Marathonbet review - all you need to know

The same way the name MarathonBet has a different feel to it so does the betting services it provides punters.

Bettors who have been with this being site have stuck with them for years, not for any other reason than the high point of delivery in which MarathonBet serves its punters.

This has led a lot to wonder why there is so much attachment to this platform while others have been changing betting sites like clothes.

Many have claimed that MarathonBet is one of the best betting sites in Nigeria, well, we’ll see about that.

To give a better reason, we will give you a well-structured MarathonBet review which will give you all the answers you seek.

Through the MarathonBet review, bettors will learn more about the betting programs, features, incentives, and all other additional information about the betting site which makes it such a big deal for punters already doing their betting business with MarathonBet.

MarathonBet Bonus offers

MarathonBet is a prominent betting site with its headquarters in Brighton, England. Being situated in one of the first few countries to legalize betting, it has over 2 million users spread across 188 countries.

This fact establishes its stake as a major international betting company that cannot be underestimated. This betting company’s online sites are owned and run through a couple of licenses, one for the “.com” platform and another for its “”.

Both licenses are also possessed by different owners, both of which are identified as Panbet Curaçao and Alderney gambling control commissions.

Ever since the inception of this betting site, it has always supported and sponsored different sports teams all over the world, both in the major leagues, as well as the minor ones.

This is a vague reason why MarathonBet is considered the best betting place for punters. MarathonBet is more popular for its swift services bot on the website and in response to issues customers face.

When speaking of bonuses, however, MarathonBet is not the best in this area. This is because bonus offers are only available for customers who are from or in the UK.

Other punters from across the world have no part in the bonus offers on this site. This is a huge letdown and disregard by the hierarchy of MarathonBet. This is also a major reason why it fails to gain more traction outside of the UK.

Despite offering bonuses just for UK customers, the requirements to earning this bonus offer are also tough, and feel like there was never any intention to provide bettors with an enticing package in the first place.

This is the first huge disappointment in this MarathonBet review.

Sports Market

Sports is one of the biggest sections on most betting sites across the world.

MarathonBet is no different, as it offers a wide variety of sports on its platform from the biggest to the less known.

While more focus is placed on football in a glaring manner, other sports of huge relevance on the site include tennis, basketball, boxing, and other exclusive events that involve chess and sumo wrestling.

This is understandable because all bettors would agree that football is the most important and popular sport in the world of bettors.

Each of the sports events available as observed through this MarathonBet review has lots of market options at the disposal of bettors.

You really can’t get it wrong with MarathonBet with their best odds which is competitive in the betting industry.

These odds have a characteristic slim margin that makes it all the more interesting. Combine these great odds with a variety of selections and you have yourself a huge winning at the end of the day.

Though MarathonBet is a great option for major sports like football, tennis, basketball; the options available here are not so vast. This MarathonBet review was only able to confirm just 35 sports on the platform.

This is really disappointing when you compare it to another sportsbook, especially those on the international market.

Some of the sports available here are: alpine skiing, baseball, biathlon, boxing, cricket, chess, curling, cycling, darts, hockey, skating, floorball, futsal, golf, greyhounds, handball, horse racing, hurling, rugby, snooker, ski jumping, volleyball, water polo, and more. However, its most popular markets are football, tennis, basketball, and ice hockey.

Live Betting

Since the betting site covers a relatively less number of sports from around the world, the live betting and streaming section is top.

Here, you will find the best quality in streaming and live betting in a seamless, and faster manner.

Additionally, there is nothing like suspension of odds on MarathonBet which is mostly experienced in major betting sites. This provides an edge over other sites in this category.

Through the streaming service, games and events are covered effectively through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Games streamed here never lag, with high-quality pictures and resolution that makes it the best in entertainment, for those not betting.

For bettors, this service provides bettors a chance to understand proceeding games better, rather than just using statistics to predict the next goal, winner of the game, and so on.

Marathonbet Casino

This is another feature of this MarathonBet review that is decent but not good enough to displace other betting sites.

It makes it more glaring that MarathonBet takes football with more importance than anything else.

However, according to data from their user base, most of their users opt and play football games rather than go for other sports. This may be the reason why there is much more importance attached.

But it could also mean that bettors don’t really enjoy the casino section that they opt for football instead. Whatever the case may be, MarathonBet is not really the place for bettors interested in casinos.

User Interface

MarathonBet user interface is not about aesthetics but more focused on providing optimal performance through fast loading pages, better betting experience, and swift execution of the command. This is good in some aspects, and a bit detrimental in others.

It is good in the sense that nobody wants to spend minutes or hours trying to book and wager on a game, as it can get really tiring and make bettors eventually lose interest.

This is not a good idea in the sense that building a user interface only for its function denies people the comfort of being in a relaxed environment, in a friendly place where they can operate and bet.

Customer Support

Being a company that requires the presence of a large number of people on a daily basis, having functional and effective customer service and support is very important.

This allows bettors to air their frustrations, questions, and suggestions on how to improve services to suit the needs of bettors. MarathonBet has excellent customer service that is always available 24/7 whenever bettors need them.

This is why they have provided numerous ways and means through which bettors can reach them whenever an issue is up. These include phone lines, fax, and emails.

Being an international company, they have customer service representatives who communicate in languages such as English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, and Turkish.

Payment Methods

As an international company, one thing that should be certain is the availability of diverse payment methods which will meet the payment needs of bettors from different regions from around the world.

Our MarathonBet review reveals that there are several payment methods in place for bettors. Additionally, there are strict payment policies that must be abided by by bettors before using this betting site.

Some of the payment methods that are more universal on the platform include Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and the e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, Paysafecard.

These payment methods are renowned to process payments swiftly, as long as all details are correct. A downside of using this site, however, is the fact that withdrawals take up to 5 days to be processed, which is really terrible.

Advance Bets

Advanced bets are a form of incentive that is set up by the betting company.

According to our MarathonBet review, this is a great option for bettors to improved their wagered amount by unlocking potential winning from a list of their unsettled bets ahead of time.

A lot of this depends on time, as bettors are easily able to place bets with nothing in their bet account balance through unsettled bets.

Marathonbet Mobile

This is a huge innovation by MarathonBet to create a mobile site that makes the betting experience better in an overall sense. This is already installed on the primary site and requires no download whatsoever.

This means bettors can wager on their favorite events on the go, as it is easily accessed directly through mobile devices.

The best thing about this mobile site is that any smartphone device can easily open and operate it. There are no minimum and maximum requirements needed before bettors can gain access.


This MarathonBet review has done justice to features and services which prospective bettors can expect from the betting site. Football is the order of the day here, followed by other major sports and leagues around the world.

It doesn’t offer much in terms of the number of sports, but the quality is unmatched. It is a case we can comfortably say the site traded quantity for quality.

Prospective bettors who go through this MarathonBet review can never get it wrong as we analyzed everything that is there to expect and what to not.

On a general view, MarathonBet is a great betting platform with an incision to their operation and focus on a small pool of sport.

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