the best players in the world and known for his finishing, dribbling, and speed.

Mohamed Salah’s net worth is proof of his successful football career and he isn’t stopping yet. He has won series of awards and aiming for more.

How did Salah make it this far? What has been is motivation? What kept him going despite starting from the very bottom?

This collection of Mohamed Salah quotes and sayings will inspire to keep working on your dreams and achieve your goals.

45 Remarkable Mohamed Salah Quotes About Life & Football

 1. “Every year, every day, every month, I am proving myself.” – Mohamed Salah

2. “Ever since I was a kid, I had been a Liverpool fan – they were my favorite Premier League club.” – Mohamed Salah

3. “We’re just human beings. In the end, you do your job. I do my job in the best way I can.” – Mohamed Salah quotes

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4. “I want all Egyptian people to follow my way to improve themselves. We are a huge country. We have many children. I want everyone to dream and feel they can do something.” – Mohamed Salah

5. “I have a speed, and I have to use it when I play against someone who gives you the space.” – Mohamed Salah quotes

6. “When I have a chance to go back to my village, I always remind myself where I came from.” – Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah Quotes

7. “I was not a very good student. I was only thinking about football and that was the only reason to be there.” – Mohamed Salah

8. “I always tried to improve myself, even when I was a kid.” – Mohamed Salah

9. “I wanted to play at the top level in Egypt. But in Europe, I didn’t expect this. But when I played in the first team in Egypt, I said ‘why don’t you play in Europe? You should play in Europe’. Then when I played in Basel, then I said ‘let’s go to a bigger club’.” – Mohamed Salah quotes

10. “Everything started there in Egypt, including the admiration for champions like Zidane, Ronaldo, Totti.” – Mohamed Salah

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11. “I always try to see my weakness, work on it, to be better as a person and a player, everything.” – Mohamed Salah

12. “I am always trying to improve and see my weakness and work on it.” – Mohamed Salah quotes

13. “To win the Champions League is huge for everyone.” – Mohamed Salah

14. “For anyone, the most important thing is to play good, to perform good, to score goals for your team.” – Mohamed Salah qutoes

15. “I always like to put myself under pressure to improve more.” – Mohamed Salah

 16. “It’s always a special feeling when you win something.” – Mohamed Salah

17. “We can win.” – Mohamed Salah

18. “In England, I struggled to impose myself but I don’t disown that experience.” – Mohamed Salah

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19. “It’s something I felt inside and chose to do it.” – Mohamed Salah quotes

20. “My first successes were at the same time as my family having to make sacrifices. It was a very difficult time for me. I used to leave the house early in the morning and I used to come back home very late. I was forced to take five buses to reach my club.” – Mohamed Salah

21.  “I feel the love in the Liverpool club, the city, and the training.” – Mohamed Salah

22. “When I was at El Mowkaloon, my old club and the coach told me ‘you will be with the first team tomorrow’. It was, for me, an unbelievable moment and I couldn’t believe it. I was 16 years old.” – Mohamed Salah

23. “For an Egyptian like me, to have entered into the world of professional football, it just means that nothing is impossible.” – Mohamed Salah

24. “Always feel your heart.” – Mohamed Salah quotes

25. “I spend my spare time with my family. And practicing my favorite sport – PlayStation.” – Mohamed Salah

26. “For me, I always want success.” – Mohamed Salah

27. “We can do it.” – Mohamed Salah

28. “Be loyal to yourself.” – Mohamed Salah

29. “Always believe in your ability and in your goals. This is the only way you will be able to reach them.” – Mohamed Salah quotes

30. “I keep my focus on the team and concentrate on the best possible match preparations.” – Mohamed Salah

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31. “I miss many chances, but I always keep trying, and sometimes you score easy goals or difficult goals, but in the end, I am trying to score.” – Mohamed Salah

quotes by Mohamed Salah

32. “Nutrition is so important; it’s part of the game. It has helped with my recovery, allowed me to sleep better, and helped my body adapt quickly.” – Mohamed Salah

33. “I’m a professional, and I know in football that everything can change in one day, so I am excited to show everyone my football.” – Mohamed Salah

34. “Everyone is expecting something in each game I’m playing. I don’t have to score in every game, but I want to do my best. I want to give everything for the club, for my teammates, and myself also.” – Mohamed Salah

35. “This is my life: it’s an easy life. It’s not complicated.” – Mohamed Sala quotes

36. “I want to be the best player in the history of Egyptian football.” – Mohamed Salah

37. “I gave a lot for football because I wanted to be as professional as possible.” – Mohamed Salah

38. “I’ll never forget where I came from. I’s always on my mind.” – Mohamed Salah

39. “Each game, we try to win the three points, but every game, I want to score and help the team.” – Mohamed Salah

40. “I need to maintain my performance levels high for many seasons. I hope I can do that.” – Mohamed Salah quotes

41. “Of course you think about the goalkeeper you are facing before a game. You have to prepare yourself for the game and think about the weakness of the players you are up against.” – Mohamed Salah

42. “I have to be natural and not doing anything fake, not lying on social media, in interviews and life.” – Mohamed Salah

43. “Everyone knows I am fast, so I have to change the way I play. I always know I have to change the way I score. Every game is different.” – Mohamed Salah quotes

44. “I give assists; I create chances, because I can’t forget my position. I play still on the wing, not No 9. I play for the team, and everyone can see that.” – Mohamed Salah

45. “Football for me was nothing but a game. Maybe it was not even a hobby. Maybe it was a distraction – an impossible dream.” – Mohamed Salah

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Summary of Mohamed Salah Quotes

There you have it, interesting things Salah once said about life, football, hustle, and success. Salah’s spirit is filled with determination, don’t you think?

Do tell us, which of the Mohamed Salah quotes resonates more with you? Let’s have your comment in the box provided below.

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