Little Rock – 20 Facts About the Capital of Arkansas

Little Rock City

The following are 20 interesting facts about Little Rock, Arkansas’s capital city. I hope you enjoy them.

Little Rock is the state capital of Arkansas in the United States. In the state’s central region, it is the county seat of Pulaski County and is situated on the Arkansas River in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, at the confluence of the Arkansas and Arkansas rivers.

It was Bernard de la Harpe, a French explorer, who discovered and named two prominent rock formations on the Arkansas River’s bank in 1722; they were known as La Petite Roche and La Grande Roche.

A Quapaw Indian hamlet, located near the smaller rock, served as the location for La Harpe’s trading post. An abutment for a railway bridge was built on top of the “small rock” in later years.

An army post and, later, a veterans hospital were built on the “huge rock,” which was located 2 miles (3 kilometers) upstream.

20 Interesting Facts About Little Rock – Capital of Arkansas

Fact 1

Little Rock is the birthplace of “cheese dog”. It consists of a hot dog with molten cheese at the center. The company behind it is the Finkbeiner meat packing co.

Fact 2

The city was once renamed as “Arkopolis” for a short period in 1821.

Fact 3

The oldest standing state capitol building in the west of the Mississippi River is the Red Brick Old State House Museum of Nashville which was constructed between 1833 and 1842.

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Fact 4

In 1926, Little Rock zoo had only a circus-trained bear and an abandoned timber wolf when it opened.

Fact 5

The city was named after a certain small rock formation on the Arkansas River; “La Petite Roche” meaning the Little Rock.

Fact 6

The city is home to Investment firm Stephens Inc., Heifer international, and Dillard’s department stores.

Fact 7

The city is Arkansas State capital and it became Arkansas State capital in 1836. It contributed to the state’s growth effectively.

Fact 8

The city is home to the Billy Bass Adoption Center which is the world’s first retirement community for Billy Basses.

Fact 9

A French explorer, Jean Baptiste Bernard de la Harpe named Little Rock in the 1720s when he regarded a small rock along Arkansas River as La petite Roche which as the meaning Little Rock.

Fact 10

This city was regarded as one of the cleanest cities in the United States in 2011 by the Forbes Magazines.

Fact 11

Do you know about climber cars? Well, only two of the climber cars are left today and the first climber car was invented the city during the 1920s.

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Fact 12

The city is rightly found at the geographic center of Arkansas State.

Fact 13

In the 1930s, Meyer’s Bakery invented the Brown and serve roll in Little Rock.

Fact 14

The American Taekwondo world headquarters is located in the city The American Taekwondo Association has now been renamed ATA Martial Arts.

Fact 15

the city’s willow Springs Park is one of the first water theme parks in the United States as it was constructed in 1928.

Fact 16

The biggest park for the Arts in America’s south is the wildwood park of the city

Fact 17

Little Rock doesn’t have official nicknames but to make it cuter, people call it “The Rocker”, “The Rock”, or “Rock Town”.

Fact 18

The Clinton National Airport in this city is the largest commercial airport in the State of Arkansas as more than 100 flight activities are recorded daily.

Fact 19

The city Central high school was regarded as the most beautiful high school in the United States by the American Institute of Architects.

Fact 20

Little Rock is home to the longest pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge in North America called the Big Dam Bridge. It was recorded that this bridge has never been used by trucks and cars.

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