4 Major Reasons Why People Sell Their Gift Card For Cash 

4 Major Reasons Why People Sell Their Gift Card For Cash 

When it comes to gift cards, there are many ways to redeem them. You can use it to pay for items at a physical store, on a website, or sell your gift card for cash

It is commonly said that the people who opt for the last option are not interested in the gift card brand. Either because they got it as a present or their taste changed. 

This is valid to an extent; however, there are other reasons why people sell their gift cards for cash, and I will share them with you today. 

4 Reasons You Should Sell Your Gift Card For Cash Today 

The four significant benefits of selling your gift cards are; they are an excellent means to get cash, help you avoid gift card breakage, encourage freelancing, and selling your gift cards give you liberty.

1. Great Means To Get Cash: The need for cash is never ending, especially in Nigeria. Even though digital payment has evolved in the country, there are still certain places where you need money to make payments, and certain people cannot do without money. 

Selling your gift cards is one of the most surefire ways of getting your hands on cash. 

2. Avoids Gift Card Breakage: The term gift card breakage refers to the revenue brands receive from unredeemed gift cards. The issuer is paid a certain amount when you buy a gift card and do not redeem it during its validity period. Selling your gift cards for cash is advisable to avoid making rich corporations even richer.

3. It Encourages Freelancing: Many self-employed freelancers in Nigeria currently struggle with receiving international payments. When you’re just starting, meeting the requirements to open a domiciliary account may be difficult, not to discuss having multiple FX accounts. 

One of the easiest ways to provide your services to individuals and businesses across the globe is by accepting payments in gift cards. 

4. Selling Your Gift Cards Gives You Liberty: Gift cards are efficient payment methods. However, they are limited because they are only accepted by their designated brands. 

When you sell your gift cards for cash, you can do whatever you please and shop wherever you want. 

Now that you understand the various benefits of selling your gift cards, the next step is to know exactly where to sell them.

Where To Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria 

Instead of taking your time and telling you the various risks of selling your gift cards on just any platform,  I would spare you the boring lecture and inform you about the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria, Cardtonic.

Cardtonic is a state-of-the-art gift card exchange platform that allows individuals and businesses to sell and buy gift cards in Nigeria at the best rates and in the most secure and easy way possible. 

On Cardtonic, you can say hello to fast transactions, high gift card rates, and a round-the-clock customer support team when needed.  

How To Sell Gift Cards on Cardtonic 

You must become a Cardtonic user before selling your gift cards on the platform. You need to follow two steps to make this happen: downloading the cardtonic application and registering on the platform.

1. How To Download the Cardtonic Application

The cardtonic application is available on the google play store and the IOS Store. Which means you would have no problem finding it. Head to your designated store and search for “cardtonic” Once you find the app, click the download button.

2. How To Register on The Cardtonic Platform  

Registration entails filling in simple information such as your; full name, email address, bank account number, date of birth, etc. You will receive a verification link in your email. Click on the button, and you will be redirected to the application. 

Now you can begin selling your gift cards on Cardtonic. 

Step-by-step Process on How to Sell Your Gift Cards on Cardtonic

1. Head to your Cardtonic Application.

2. Select the sell gift cards option on the homepage. 

3. Pick either a physical or e-code gift card. 

trade gift cards

4. Select the brand of gift card you wish to sell underneath “category” and the currency of the gift card for “subcateogry.”

5. Input the amount of your gift card.

6. Upload the images. 

7. You can click the “Start Trade” icon.


Although loss of interest in a brand is a common reason people sell their gift cards, there are a couple of other reasons people engage in this activity. Such as; To receive international payments, avoid gift card breakage, a means of getting cash, and also for freedom. 

Whichever your reason may be, the best place to sell your gift cards for cash in Nigeria is Cardtonic. On this platform, your funds are secure, there is a quality customer support team, you are offered the best gift card rates in the country, and most importantly, guaranteed fast transactions for trades and withdrawals. 


PLAY STORE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cardtonic.app

APPSTORE: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cardtonic-sell-gift-cards/id1548466084

HELP CENTER: https://help.cardtonic.com

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