Manchester City Players Salary 2023 – Weekly Wages 2023/24

Manchester City Players Salary and Wages - Latest contracts and transfers

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Manchester City Players Salary Per Week 2023 Update

The information about the Manchester City players salary, weekly wages, and contracts is accurate and based upon facts collected from Manchester City, BBC, Guardian,, and other sources.

Kevin De BruyneM32£20,800,000£400,000
Erling HaalandF22£19,500,000£375,000
Jack GrealishF27£15,600,000£300,000
Joao CanceloD29£13,000,000£250,000
John StonesD29£13,000,000£250,000
Phil FodenM22£11,700,000£225,000
Ruben DiazD25£9,360,000£180,000
Manuel AkanjiD27£9,360,000£180,000
Riyad MahrezM32£8,320,000£160,000
Kyle WalkerD33£8,320,000£160,000
Kalvin PhilipsM27£7,800,000£150,000
Bernando SilvaM28£7,800,000£150,000
İlkay GündoğanM32£7,280,000£140,000
Aymeric LaporteD29£6,240,000£120,000
Julian AlvarezF23£5,200,000£100,000
Benjamin MendyD28£4,680,000£90,000
Nathan AkeD27£4,680,000£90,000
Stefan OrtegaGK30£2,860,000£55,000
Sergio GomezD22£2,600,000£50,000
Scott CarsonGK37£1,560,000£30,000
Maximo PerroneM2£1,560,000£30,000
Cole PalmerM21£1,040,000£20,000
Rico LewisD18£260,000£5,000

The illustrious history of Manchester City shines brightly with a staggering collection of thirty-two major honors. This remarkable tally is a testament to the club’s enduring legacy and the countless moments of triumph that have etched their name in football folklore.

At the pinnacle of their achievements stand the nine league titles that have adorned Manchester City’s trophy cabinet. These hard-fought triumphs reflect the club’s consistent excellence and the ability to rise above formidable competition to claim the ultimate prize in English football.

In addition to their league conquests, Manchester City has etched their name onto the revered FA Cup on seven occasions. These scintillating cup runs have delivered memorable moments of drama and jubilation, as the team battled their way to lift the iconic trophy and etch their name in footballing history.

The League Cup, an emblem of domestic prowess, has found its way into the hands of Manchester City on eight occasions. These victories exemplify the club’s resilience and ability to navigate the treacherous waters of knockout competition, emerging as victorious conquerors and adding more silverware to their collection.

Manchester City’s dominance on the domestic stage is further highlighted by their six FA Charity/Community Shield triumphs. These annual curtain-raiser matches pit the reigning league champions against the FA Cup winners, and Manchester City’s success in these encounters showcases their ability to assert their authority over the best teams in the country.

On the grand stage of European football, Manchester City has left an indelible mark with their conquest of the UEFA Champions League. This prestigious trophy, coveted by the continent’s elite, stands as a testament to the club’s ability to conquer formidable opponents from across Europe and etch their name among the continental giants.

Completing their major honors collection is the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, a trophy that symbolizes Manchester City’s triumph in European competition. This victory is a testament to the club’s ability to navigate the intricacies of cup competitions and emerge triumphant against the best clubs in Europe.

As the chapters of Manchester City’s storied history continue to be written, the echoes of past glories reverberate through the hearts of fans and serve as a constant reminder of the club’s illustrious heritage. With each triumph, the club’s legacy grows stronger, fueling the hopes and dreams of fans worldwide and solidifying their status as one of football’s true powerhouses.

The Highest Paid Manchester City Player 2023 (Per Week)

Who is Man City’s Highest-Paid Player? Highest Salary Earning Manchester City Player? The Belgian Midfielder Kevin De Bruyne leads the way at Man city F.C with a weekly wage of £400,000, or £20,800,000 a year. 

Kevin De Bruyne is now the highest-paid player at Manchester City earning £400,000 per week.

Manchester City Players Salary and Wages - Kevin De Bruyne

Manchester City New Transfers 2023

In the world of football, there are exciting rumors swirling around the Manchester City camp that have left fans buzzing with anticipation. One such rumor involves a potential transfer that could send shockwaves through the sport: Manchester City is reportedly considering a jaw-dropping £90 million move to secure the services of the immensely talented Dutch midfielder, Frenkie de Jong.

De Jong has earned a well-deserved reputation as a rising star in the football world, showcasing his exceptional skills and versatility on the pitch. His ability to control the midfield, dictate the tempo of the game, and contribute both defensively and offensively has made him a highly sought-after player by top clubs around the globe.

Meanwhile, Manchester City is also facing an important decision regarding the future of their esteemed midfielder, Bernando Silva. The club is patiently awaiting a suitable offer for Silva, carefully weighing their options before determining his next move. The outcome of this deliberation will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the team’s midfield dynamics and overall strategy.

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However, Manchester City is leaving no stone unturned in their quest for talent and are actively exploring alternative options. Among the candidates catching their eye is the sensational young talent hailing from Celta Vigo, Gabri Veiga. Known for his impressive performances and electric style of play, Veiga has emerged as a potential alternative to Declan Rice, another highly-regarded player who has drawn City’s attention but moved to Arsenal recently.

With their shrewd scouting network and deep pockets, Manchester City is renowned for making eye-catching moves in the transfer market. Their pursuit of Frenkie de Jong, along with the consideration of Gabri Veiga as an alternative to Declan Rice and the signing of Mateo Kovacic, showcases their ambition to strengthen an already formidable squad.

As the footballing world eagerly awaits further developments, fans and pundits alike are eagerly speculating on the potential impact these acquisitions could have on Manchester City’s future fortunes. Should these moves come to fruition, the blue half of Manchester would be bolstered by a wave of talent capable of achieving great things on the pitch, igniting dreams of further success and cementing their place among the footballing elite.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Manchester City Players Wages

Q.1. Who is the highest-paid Manchester City player?

Kevin De Bruyne is the highest-paid Manchester City player, earning £400,000 a week.

Q.2. How much does Julian Alvarez get paid?

Gabriel Jesus gets paid £100,000 weekly.

Q.3. How much is Haaland’s salary?

Erling Haaland earns £375,000 per week.

Q.4. How much does Phil Foden get paid?

Phil Foden gets paid £225,000 weekly.

Summary of Manchester City Players Salary

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