35 Notable Michael Essien Quotes Soccer & Life

Michael Essien Quotes About Life and Success

We bring to you notable Michael Essien Quotes about life, football, success, and reaching goals.

Michael Essien is one of the best midfielders that the continent – Africa has produced in the past two decades.

His role in the deep midfield to recover possessions, make tackles, as well as being in attacking positions made him such a standout and unique midfielder during his prime.

It’s no wonder Chelsea spotted his talent and forked out a huge sum in order to acquire his services.

Michael Essien’s net worth has never ceased to be a topic of discussion ever since making a great career for himself at Chelsea.

What could one possibly learn from Essien? Here’s a collection of remarkable Michael Essien quotes about life, success, soccer, and career.

35 Notable Michael Essien Quotes About Life, Football & Success

1. “I’ve been following some of the coaches, trying to get a little bit more experience, because coaching is very different from being a player.” – Michael Essien

Michael Essien quotes

2. “I’m a man of few words. I don’t really like talking.” – Michael Essien

Michael Essien quotes

3. “I’ve played at the highest level, so I’m just looking forward to enjoying the football, so anywhere there is interest, then yeah. I will consider it.” – Michael Essien

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4. “It’s a big surprise for me because if somebody asked me when I was playing if Frank Lampard would be a manager, I would say no because he’s very quiet.” – Michael Essien

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5. “I’m the kind of person who likes to be lonely. I got my head down and focused on getting fit.” – Michael Essien quotes

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6. “I don’t think I’ve still got things to show Carlo Ancelotti. He has seen me play a lot, even before he was our manager, and he knows what I can do.” – Michael Essien

Quotes by Michael Essien

7. “I’ve always enjoyed getting forward, pushing up-field to help us in our attacks, but I think you can still do that from a central position, too. You don’t have to sit deep all the time.” – Michael Essien

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8. Teams struggle when they come to Stamford Bridge and, if we score one or two, everything seems to open up for us. We need to work hard to get into that position in the first place, but you can see what happens once we are ahead.” – Michael Essien

9. “As a kid, I always wanted to play in Europe.” – Michael Essien

10. “Ghanaians and English people enjoy football the same.” – Michael Essien

11. “I still feel Ghanaian, but my mentality is more European.” – Michael Essien

12. “I’m not a difficult person. I just want to enjoy my football until I hang up my boots.” – Michael Essien

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13. “I always spend my summer in Ghana. I don’t go anywhere else.” – Michael Essien

14. “My children have to know where they come from and the way of life in Africa.” – Michael Essien

15. “When I was little, my dream was to come and play in the Premier League. So when Chelsea came in, I said yes straight away.” – Michael Essien

16. “I had an amazing time at Chelsea. I can’t pinpoint a specific event, but the best moment was the honor of signing for Chelsea because I was proud to be at such a club.” – Michael Essien

17. “As a young boy, all we used to watch was the Premier League at that time. I know the FA cup is quite important. It’s as important as the Premier League in England. And I had a chance to win it over our biggest rival, and it was also in the new Wembley. It was a great moment.” – Michael Essien

18. “I like Singapore; it is very clean. People speak English and are warm.” – Michael Essien

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19. “Why haven’t I retired? I love this game too much.” – Michael Essien

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20. “Indonesia was good – and crazy, too! It was a great experience to play there. I enjoyed the football. It wasn’t easy. It’s very hot.” – Michael Essien

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21. “I sleep 14 hours a day. That helps me get the energy you see on the pitch.” – Michael Essien quotes

22. “When I’m about to play in a big match, I take things easy.” – Michael Essien

23. “Everything is good at Cobham. I really enjoy it here. I always have a bit of treatment in the morning, and then I go training. It’s good.” – Michael Essien

24. “I like watching tennis and basketball, but it’s not every day you can watch it on TV. I don’t play them, though.

25. “I loved playing at Anfield, but it could be quite intimidating because you come out of the tunnel and see their fans singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, and it gives you goosebumps.” – Michael Essien

26. “I had a fantastic career at Chelsea. I was here for almost nine years, and it was great. I have nothing negative to say at all. It was all positive.” – Michael Essien

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27. “As a child, I always wanted to come to the Premier League, so when I made the move, I was very happy. Chelsea was on the up – they were doing really good – so I was very excited, and in the end, everything went well here for me.” – Michael Essien

28. “I’m just a normal person out there enjoying his football. If there’s anything I can do to make a better life for the kids in Ghana, I will do it.” – Michael Essien

29. “I want to give back to my community, little things I think they need. I went there to open a borehole and a public lavatory and give them a book about myself that we wrote with ‘Right to Play.” – Michael Essien

30. “When I was growing up, I always liked playing football, and my mum always took me to football games. I owe her a lot. She was my pillar. She was the biggest influence on me.” – Michael Essien

31. “Milan is good, and I am settling in nicely, which is important. Everyone is friendly at the club and are looking after me well, so I can’t complain.” – Michael Essien quotes

32. “I had always said I will like to play for Milan at some stage in my career, so when the opportunity came up, I grabbed it with both hands.” – Michael Essien

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33. “Highs have to be all the trophies I won with Chelsea over the 8-9 years I was with them there. We had a good group, and we were winners from the goalkeeper right throughout the team. These are the highs you never forget as a player.” – Michael Essien

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34. “The African greats who were playing when I was growing up inspired me – players like George Weah, Abedi Pele, Tony Yeboah, Kalusha Bwalya, and all the others who made Africa proud.” – Michael Essien

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