Michael Scott Net Worth, Age, And Biography

Michael Scott Net Worth

What is Michael Scott Net Worth?

Michael Scott Net Worth:$80 million
Full Name:Steve Carrell
Popularly Known As:Michael Scott
Country of Origin:USA
Education:Denison University
Occupation:Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer, and Director

Steve Carrell, who is mainly known for his role as Michael Scott in the blockbuster sitcom show known as the Office is probably one of the greatest comedians to feature on a show.

Despite being more popular due to his appearance in The Office, he has also featured in other successful series that has earned critical acclaim from audiences around the world.

Due to this popularity, Michael Scott Net worth is inevitably a hot topic among fans of his shows.

As popular as he may be, many fans don’t know anything about Michael Scott aside from just what they see on the screen through his shows.

In this article, we will give you a chance to know more about your favorite actor, Michael Scott Net worth, early life, career, and many more.

Michael Scott Early Life

The youngest of four brothers, Carell was born at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts, and raised in nearby Acton, Massachusetts.

His father, Edwin A. Carell (1925-2021), was an electrical engineer, and his mother, Harriet Theresa (née Koch; 1925–2016), was a psychiatric nurse.

His maternal uncle, Stanley Koch, worked with scientist Allen B. DuMont to create cathode ray tubes.

His father is of Italian and German descent and his mother was of Polish ancestry.

His father’s surname was originally Caroselli; it was changed to Carell in the 1950s.

Carell was raised Roman Catholic and was educated at Nashoba Brooks School, The Fenn School, and Middlesex School.

He played ice hockey and lacrosse while in high school.

He played the fife, performed with other members of his family, and later joined a reenacting group portraying the 10th (North Lincoln) Regiment of Foot.

He attributed his interest in history to this, earning a degree in the subject from Denison University in Granville, Ohio, in 1984.

While at Denison, Carell was a member of Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company, a student-run improvisational comedy troupe, and was a goalie on the school’s Big Red hockey team for four years.

He also spent time as a disc jockey under the name “Sapphire Steve Carell” at WDUB, the campus radio station.

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Michael Scott Career

Steven John Carell (Michael Scott) is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director.

He is best known for his portrayal of boss Michael Scott on the NBC sitcom The Office (2005–2013), on which he also worked as an occasional producer, writer, and director. 

Before gaining recognition, Michael Scott is a USPS Mall carrier in Massachusetts.

In 2005, Scott signed a deal with NBC to star in The Office, a remake of the British TV series of the same name.

In the series, a mockumentary about life at a mid-sized paper supply company, Michael Scott is the idiosyncratic regional manager of Dunder Mifflin, in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

This series marked the beginning of Michael Scott Net worth and his professional acting career. 

Scott earned approximately US$175,000 per episode of the third season of The Office, twice his salary for the previous two seasons.

This obviously raised Michael Scott Net worth significantly within the space of a year. 

Michael’s first major film role was as weatherman Brick Tamland in the 2004 hit comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Struck by Scott’s performance in the film, Anchorman producer Judd Apatow approached Scott about creating a film together, and Scott told him about an idea he had involving a middle-aged man who is still a virgin. 

The result was the 2005 film The 40-Year-Old Virgin, which Scott and Apatow developed and wrote together, starring Scott as the title character.

The film made $109 million in domestic box office sales and established him as a leading man.

It also earned Scott an MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance and a WGA Award nomination, along with Apatow, for Best Original Screenplay.

Michael Scott Net worth increased massively due to the success of this project. 

Scott played Uncle Arthur, imitating the camp mannerisms of Paul Lynde’s original character, in Bewitched, a TV adaptation co-starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.

He also voiced Hammy the Squirrel in the 2006 computer-animated film, Over the Hedge, and Ned McDodd, the mayor of Whoville, in the 2008 animated film Horton Hears a Who! He starred in Little Miss Sunshine in 2006, as Uncle Frank.

Scott played Maxwell Smart in the 2008 film Get Smart, an adaptation of the TV series starring Don Adams.

It was successful, grossing over $230 million worldwide.

In 2007, he was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Scott starred with Tina Fey in Date Night in late 2008 and the film was released on April 9, 2010, in the U.S. 

He voiced Gru, the main character in the Universal CGI film Despicable Me along with Russell Brand, Miranda Cosgrove, and Kristen Wiig.

He reprised the role in the 2013 sequel Despicable Me 2 and in the third installment of the film franchise Despicable Me 3 in 2017.

In 2009, his production company Carousel Productions launched a television arm and signed a deal with Universal Media Studios.

He has several other projects in the works, including a remake of the 1967 Peter Sellers film The Bobo.

He is doing voice-over work in commercials for Wrigley’s Extra gum.

Scott has launched a television division of his production company, Carousel Productions, which has contracted a three-year overall deal with Universal Media Studios, the studio behind his NBC comedy series.

Thom Hinkle and Campbell Smith of North-South Prods., former producers on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, were hired to manage Carousel’s TV operations.

In 2014, Scott starred in the true-crime drama film Foxcatcher alongside Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum in which Scott played the millionaire and convicted murderer John Eleuthère du Pont.

It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and has received widespread acclaim. Scott was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actor and the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Scott played activist Steven Goldstein in the gay rights drama Freeheld, replacing Zach Galifianakis, who dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

The film co-stars Julianne Moore, Elliot Page, and Michael Shannon, and was released in October 2015.

He followed this with another biographical drama, The Big Short, in which he portrayed banker Steve Eisman, whose name was changed in the film to Mark Baum. Directed by Adam McKay, the film stars Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt, and it was released in December 2015.

The film also received widespread critical acclaim, earning Scott a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor.

The film was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

In 2017, Scott headlined the biographical comedy-drama Battle of the Sexes, portraying tennis star Bobby Riggs, with Emma Stone co-starring as Billie Jean King.

The film received critical acclaim and both Scott and Stone received Golden Globe nominations.

Scott also starred as Larry “Doc” Shepherd in the film Last Flag Flying.

In 2018, Scott starred in three films.

He led the addiction drama Beautiful Boy as real-life father David Sheff, whose son Nic (Timothée Chalamet) struggles with drug addiction.

He also played Donald Rumsfeld in Adam McKay’s political satire, Vice, about the life of former Vice President Dick Cheney (Christian Bale).

The film received mixed reviews and went on to be nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

His third 2018 role was starring as Mark Hogancamp of Marwencol in Robert Zemeckis’ Welcome to Marwen.

Since May 2020, Carrell has also starred in the Netflix workplace comedy series Space Force, based on the proposed space warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces: The United States Space Force.

Carrell created and produces Space Force with Greg Daniels, who created and produced The Office.

Carrell also wrote the pilot episode with Daniels. The show was renewed for a second season in November 2020.

Michael Scott starred in the political comedy film Irresistible, written and directed by Jon Stewart.

The film was initially set for a theatrical release in May 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, the film was released on Premium VOD and selected theaters on June 26, 2020.

Michael Scott Net worth is valued at a whopping $80 million at the time of this writing. 

What Is Michael Scott Net Worth

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Michael Scott Achievements

Golden Globes, USA

[Winner] (2006) Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical in The Office (2005)

ACCA Awards

ACCA [Winner] (2006) Best Cast Ensemble in Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

BTVA Feature Film Voice Acting Award

[Winner] (2014) Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Feature Film As the voice of “Gru” in Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Film Independent Spirit Awards

Special Distinction Award [Winner] (2015) in Foxcatcher (2014)

Gold Derby Awards

  • [Winner] (2019) Comedy Actor of the Decade in The Office (2005)
  • [Winner] (2011) Comedy Lead Actor in The Office (2005)
  • [Winner] (2007) Ensemble Cast in Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
  • [Winner] (2007) Ensemble of the Year in The Office (2005)
  • [Winner] (2007) Performer of the Year
  • [Winner] (2006) Comedy Lead Actor in The Office (2005)

Golden Schmoes

  • [Winner] (2005) Breakthrough Performance of the Year in The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)
  • Special Gotham Jury Award [Winner] (2014) Best Ensemble Performance in Foxcatcher (2014)

Hollywood Film Awards

[Winner] (2014) Best Ensemble of the Year in Foxcatcher (2014)

Golden Nymph

[Winner] (2010) Outstanding Actor – Comedy Series in The Office (2005)

MTV Movie Award 

  • [Winner] (2006) Best Comedic Performance in The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)
  • Ensemble Cast Award [Winner] (2016) in The Big Short (2015)

Creative Impact in Acting Award

[Winner] (2015) in Foxcatcher (2014)

People’s Choice Awards, USA

[Winner] (2006) Best Ensemble Cast in Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Outstanding Performer of the Year Award [Winner] (2015) in Foxcatcher (2014)

Satellite Awards

  • Actor [Winner] (2008) Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series in The Office (2005)
  • Actor [Winner] (2007) Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture in Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
  • Actor [Winner] (2007) Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series in The Office (2005)
  • Special Award [Winner] (2007) Comedy Star of the Year

St. Louis Film Critics Association, US

  • [Winner] (2008) Choice TV Actor: Comedy in The Office (2005)
  • [Winner] (2007) Choice Movie: Scream in Evan Almighty (2007)
  • [Winner] (2007) Choice TV Actor: Comedy in The Office (2005)

TCA Award 

[Winner] (2006) Individual Achievement in Comedy in The Office (2005)

Walk of Fame

Star on the Walk of Fame [Winner] (2016)

Writers Guild of America, USA

  • [Winner] (2007) Comedy Series The Office (2005)
  • [Winner] (2007) Episodic Comedy For The Office Night (2006).

How Michael Scott Spends His Money 

Michael Scott Net worth which exceeds $80 million surely guarantees he can choose to live life on the high side through luxurious properties like cars, houses, investments, and other valuable material things anyone can own.

His riches are enough to make anyone envious, and quite surely, no one can choose the kind of lifestyle he’ll live with that sort of money. 

Michael Scott owns a mansion in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles is located in the affluent Toluca Lake neighborhood.

This huge, luxurious mansion is a two-story building and was purchased for a whopping $6 million.

The home features 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and other facilities that make up a modern home. 

Michael Scott also spent a fortune on luxurious cars, with a fleet that will surely complement the huge mansion he owns in Los Angeles.

He owns a Porsche 911, Audi A8, and a Hummer 2; all of which are worth over half a million dollars.

This may seem disappointing, considering celebrities with similar riches to Michael Scott Net worth own much more expensive and recent models of cars.

His choice to go for old modeled cars can, however, not be disputed. It’s his money, and he has the liberty to spend as he wants. 

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Michael Scott Life Lessons

  • Chase your dream, not anyone else’s. This is one of the fundamental principles of life which Michael Scott had a hang of early in his life. This made him pursue his dreams to be a comedian, and with Michael Scott Net worth, it is safe to say that it paid off.
  • Life is all about risks, and you have to take Them. Despite having a really low chance of becoming successful before he set out to become a comedian, he still took the risk. You would agree with us that it has been his best decision concerning his career.
  • It is never too early to focus on your passion. After discovering what he loves to do most at such young age, he put all he has in it.

Michael Scott Net Worth (Summary)

The career of Michael Scott has been quite an interesting and funny one.

His profession as a comedian definitely had a telling contribution on him as a person, celebrity, and popular figure in the entertainment industry.

He maybe chose to be a comedian because he once said in one of his quotes that “Nothing to me feels as good as laughing incredibly hard“. He certainly loves to laugh and wouldn’t hesitate to make people laugh too.

Today, he is one of the most successful comedians in Hollywood and has a Net worth amassing more than $80 million.

This article has been able to enlighten you on the career, net worth, and other interesting facts about one of the funniest men on earth today.

Fans of his work who have craved to know much more about their favorite celebrity comedian would have been more than satisfied with the vast details revealed by this article.

All the interesting information about him culminates in his net worth which is mind-blowing, considering his profession as a comedian.

Clearly, Michael Scott Net worth teaches us not to underestimate the potential and value of any profession. 

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