20 Marcos Alonso Quotes About Soccer & Life

Marcos Alonso Quotes

Yay! We bring to you notable Marcow Alonso quotes about football and life.

As part of our collection of over 100 inspirational football quotes, these quotes by Marcos Alonso is a quick addition.

Marcos Alonso is a skilled footballer who has played for quite a number of teams. Currently, he plays for Chelsea F.C.

Here are some interesting Marcos Alonso quotes you shouldn’t forget.

Marcos Alonso Quotes About Soccer And Life

1. “I’m doing well if other teams are trying to get in touch. I’m happy at Chelsea but we will see what happens this summer.” Marcos Alonso quotes

2. “The club must be happy with me because, although I still have 2 years left on my contract, they have offered me an extension. We are talking about it and if all goes well, I will renew before the end of this month.” Marcos Alonso

3. “When you see the champions league draw on TV, the groups and your team is not there, I felt like smashing the TV set.” Marcos Alonso

Marcos Alonso quotes about champions league

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4. “Things are working really well with Sarri, I am very happy & with Luis Enrique I can see many similarities. I’m very happy with Sarri’s new system, I am just as happy or even happier than I was in Conte’s 3-5-2.” Marcos Alonso

5. “I was training with Christiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and I was only 16 or 17 years old. I was going 120 percent! It was a dream come true.” Marcos Alonso quotes

6. “The day I had to play for the first team, my debut in La Liga was unbelievable, but I remember I was so nervous before coming on. My legs were shaking when the manager, who was Manuel Pellergrini, called me.” Marcos Alonso

7. “I am the best to judge when I play well and when I don’t. I don’t really care about the critics or when people talk good (about me). It can’t affect you.” Marcos Alonso

8. “I’m the one to trust myself and to look for more. I had a good season and hopefully, the next one will be even better.” Marcos Alonso

Marcos Alonso quotes

9. “I feel very good playing the way the manager wants with high intensity, trying to keep the ball, moving the ball side to side, and giving freedom for the full-backs to attack.” Marcos Alonso quotes

10. “Of course, knowing that our main is to defend but I’m very happy with how we’re working and looking forward to the start of the season.” Marcos Alonso

11. “The Rocky movies, the ones about the boxer, they were nice ones.” Marcos Alonso

12. “The Joker, a very good movie. I went to see it at the cinema. Also series like Peaky Blinders, Prison Break, are among the best TV shows I have seen.” Marcos Alonso

13. “But I like to do accents though. Accents like Ross Barkley’s from Liverpool, I like to understand different accents and try to copy.” Marcos Alonso

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14. “I first learned English at about 12 at school when I was a kid. In Spain, everyone learns English as the main language after Spanish, and at school, I used to try to learn but when I came to England it wasn’t easy, it was difficult with the different accents in Bolton and Sunderland.” Marco Alonso quotes

15. “I signed a new contract last year and I’m very happy here. I have four more years here and I’m very happy. The last three years have been amazing and I want more of that.” Marcos Alonso

16. “I want to keep playing and winning.” Marcos Alonso

quotes by marcos alonso

17. “It is not easy to speak perfectly if you don’t do lessons and you have lots of bad habits when talking to other people who are not English as well.” Marcos Alonso quotes

18. “I used to have a lot of jerseys from the teams my dad was coaching.” Marcos Alonso

19. “I used to go see the games, I used to be a big fan of these teams and I used to try to get as many jerseys as I could and I have a big collection at home.” Marcos Alonso

20. “I used to have lots of jerseys from the teams my dad was coaching.” Marcos Alonso

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