10 Life & Hustle Lessons from Patoranking That Will Inspire You

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Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie who goes by the stage name Patoranking is a Nigerian singer and songwriter known for his infusion of reggae and dancehall music.

Patoranking was born on May 27,1990 in Ijegun-Egba Satellite Town, Lagos though hails from Onitsha, Ebonyi state.

He had his elementary and secondary education in Lagos state. He attended Citizen Comprehensive College, Epe and Jibril Martin Memorial Grammar School, Iponri.

The performing arts career of Patoranking started as a street jam and carnival dancer.

He said in an interview with him, “Music for me started at an early age, I was dancing to many sounds but most especially the Galala sounds.

I fell in love with it because I was in the ghetto and Galala music runs the ghetto.”

The stage name, Patoranking, was got from a Jamaican friend of his whom they met at Alpha Beach, Lagos.

While the Jamaican was paying his guitar, and Patoranking was singing to the medley. So, the Jamaican decided to add “ranking” which in Jamaica means “highly respected” to his name “Patrick.

Patoranking’s net worth speaks of him being a renowned Nigerian musician.

He has been nominated for several awards and won several others as well. He is on the move to becoming a legend.

Life Lessons from Patoranking That Will Inspire You

So, in our collections of life lessons from successful celebs, we bring to you 10 lessons from Patoranking About Life, hustle, and success.

Don’t Give Up on Yourself

In one of the powerful Patorankings Quotes he said “Don’t forget failure is not the end of success, failure is part of success” – Patoranking.

He never believed in failure and so even if it’s not working out now, he believed it’s part of his success story.

Why give up on yourself then when you’re just climbing the ladder of success with a few failures.

Those failures are there just to teach you how to appreciate success the more and work harder to remain successful.

Respect Your Beginning

It is no news that Patoranking had his early life in the ghetto. But he didn’t see the ghetto as a stumbling block for him to achieving whatever he wanted to, rather, he used the ghetto as a stepping stone for his greatness.

Patoranking is one artist who makes reference to his ghetto lifestyle a lot, and how living there has inspired his style of music – reggae and dancehall music.

Not everyone will have a fantastic beginning, but whatever your beginning is, you can bring out the fancy in it just as Patoranking did.

Work on Your Dream Yourself

As part of people’s trust in people, they entrust their dreams into their hands. Sadly, the dreams either dies with the dreamer or someone else achieves it.

In other words, do not give someone the responsibility of working on your dream.

How is that even possible? You are the one who knows how you envisioned it, then why leave it into the hands of someone else to accomplish it?

Patoranking once said, “To everyone who’s got a dream, never put your dreams in the hands of someone else. It does not keep them awake at night.”

Pay Attention to the Lessons

Life lessons could be learnt from personal experience or other people’s experience.

When it’s time to learn from your personal experience, just know it’s a time for you to grow.

Patoranking said, “Everything you go through is meant to help you grow, pay attention to the lesson.”

If famous artist in our environment today like Patoranking reflect on their daily activities after a while, then it means no one is beyond correction. Just pay attention to the details.

Work Proposedly

On the average, Nigerian artist are doing well, especially in the music industry; but not all of them.

Some of them joined the music industry either for money or fame and that’s why they don’t stay long in the game.

No one is saying making money is evil. Make your money but make sure you’re resourceful at the same time.

“Make sure you make money; same way you make noise.” – Patoranking.

Whatever thing you do, even if it is noise, make sure that noise is meaningful to some people because it is only then you can make your money.

Reference Your Creator

Patoranking is a lover of God. Without being bias to any faith, Patoranking acknowledges his creator in his achievement.

His very first single release in 2009 “So Nice” was inspired by God and his experience from ghetto life. Even his two albums till date referenced God:

  • God over Everything (2016)
  • Wilmer (2019)

According to one of his numerous quote: “Every day above the ground is a blessing… Never stop giving thanks”. Never stop giving thanks.

Maintain Your Identity

Using the music industry as a case study, some artists will rather sing like an American man hoping for their song to go international.

Trust me, that’s not the secret. You don’t have to tarnish your identity in the name of fame.

Do your homework well, and fame will come looking for you wherever you.

Patoranking also believed in this as he shares with us his little experience around the world.

He said, “if I sound like another artist, I am sounding like that because we are from the same place. This is us. This is our sound it’s something in our DNA; you can’t change it”.

Don’t Follow the Trend

Yeah, this is trending among the Nigerian music artist, Patoranking cannot be found in that click.

This is not pride, it’s a way of doing things differently. Just as he said and I quote, “I try not to do what everyone else is doing.

I don’t follow trends; I just have the Midas touch”. The Midas touch is what distinguishes him from other music artists.

You don’t need to follow the multitude to what’s trending either. You can do something different that everyone will also want to follow. Be the trend people will follow.

Do not Set Boundaries

In 2016, Patoranking was chosen as mentors on The Voice Nigeria amongst many other popular musicians.

He was the youngest of the mentors, but it doesn’t matter. He does not allow that to set a barrier for him whenever he needed to speak.

He said, “I was chosen because they needed somebody that can connect with what they want to hear. I can relate to them easily”.

He sees opportunity in every face of his life, even his age was never a barrier, but an asset.

It’s up to you also to see that barrier as an asset, rather than languishing in your excuse.

Have a Role Model

A role model is not just someone you look up to, you emulate their ideologies because you believe in them and then you want to be better than them.

Patoranking is not left out at having a role model.

He talks about Alexis Sanchez and similarities between them. He said, “I work like Sanchez because every time Sanchez doesn’t score, he is never happy about it… he’s a result-oriented person and that’s me”.

Have a role model that will help model you to greater success.

Patoranking, Nigerian singer and songwriter of reggae and dancehall music has been able to inspire youngsters in with his lifestyle.

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