Masterpiece “Insomnia Season 2” is back Twin female detectives unravel mysteries


In film and television, there’s a saying that gay male couples are popular worldwide while lesbian couples are ignored. Previously, Netflix’s “Heart Skipped a Beat” became a sensation, and Amazon’s “Stars and Stripes, Red and Royal Blue” challenged the norm, both creating iconic gay male screen couples.

At the same time, TV series with lesbian themes have been continuously canceled, such as “Warrior Nun” and “Their Own Alliance.” Does nobody really watch lesbian couples?

But there’s a series that breaks the bleak situation for lesbian couples. In 2021, BBC’s “Vigil” almost satisfied everyone’s tastes, fascinating English enthusiasts, thrilling detective drama fans, and captivating queer audiences.

The story mainly revolves around Chief Inspector Amy Silva and Detective Sergeant Kirsten Longacre, unfolding not just a love story but a professional saga. Chief Inspector Amy Silva, portrayed by Suranne Jones from “Doctor Foster” and “Gentleman Jack,” is a familiar face to British TV drama fans. Detective Sergeant Kirsten Longacre is played by Ruth Leslie, who also appeared in “Downton Abbey” as Gwen and in the second season of “Game of Thrones” as Craster’s Wife, a beloved and recognizable actress.

As an underground gem, the first season of “Vigil” had 33,000 people mark it as watched on Douban, with a rating peaking at 9.4 but ultimately landing at 8.1.

Two years later, “Vigil” Season 2 returned on December 10th. This time, the two detectives shift their focus from the navy to the air force, tackling another complex, internationally significant case awaiting their resolution.


Kissing Scholars

Chief Inspector Amy Silva (played by Suranne Jones) and Detective Sergeant Kirsten Longacre (played by Ruth Leslie) didn’t immediately hit it off as a couple. In the first season’s storyline, they maintained a formal superior-subordinate relationship.

The Navy demanded that Silva have no contact with land during the investigation, so she needed assistance. She requested Detective Longacre from her superiors.

As they parted ways, their eyes met, sparking something different. It turned out they had a history, but Silva had to abandon their relationship due to personal reasons.

The investigation process made Silva reassess her past with Kirsten. When Silva’s life hung by a thread underwater, besides her daughter, Kirsten was on her mind.

At the end of the first season, they finally kissed!

In the second season, what new cases will they face? The love line! It’s officially rebooted!

Whether they solve the case or not is not important; witnessing the kiss between the two female characters is what truly matters!


Season Two

The opening scene depicts a devastating incident involving casualties from two countries, spanning both political and commercial realms of security. The British Air Force collaborates with a private technology company for a military drone sales demonstration to Udian (a fictitious Middle Eastern country). However, unexpectedly, the drone fires upon humans during its return journey, resulting in severe casualties among the Air Force. An investigation commences to identify the root cause of the problem.

Amidst sending her daughter to school, Chief Inspector Amy Silva receives a call from the Air Force, launching a new mystery for Silva and Kirsten. While Silva heads to Udian, Kirsten remains in the UK, continuing their dual lead roles as in the first season. Some fans even jest that in the first season, they thought “Vigil” was the name of a submarine, but in the second season, they discovered it’s about two female leads solving cases every day, hence the name “Vigil.”


Hints of Meaning

“Vigil” isn’t a highly entertaining series; 80% of the plot revolves around the cases and delves into numerous military and political topics. The fictional setting of the country Udian leaves many perplexed.

As the investigation progresses, Chief Inspector Silva discovers the Juliana Front, a resistance organization within Udian. Britain’s successful weapon sales to Udian are poised to intensify attacks on the Juliana Front. As a military detective drama, Britain inevitably requires a hypothetical adversary. From the first season’s hints at China and Russia to the second season’s insinuations of two Middle Eastern countries, “Vigil” consistently seeks truth amidst international chaos.

Simultaneously, the story serves as a reminder to approach technology with caution to prevent its misuse. Military drones were initially designed to allow operators to engage in combat from anywhere globally, revolutionizing military strategies. However, overreliance on technology can backfire, as seen when the drone in the series is hijacked during its return, leading to unforeseeable consequences.

“Vigil” shines as a hardcore detective drama, notably for the gentle handling of Silva and Kirsten’s love story amidst the serious backdrop of national politics, infused with LGBTQ themes. In Udian, Silva momentarily suspects a male pilot, only to realize later that he was meeting his boyfriend, and Silva ensures the young man’s courageous pursuit of love doesn’t interfere with the facts.

However, this season of “Vigil” also faces criticism for its oversight in narrative settings. While it constructs a fictional Middle Eastern country Udian, it lacks the depth and realism needed for race, ethnicity, and women’s identity discussions vital to the Middle East. Besides the detective plot, the emotional turmoil faced by Detective Longacre due to the case and her separation from Chief Inspector Silva adds a gripping dimension to their relationship.

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