Make Betting Online 1xBet on Who Will Win The EPL 21/22 Trophy?

Who will win EPL

The [1] English league promises, as every year, many emotions and surprises, and not even a strong team like City can feel safe to win. It is always possible to make betting online 1xBet on the Premier League winning odds. 

After the starter in the Community Shield, the Premier League, England’s top league, started again on Friday 13 August, with many great champions ready to take the field after the summer break.

Last season the City dominated, but they missed out on the Super Cup at the hands of FA Cup holder Leicester. United, who came second last year, confirmed the hegemony of Manchester City.

Unhoped for third place for Liverpool after an exciting comeback, top four to make online 1xBet betting also for Chelsea, who also have on their side the extraordinary triumph in the Champions League final against City.

The Favorites of the EPL for All Live Bets 1xBet     

The Premier League, following a season dominated by Manchester City and with so many big names looking to revitalize and get back on track.

Who are the favorites for the title to aim at for all live bets 1xBet? Here is a preliminary list of them:

  • Liverpool;
  • Manchester City;
  • Chelsea;
  • Manchester United;
  • Tottenham;
  • Arsenal!

First and foremost, of course, is Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. Liverpool and Chelsea also follow.

The Reds started as favorites last year but failed to repeat their season of two years ago, and this year they will want to do it again, so keep an eye on them making all 1xBet live bets.

While Chelsea, fresh winners of the Champions League, are eager to come back and celebrate at home.

1xBet Football Online Betting Brief Analysis of the top EPL Squads

Manchester City, the reigning champions, are led by Pep Guardiola, who in his coaching career has brought home 31 trophies, one for every 23 games spent on the bench.

A statistic that shows that it is definitely a profitable goal for 1xBet football online betting since the Spanish master is not only able to change the conception and the way of understanding football of an entire group, but also, in the end, to bring home the results.

The Champions League is never won by chance, and Chelsea has managed to do just that, with a young team that has grown up under Thomas Tuchel, who has taken the Blues to the top of Europe in six months. It is impossible to keep Chelsea out of the online football betting 1xBet favorites.

Liverpool has recovered from a difficult season which saw them fall back and risk missing out on the Champions League, before making a dramatic comeback in the last few games.

Jürgen Klopp will have to do without Wijnaldum, an absence that could prove to be a heavy one in the long run, but he has sorted out a defense that is often outnumbered with the purchase of Konaté from Leipzig.

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