Manu Chandaria Net Worth and Biography

Manu Chandaria net worth and biography

How much is Manu Chandaria net worth today?

Manu Chandaria Net Worth:$1.7 Billion
Full Name:Manilal Premchand Chandaria
Born:March 1, 1929
Source of Wealth:Businessman, industrialist, entrepreneur
Major Company:Comcraft Group of Companies

Have you ever asked yourself who are the richest men in Kenya and their net worth? Well, Manu Chandaria happens to make the top 3.

We present to you, Manu Chandaria net worth.

Manilal Premchand Chandaria OBE CBS EBS is a Kenyan businessman of Indian descent born in Nairobi on 1 March 1929.

Along with being a senior member of the Comcraft Group of Companies, a billion-dollar enterprise that has a presence in over 40 countries, he is on the boards of several prominent East African companies

At 84, Kenyan industrialist Dr Manu Chandaria is still actively involved in the running of his family businesses and has no plans to retire.

The chairman of Comcraft Group, a multi-billion dollar industrial conglomerate spread across 50 countries, has always believed in hard work.

You surely should take a minute or two to learn a few things about the life, investments, and entrepreneurship experiences

How Much Is Manu Chandaria Net Worth?

Manu Chandaria net worth is $1.7 billion. He is one of the richest men in Kenya. Today, he is the chairman of the Bank of India Advisory Committee in Nairobi, Kenya.

He is equally on the executive boards of many companies in Kenya and East Africa. Manu Chandaria is regarded as one of Kenya’s leading industrialists.

His personal business interest is wide and covers a larger part of the Kenyan Economy. His family already had shares in the Kenyan Aluminum company, however, it was under his care the Comcraft Group of Companies became a multi-billionaire dollar company.

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Manu Chandaria Biography

Manilal Premchand Chandaria is a Kenyan businessman of Indian descent born in Nairobi on March 1, 1929.

Chandaria attended various schools in Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya from where he proceeded to India for his undergraduate studies.

He graduated from Jamnagar India University, Bombay in 1949 with a Bachelor of Science from whence he proceeded to Oklahoma in the US.


Manu’s family amassed large holdings which made it easier for him to enter into the steel and aluminum industry. The family had shares in the Kenya Aluminium company.

His father-in-law had formed a group which he used to acquire saucepan manufacturer Kenya Aluminium. This group was the base of the current Comcraft Group of companies.

It is under his care that the Comcraft industry expanded into countries such as; India, Congo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Zambia.

Manu has won several awards in East Africa and internationally in recognition of his entrepreneurial endeavors and is also a noted philanthropist.

In 2003, Chandaria was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth II.

In December of the same year, he was awarded the Elder of the Burning Spear by former president Mwai Kibaki, one of the highest civilian honors in Kenya. He has been hailed as “one of Kenya’s leading industrialists”.

In addition, Dr. Manu Chandaria has also served in different capacities (Director, Vice Chairman, and Chairman) for the East Africa Reinsurance Company Limited (2003-2007) and is also the Founding Chairman for the East African Business Council and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance.

To further his charitable beliefs, Dr. Chandaria has set up the Chandaria Foundation, making him the benefactor of numerous schools and clinics in Kenya.

Chandaria industries have entered into a partnership with several companies as well as the United Nations and the US embassy to supply it with waste paper for recycling, getting free waste paper in the process.

The Mahesh-led Chandaria family has not made its billions of shillings from the recycling business alone.

Years after the family got into tissue and hygiene products manufacture, the evasive patriarch Mahesh stirred it into other money-minting sectors such as banking, real estate, mining, and car manufacture.

The Chandaria family owns a significant real estate portfolio in Kenya, India, and Dubai. The billionaire family also got into a strategic partnership with Barclays Bank of Kenya to buy First Assurance, a bacassurance model firm that offers life insurance policies through the Barclays banking model.

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How Manu Chandaria Spends His Money

He lives his life in order to fulfill his luxurious desires. Manu also has a nice collection of cars in his garage.

Manu Chandaria favorite Quotes

“My relaxation is work. If I can be useful to somebody for five minutes, I would rather do that than go and play golf or play anything else”

“God has given me good health. I have maintained my health and people ask me if I do so much exercise and I say, No. To me, if I can help an extra hour, I will spend that hour”

“To be a successful human being, it is not enough to be a professional success; you have to share and care. To share and care for your family is natural, but you have to share and care beyond your family.”

“Zero multiplied by zero is always zero. You stay home, you don’t do anything, it is always zero the next morning. You work a little bit and it becomes one, but one multiplied by one is also one again. Until you reach two, four, eight, then the multiplication of resources starts”

“Business isn’t easy. If you don’t have grit, don’t go in”

“Children can’t be what they can’t see”

“Death is a fact of life”

“Kindness to your spouse is integral”

“Little things keep a marriage alive”

“You learn the game while in the game”

“You are only happy if you make others happy”

“Stick to your values. Always”

“There is a great opportunity in trying to solve problems around you’

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Life Lessons from Manu Chandaria

Failure is the basis for the growth of human beings. But if you fall, you must come up twice determined to face it and get out of it.

When he came back to Kenya in the 50s after studying in the US, his family had lost almost all its assets after the Second World War.

Building everything again and moving from employing 40 people to over 20,000 employees was not easy. It could have been easy to give up and maybe find a job, but his father had made many sacrifices for them to just walk away.

It takes stamina, honesty, and hard work to run a business. In every aspect of life, you will encounter difficulties and if you give up, you move back. If you do nothing, nothing happens. Simple as that.

Did you know that unlike most of us who only work for 8 hours a day, he works for 16 hours a day even at the age of 86 years?

No doubt, Manu Chandaria is a successful man His story teaches us that it doesn’t matter where you are today; there is nothing that can stop you from achieving greatness provided you are ready to do what it takes.

Summary of Manu Chandaria Net Worth

Manu Chandaria is one of the top richest in Kenya. He is a Kenyan businessman of Indian descent.

Manu Chandaria Net Worth is currently estimated at $1.7 billion. If you have found this post to be helpful, please, give it a like, share, and don’t forget to drop your comment.

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