10 Inspirational Life Lessons From Timi Dakolo

Life Lessons Timi Dakolo

You need to know that anyone could be successful in life and there is no magic to that order than to plan and work towards it.

That’s why we’ve brought to you 10 inspirational life lessons from Timi Dakolo.

Timi Dakolo is a popular Nigerian singer who got his fame in the maiden edition of Idols West Africa in the year 2007.

Timi Dakolo has dual citizenship in both Nigeria and Ghana. He was born on January 20th, 1981 in Accra, Ghana by a Ghanaian mother to a Nigerian father, who was a native of Bayelsa State.

The pain and struggle of Timi Dakolo began while he was little. He had a tragic experience of losing his mother named Norah Dakolo at his early age of thirteen (13).

Such experience made him live in Port Harcourt with his grandmother and one of his aunty named Susan, where he also had his primary and secondary school education.

Timi Dakolo’s aunty loved music so much that it had a great influence on Timi Dakolo at his little age. He had started singing at the age of 12.

Around 2006-2007, Timi Dakolo enrolled for a reality show called the Idols West Africa and he won. Since then, he has become a brand that many have to reckon with.

Today, Timi Dakolo net worth is on the rise, and that’s why we all need to learn from him to also achieve success.

Inspirational Life & Hustle Lessons From Timi Dakolo

As seen in Timi Dakolo’s story on how he experienced pains and struggles but still fought his way to stand out, I would like to draw out some inspirational life and hustle lessons someone could learn from Timi Dakolo below.

Think of what you can do

Honestly, this is the first step in achieving a goal. Throw this question to yourself, what can you do? Or what do you want to do?

Without doubts, Timi Dakolo knew he could sing, he knew he was quite talented in music and as a result, he went in that music direction because that was what he thought he could do beautifully.

Now here is the question again, what can you do? It is very easy to answer this question, think of what you enjoy doing, think of what you are talented in, and work towards it.

In one of Timi Dakolo’s quotes about life and success, he said “Happiness is the ultimate success, aim for it”. This points to what you can do happily if it makes you happy, develop it and make greatness with it.

What Timi Dakolo enjoyed doing (which is singing) made him one of the most respected musicians in Nigeria today.

Setting a Plan

Setting a Plan is the second life and hustle lessons that I could depict from the life of Timi Dakolo.

Timi Dakolo knew music was his calling, he didn’t just limit himself as Mr. nobody to get his fame without a plan.

He wanted to become a musician, but he rightly knew that he couldn’t just become a great musician just like that but instead, he planned on how to get there.

He started as a choir member at the age of 12, he also formed and joined a music band with some of his colleagues which earned him a little fame in Bayelsa state, and he participated in a local talent hunt and won.

Timi Dakolo didn’t just stop there; he enrolled as a participant in the Idols West Africa which boosted his fame and his music career and now, he is a successful musician in Nigeria.

You also can make your dreams come true when you plan towards achieving such dream just as Timi Dakolo had done.

Get Yourself a Mentor

As the world goes on, there would always be a teacher and a student.

The word teacher can still be interchangeable for the word mentor because they both see the greatness and success of their students.

Timi Dakolo made his aunty his personal mentor because she was more experienced than he was in the cause of vocals and singing in general.

All the music basics Timi Dakolo firstly learned about, he got them from his mentor (his Aunty).

If he hadn’t chosen her aunt as his mentor, he would have lost interest in music or would even have been a failure today.

His aunt brought him up with enough relatable music interest and as he was growing, he was gradually becoming a master of his own; look at him today, his musical upbringing by his mentor has made him a happy professional musician.

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No matter how easy the task you set ahead of you is, you still need the dedication to achieve it.

If you are dedicated to your goals, it means that you are ready to get it accomplished by all means.

Timi Dakolo’s goal was to become a musician, he showed a lot of dedication and he ensured that he didn’t back off or relent in his music field.

Talking of when he joined a music band called “Purple Love”, it showed how ready and serious he was with his music career, he also signed up for different musical contests which gave him a lot of headlights in getting him closer to his dream of becoming a successful musician.

Almost everything about Timi Dakolo in his early life was about music and that shows how dedicated he was in becoming the successful musician that he is today.

If you don’t want to lose interest in your dreams or go astray, you really need to be dedicated to that field just as Timi Dakolo did.

Be ready for competition of life

You need to know that you are not the only one planning to achieve that particular dream you have in mind but all that is necessary is for you to stand out.

Even if you are the only one planning to achieve such dream/goal when others see the greatness in it, they would venture into it too and try to overtake you; that is what the competition of life is all about.

Timi Dakolo was competitive and most of his competitions he got into, he won and that showed how determined he was to stand out in the midst of all other competitors.

Timi Dakolo won the Idols West Africa competition and it led to his path of greatness.

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Stay Courageous

One of the lessons depicted from the life of Timi Dakolo is that of courage.

Timi Dakolo was really courageous even right from an early age. It takes courage for a teen to join a choir of a church to sing to the masses, it really does.

Not only that, he enrolled in different contests and competitions which involved appearing in public to boldly act and present.

Another thing to note is that Timi Dakolo wasn’t discouraged with the fact that there could be a better contestant in the Idols West Africa competition but he was courageous to face them and defeat all other contestants to his success.

In essence, you need courage to face your competitors and your fears in order for you to achieve your goals in life.


This is quite necessary for everyone to achieve his/her goals. Once the focus is there, there is a higher probability of achieving such goals.

In one of the powerful quotes about reaching your goals, a quote says “A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at”.

Timi Dakolo was focused on his dream of becoming a successful musician, he didn’t lose focus despite all the life challenges and struggles he encountered right from his early age and eventually, he became a successful musician.

Never Give Up

One of the major reasons why people fail to achieve their goals is as a result of giving up.

Are you about to give up? Have you thought of all the efforts you had put towards your goal earlier and do you want to put it all to waste?

You really should not waste your efforts no matter the hard times you are facing because one day, you would definitely succeed.

Timi Dakolo was still embarking in the Idols West Africa competition when the news about the death of his grandmother got to him.

It is well known that his grandmother meant a lot to him because he was raised by her after the demise of his mother at his early age of 13.

Although Timi Dakolo was sad and depressed about the death of his grandmother he never gave up the contest he was into and such courage and strength made him the winner of the Idols West Africa competition in 2007 and also made him famous.

Inspire Others

In one of Timi Dakolo’s quotes about life and success, he said; “The whole job of a musician is to cause a significant experience in the hearts and minds of your listeners”.

As seen in the quote, it shows how inspiring Timi Dakolo is to other upcoming musicians, giving them tips and sharing his experiences on what he had learned so far.

No matter the stage you are in, you should try to assist others coming under you with anything in your power; it could be a simple word of advice, teachings, sharing your experiences about some stages.

When you do this, you have set yourself as a role model for others to look up to and they would definitely aspire to be like you.

Use what you have to get what you want

There is a particular saying which says “You use money to get more money”.

This doesn’t necessarily point to money alone, you can use the little ideas, talent, or creativity to get what you want no matter how little it might be.

Looking at the life of Timi Dakolo who aspired to become a successful musician; the little he had with him was just his talent and the little lessons he got from his aunty.

Timi Dakolo used his talent to get himself enough fame when he won the maiden edition of Idols West Africa in 2007, he didn’t stop there; he used the fame of being the winner to boost his music career and also released his personal songs/singles.

Well, as a result of that, he is a successful musician today and that was his dream. This concludes our article about lessons from Timi Dakolo’s life and hustle.

Kindly let us know which lesson(s) you would love to take away with you in the comment box below.

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