10 Important Life Lessons From Helen Paul About Life & Success

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Helen Paul Bamisile is a female comedian, singer, and actress. She is well known as Tatafo, a name characterized by a child-like voice range.

Helen Paul was born on 29th January, 1978 and got married to Bar. Femi Bamisile in 2010.

She is a first class hustler, she started out as a front desk officer at Eko Remix Studios and later worked as back-up singer and voice over artist.

She also worked as a freelance and full-time presenter in Lagos Television (LTV 8), Continental Broadcasting Service (CBS), and also MNet as a co-presenter.

Helen Paul is also an entrepreneur, she has multiple bridal and fabric boutiques in the city of Lagos.

One of her boutiques, Massive Fabric, and Bridal was established in 2012.

Not just that, The Helen Paul Theater and Film Academy was established in 2014, this academy consists of a dance studio, a photo studio, a mainly digital library, an editing studio and a hostel for students – what a massive embodiment.

One fascinating fact about her is that she is not just an entertainer, she is an academic one.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree at the University of Lagos in Theatre Arts in 2010, 2012 and 2019 respectively.

Looking at the year difference, she followed her academic through at a go, none stop.

Today, Helen Paul is young ladies’ inspiration as she has rose to be a successful entertainer and entrepreneur.

Lessons From Our Legendary Comedian, Helen Paul

Out of the thousand inspirations women have got from Helen Paul, we’ll mention a few that can inspire both men and women, young and old alike.

Be True to Yourself

Quite unfortunate but true, that life is a mixture of pretense and truth.

People either live in pretense or in truth. Either way, both of them have an ending. While the former will get you into trouble, the latter will save you from trouble.

Helen Paul happens to be an individual with a rough beginning, due to her background, she could have decided to live a fake life (she’s a good actress, I’m sure she’ll do that perfectly), but, no, she decided to be true to herself and her community.

Not everyone you see is living a true life, do not follow the crowd, follow your own path, it may be long, but it will lead you to success.

Helen Paul said, “When you are pretentious, there is no way you won’t get into trouble, be true to yourself”.

Build Capacity

No man is too old to learn. As a matter of fact, learning is a continuous process, it never ends.

If you really want to stop learning, then your end has just started. Helen Paul knew what she wanted, but first, she builds up herself academically and professionally.

She has her degrees and worked with people well enough to acquire necessary skills.

Build up yourself, do not relent on self-capacity, search for more, learn how others do theirs, not so that you can do it like them, but so that you can do it better than them.

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Never Give-Up

Yes, everyone is guilty of this. We get so overwhelmed by the fact that something isn’t yielding result as we wanted and then we surrender to it, that we’re no more interested.

Life itself does not want you to be interested in living it, but you pray to see another rising of the sun. strive harder until something good happens.

For Helen Paul, there were times when she felt like the tasks were too enormous for her, but interestingly, she never gave up.

Find Your Source of Motivation

Everyone has that thing that motivates them, inspires them or keeps them going.

As earlier said, there are times, when you want to quit, it is this source, the origin that will sustain you.

There are times when you feel disappointed of yourself, but your source of motivation will never be disappointed in you.

In the success journey of Helen Paul, it is her background, she had been criticized, insulted, embarrassed that nothing good can ever be found of her.

The commitment to want to prove them wrong will never want her to quit.

Be Humble

Helen Paul said in a discussion with her on a TV program, ‘Your View’ on TVC, Humility is a virtue, it doesn’t lower your standard in any form, endeavor to have it.

As elegant and successful as this woman is, she is rated as one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, yet, she doesn’t see a reason to be proud.

Pride is one thing we all unconsciously have but with conscious effort to be humble, it will help you not to fall. – Helen Paul.

If you have this virtue, protect it and never lose it; if you don’t, endeavor to search for it and have it.

Here are more powerful Helen Paul quotes about life and success, that will inspire you.

Make a Positive Impact

“A successful woman is not known by the number of material things she has, or how expensive they are, but by the number of lives she has impacted positively.” – Helen Paul.

Making an impact has nothing to do with age or status, you can be young in your small business but you have the interest of members’ development at heart, that is a success.

Work hard and encourage others to, not only encourage, help to create the platform in which people can benefit from. Then, you can boldly say, I’m a successful entrepreneur.

Use What You’ve Got

It is a popular saying that use what you have to get what you want.

Well, Helen Paul also believes in this, though, not in the negative context as popularly used but in a positive way. She said, “Men have a brain, women have a connection”.

Believe it or not, the moral of this is, enhance yourself. You have your God-given talent, use it to put food on your table.

If it is the brain you’ve got, brain it out; if it is a connection, connect the people out. You are definitely born with something, use it for your good and the growth of your society as well.

Be on Top of Your Game

The humble comedian “Helen Paul” said in one of her quotes “if you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, the baffle them with bullshit.”

Whatever you have decided to do, just make sure you are in control of your business.

For Helen Paul, she is a comedian with style, there is always something t dash out to her audience. According to her, if you can’t be dazzled, then, you’ll be baffled.

I’d say this is an awesome way to keep an audience alive, it makes your audience interested in what next you want to dash out to them.

Be the African Champ

This is quite hilarious but absolutely true.

When you do a notable thing, people want to be familiar with you, even your society, and then they refer to you as “our African Champ” but you’ve never done something noteworthy, no one sees you and even those that want to see you, refers to you as ‘just a Nigerian’.

Helen Paul said in one of her quote, “When a Nigerian leaves the country, to do exploit abroad, they term it ‘African’ or ‘African Champ’ but when they do not do something to be proud of, they are pointed as ‘Nigerians’ specifically.”

Be Focused

For every business to thrive, determination, consistency spiced up with focus is ultimately required.

Business does not just thrive on their own, it requires a push by someone.

To be focused, is to be surrounded by people who are like-minds, business oriented just like you, always wanting to know more, self-discipline, even having sleepless night.

Every successful man who works for his success once had an episode of these.

Be true to yourself, and do not relent on the knowledge you’ve acquired, there is always room for improvement, make an impact on your society as well.

It is not enough to have money but be successful. Remember, success is not for everyone, though it is there for everyone, only those who go the extra mile to get it.

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