7 Main Crypto Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

7 Main Crypto Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

As a beginner in the crypto trading world, you’re probably eager to dive in and make potential profits. Nevertheless, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes that are costly. 

What kind of mistakes we are talking about? Let’s go below and take a look at 7 most widespread of them:

1. Not doing your own research

In cryptocurrency trading reality, distinguishing between genuine information providers is a difficult task. To determine trustworthiness, it is important to do your research. A helpful tip is to determine how many people follow a source to decide 

if it’s worth listening to them. With time, as you get more experienced in cryptocurrency, you’ll get better at spotting reliable sources and avoiding unreliable ones.

2. Not choosing the right crypto exchange platform

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms play a responsible role in the world of digital currencies. They enable investors to purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. When picking the latest, think about things like its’ user-friendliness, the variety of cryptocurrencies it offers, and the fees it charges. It’s also wise to keep an eye on competitive prices for assets.

Take into account that you can trade crypto via brokers as well. To do that in a reliable way, pick a company that is regulated and fits your goals. Check XTB vs AvaTrade comparing review as an example of 2 reputable brokers in the industry. 

3. Putting in too much money too soon

Learning to trade can be challenging, and it’s essential not to put too much money at risk when you’re just beginning. Be sure to experiment with various trades before making a significant investment.

4. Not expanding your portfolio

If your goal is to reduce risks and increase profits, it’s a wise strategy to diversify your investments across various cryptocurrencies. This approach helps to avoid 

There are many problems with your portfolio’s liquidity and enables you to potentially gain significant profits when smaller to mid-cap cryptocurrencies experience sudden surges.

5. Believing everything you read on the Internet

Be cautious when considering the advice you follow. This is a usual crypto mistake to heed recommendations from social media sources that can result in financial losses.  Keep in mind that not all information is trustworthy, especially in the realm of crypto investments. Some news outlets might publish negative headlines to attract attention or induce fear among investors.

6. Panic while buying/selling

You should understand that price changes happen frequently and can make beginners feel anxious. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you only experience a financial loss when you decide to sell. Thus, making fast sales due to anxiety might be not the wisest option. Learning how to manage price fluctuations while staying dedicated to your investment objectives will be beneficial in the long term.

You can reduce the panic level by trading crypto via a reliable broker that will keep your funds safe. Check the comparison of FBS vs Exness to have a clear example of what brokers can offer to you. 

7. Not knowing when to exit and take profits

Here is the last mistake on our list – not establishing practical objectives and boundaries beforehand. Creating an effective strategy will prevent you from taking unneeded risks and avoid unnecessary financial losses. Maintaining a calm and composed demeanor when facing pressure is vital, and always adhering to your pre-determined plan is essential. 


Cryptocurrency is a modern and thrilling domain, yet it might seem difficult for newcomers. It’s easy to stumble into mistakes that could cause frustration if you’re not cautious. However, by following the typical mistakes we talked about, you’ll be on the right way to becoming a successful crypto investor.

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