Mason Greenwood Net Worth, Age, Biography & Career 2023

Mason Greenwood Net Worth

How much is Mason Greenwood Net worth?

Mason Greenwood Net Worth: 1.1 Million Euro (1 Million Pound) 
Born:October 1st, 2001
Country of Origin:England 
Height:1.81 m (5 ft 11 in)
Current Club:Getafe CF
Role-Playing:Forward, Winger
Source of Wealth:Football, Endorsements

Mason Will John Greenwood is an English Professional prolific forward who plays for Getafe CF and the England national team.

Greenwood is one Getafe CF Young sensation who has benefited from Manchester United’s progressive academy and has faced a lot of problems in his career as a result of alleged abuse on him by his girlfriend. 

Greenwood started as a midfielder but gradually developed into a forward.

For Manchester United, he often plays on the right flank and moves in as the second striker in the center when the ball goes into the penalty area. His new signing for Getafe CF will see him play in the same position he played at Man Utd.

During his early career, most of his goals have resulted in him dropping a shoulder or chopping the ball to get him on his left foot before scoring.

He often missed his shot, too, aiming it deep at the near post from the right penalty area.

In May 2018, former Manchester United player Clayton Blackmore stated: “He’s great on the ball and very good with both feet.

He’s the first person I’ve seen that takes penalties and free-kicks with his wrong foot, and I’ve never come across anyone like that!”

In March 2019, former academy coach Mark Senior said: “People says he’s like the new Robin van Persie, but I don’t know.

I think he’s his own man, and I’ve not seen another player like him. His style means his pace is deceptive because he is absolutely rapid.”

In this article, we will be looking at Mason Greenwood’s career, biography, achievements, and transfer worth so far. 

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Mason Greenwood Net Worth

Net Worth:1.1 Million Euro (1 Million Pound)

Mason Greenwood Awards & Achievements

Manchester United

  • UEFA Europa League runner-up: 2020–21


  • Premier League 2 Player of the Month: April 2019
  • Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year: 2018–19
  • IFFHS Men’s Youth (U20) World Team: 2021

Mason Greenwood Biography

On October 1st, 2001, Mason Greenwood was born in Bradford, West York Shire.

He grew up in the Wibsey area of the city. Though raised in England, Mason Greenwood is from a Jamaican root.

His family is a sport-loving one, explaining why he is so passionate about football. 

On the other hand, Ashton, Mason Greenwood’s sister, is a track and field athlete.

It is reported that his father used to drive him to train at some point while he was with Manchester United Academy. 

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Mason Greenwood Lifestyle & How He Spends His Money 

Mason Greenwood is known to be a party lover, and he has spent some of his millions on acquiring expensive and luxury cars like Mercedes Benz.

He has been seen with various models of Mercedes Benz while driving to training at Carrington. 

Mason Greenwood net worth

Mason Greenwood Career

Mason Greenwood began his youth career at six when he joined the youth ranks of Manchester United in 2007.

Being a prolific forward and a goal machine, Mason Greenwood did not take long to make progress through the youth academy to the U-18s squad. 

Though eligible to play for U-16s, Greenwood had already proven that he could play with the U-18s.

He was integrated into the U-18s squad that took part in U-18 Premier League North where he bagged a total of seventeen goals in twenty-one appearances, thereby ending the season as the League’s highest goal scorer. 

He was also named the Player of the Tournament as the youth team won the ICGT Trophy in the Netherlands, marking the beginning of his breakthrough.

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Mason Greenwood’s impressive displays at the youth level reached the attention Of Manchester United’s Manager Emeritus, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who promoted him to the first team and also gave him his first-team debut in 2018.

Manchester United’s legendary forward and former manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær played a pivotal role in bringing the youngster through to the first team.

He regards him as an idol and father figure.

He made his first-team breakthrough during the 2018-2019 season where he scored back-to-back goals during Manchester United’s preseason matches against Leeds and Inter Milan. 

During the first four matches of the English Premier League, Greenwood started from the bench before he was handed his first start in Manchester United’s Europa League match against Astana, where he scored the winning and only goal of the game; thereby becoming the youngest ever goalscorer in the history of Manchester United, in European Competition. 

Mason Greenwood kept improving his goal-scoring ability and ability to use both feet.

Mason became so good with his weak foot that he was taking penalties and set-piece with his weak foot. On many occasions, he rescued the club from drawing several matches. 

During the 2020-21 season, Greenwood became Manchester United’s most informed attacker, as he kept bagging goal after goal. Who knows maybe he’ll join the list of the top richest soccer players in the world someday.

At the start of the 2021-22 season, he scored his first four games but later saw his playing reduced following the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho. 

Greenwood has featured for the England national team at various youth levels at the international level, and he has made only one appearance for the senior team. 

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Mason Greenwood 2022 Arrest

On 30 January 2022, Greenwood was accused of assault by his girlfriend in a series of posts on her social media. The posts included images and video of apparent injuries, as well as audio where a woman tells a man whom she called Mason: “I don’t want to have sex”, to which the man replies: “I don’t give a fuck what you want … I’m going to fuck you, you twat … I don’t care if you want to have sex with me … I asked you politely, and you wouldn’t do it, so what else do you want me to do?” The man later says: “Push me again one more time and watch what happens to you.

On the 30th of January, a significant turn of events unfolded for Mason Greenwood as he faced suspension from Manchester United and was subsequently arrested by Greater Manchester Police. The charges against him included suspicion of rape and assault against a woman. Just a day later, on February 1st, Greenwood faced another arrest, this time on suspicion of sexual assault and threats to kill.

The repercussions of these allegations were swift and far-reaching. Nike, a prominent sports apparel company, promptly suspended its partnership with Greenwood, and EA Sports, a popular video game company, removed him from their FIFA games.

By the 2nd of February, Greenwood was released on bail as the investigation continued. Within a week of his release, Nike terminated its sponsorship agreement with him. His legal situation persisted, with his bail extended until mid-June in April 2022.

Notably, in August 2023, Manchester United’s CEO, Richard Arnold, disclosed that the alleged victim had requested the police to drop their investigation in April 2022.

On the 15th of October 2022, Mason Greenwood faced another legal ordeal when he was arrested, and accused of violating his bail conditions by making contact with the individual who had accused him. On the same day, he was charged with multiple offenses, including attempted rape, stemming from an alleged incident on the 22nd of October 2021, assault causing actual bodily harm for an alleged incident in December 2021, and engaging in controlling and coercive behavior, which reportedly occurred starting from November 2018.

The legal proceedings took a significant turn on the 17th of October 2022 when he was initially held in custody with a detention period set until the 21st of November. However, by the 19th of October, following a private hearing at Minshull Street Crown Court, Greenwood was granted bail, but with stringent conditions in place. These conditions included refraining from contacting witnesses, including the complainant, and residing at a specific address in Bowdon.

A surprising development occurred on the 2nd of February 2023, when the Crown Prosecution Service made the decision to drop all charges against Greenwood. This decision was attributed to the withdrawal of key witnesses and the emergence of “new material.

Mason Greenwood Life Lessons

  • You have to work hard, stay focused, and be determined to become the best. 
  • Only the humbled can reach the height of success and not the proud. 
  • Learn to discover your strengths in areas where you are weak. 

Mason Greenwood Net Worth (Summary) 

Mason Greenwood’s progress from youth level to senior level has seen him become one of the top assets in football, and his net worth proves in the future, he can be a world-class player.

There are many players who unlike Mason haven’t been promoted from the academy, the potential of this lad definitely speaks for him.

There is absolutely more to expect from this youngster in the future. Like this post, comment below, and follow for more posts.

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