10 Real-Life Lessons From Zlatan Ibile You Must Read!

Life lessons from Zlatan Ibile

Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael, a hip hop rapper, singer, songwriter, is popularly known by the stage name Zlatan Ibile.

He is a skillful and talented young artist who ventured into the music industry in his early years.

He is currently 26 years of age and he’s a force to reckon with as far as hip-hop music is concerned in Nigeria. He’s no doubt joining the leagues of the Richest musicians in Nigeria soon.

How did Zlatan Ibile make his way into the entertainment world? What challenges did he have to go through? How did he become a force to reckon with?

In this post, we bring to you 10 important lessons you can learn from Zlatan’s life and music career.

Important Lessons from Zlatan Ibile About Life and Music


1. Make a Difference

Zlatan Ibile is well known for his creativity both in songwriting and dancing steps.

As it is generally known that in 2018, he released a single “zanku” with its dancing step known as “leg work”, today, this dancing step “leg work” puts an end to the then trending shaku shaku.

He added his own difference and Lo and behold! “Leg work” is now a popular dance for both old and young, male and female alike.

“A difference, in the end, makes it different.”

Whatever you have decided to do or invest in, do it with a difference. Do you sing? Sing with a difference; you dance? Dance with a difference; you drum? Drum with a difference.

2. Be Creative

Music is not theoretical, it is artistical; therefore, creativity is 100% key.

According to the popular saying, ‘a mistake in art is a style. Zlatan puts creativity to work in his musical life.

3. Be Consistent

Zlatan Ibile has been so consistent with his songwriting and release of his songs right from his days in the tertiary institution (Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta).

In the same manner, individuals working assiduously day and night either on music or other walks of life should endeavor to keep their audience alive at all times by being consistent.

Truth be told, staying on your lane to be consistent in your style of music may be daunting. Listening to other people’s opinion can be a disadvantage, just do you and you’ll find your audience.

4. Invest In Others

In 2017, a comedy-like video of a 9-year old boy who revealed his desire to be an internet fraudster went viral and Zlatan decided to take it up.

He provided him with education and financial needs. As the video was just a comedy, Zlatan invested in the boy by creating an Instagram account for the boy and promoted him as a comedian.

Believing and investing in an upcoming individual is unique, not only are you helping someone, but you’re also helping yourself.

5. Begin At Once

Zlatan Ibile started his musical career as early as age 17 when he launched his first music.

At age 19, he won the Airtels “One Mic Campus Tour” music competition held in the city of Abeokuta, Ogun state.

He ventured into Nigeria music in 2017, when he was 23 years of age and released a single titled my body featuring Olamide.

As of 2020, Zlatan Net Worth syncs with countless hit songs he has released and endorsement deals he has bagged. He is currently one of the most influential artists in Nigeria.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it, as delay may be too late.”

Zlatan started his musical career early and at age 26, he’s a hit star do not leave what to do today till tomorrow. Start today.

6. Criticism Is a Necessary Evil

In April 2019, Zlatan Ibile was arrested by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) alongside Naira Marley and two others for internet fraud and money.

He was later released as he was found to be innocent. Later that year, in October, he was nominated for Next Rated at the Headies.

When he lost the award, this caused an uproar to his fans on social media.

In one of Zlatan’s Blunt Quotes about life, he said “People can hate and judge! But can never change God’s plan concerning one’s life.” – Zlatan

Arresting Zlatan over money laundry not only raised sympathy by his fans, but it also brought more awareness about him.

Though he lost, he was nominated twice for the Headies award. I’d say criticism is a tool in development.

Being criticized does not necessarily bring evil, though it might seem so at the time, in the end, it’s a blessing in disguise.

7. Hard Work and Commitment

Zlatan started a musical career at the same time he gained admission into the tertiary Institution.

He didn’t drop one for the other as is the case with many people, rather he took the two sticks into the fire and boom! He didn’t have a setback in any especially his musical career.

Though stressful, combining academics and ambition together isn’t a joke. With intense hard work and commitment, he scaled through.

8. Perseverance and Originality

This phrase “perseverance and originality” is so associated with tough and rugged people who have come to limelight today.

Zlatan Ibile indeed persevered in his musical journey and that is why we can talk about an artist called Zlatan today.

Furthermore, he did not deny his background, which is the core of Lagos city. Instead, he used that as a stepping stone to his fame. He persevered and he was simply original.

9. Hustle your Way Through

“Life will not give you roses if you do not ask for it.”

Zlatan Ibile asked for it, worked towards it and he got it.

Today, Zlatan is known as a young artiste, a hustler who controls millions.

10. Your Background Is No Determinant to Fame

There is the general belief that being born with a silver spoon makes you a billionaire automatically while being born in an average Nigerian home makes you want to continue the chain.

That can be true where there is no desire for a better tomorrow.

Zlatan Ibile had a rough, tough and rugged beginning. He was born into an average Nigerian home in the center of the Lagos city.

He never had it all; therefore, he was determined to walk the path of fame and he did.

He didn’t allow his background to dictate his limit, instead, his background only serves as his starting point.

No man is born rich nor with a silver spoon or a golden one, rising to fame is not a choice chosen for you by your background, it’s a choice chosen by you.

Nothing comes without its own challenges and facing challenges and conquering it makes one stronger.

This can be said of the songwriter and singer Zlatan Ibile. He took his work to heart, face the challenges with consistent hard work and overcame.

A little hard work seasoned with commitment makes the food taste great.

Did you find this piece to be inspiring and motivating? Let’s know which of these posts resonates with you in the comment box.

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