10 Notable Lessons from Kenny Blaq You Must Read!

Life lessons from kenny blaq

Otolorin Kehinde Peter, our number one stand-up comedian, and singer was born on September 30, 1994, in Ejigbo, Lagos state, into the family of Elder Moses and Eunice Otolorins.

He is last in a family of seven and twin brother to Taiwo Otolorin. He is well known by his performing name Kenny Blaq.

The name Kenny Blaq was derived from the combination of his first name “Kehinde” and his skin color “Black”. Hence, Kenny Blaq.

The journey of this young comedian began at Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) when he enrolled to be trained as compere and presenter.

But before then, he had been with SMA FM, a college community-based radio station.

Though Kenny Blaq had been singing on stage from the age of 12, where he joined a Juju band, he says he doesn’t have plans to own a record label.

“I do not think I have plans to have a record label, which is also some kind of investment in the entertainment sector, I have a management company”.

Kenny Blaq rose to fame in 2011 when he made his first appearance at the Calabar Carnival laff mattaz.

He made more than an impression, he created a memory as that was the beginning of his journey as famous comedian Kenny Blaq.

He has been able to perform on different platforms both home and abroad.

He has really carved a niche for himself as he’s fast becoming one of the most sought after comedians in the industry.

Speaking of education, it might be of interest to you to know that Kenny Blaq went to FRCN training school right after secondary school.

He couldn’t further his academics to the tertiary institution due to lack of finance and also his desire to take entertainment seriously.

He went after entertainment which has changed his story from Kehinde Peter to Kenny Blaq – a name everyone wants to hear in comedy.

Amazing Lessons from the Amazing Comedian

Sit back, read and learn from Kenny Blaq’s life and career journey.

Hard Work Does Not Kill

Not a death has been recorded in the history of a man who died of hard work, I do not think any will be recorded.

Hard work doesn’t kill, instead, it boost your thinking horizon and makes you thirst for greatness and better things.

In the case of Kenny Blaq, he said during an interview with him about his love life, “I want to work, work, and work… It doesn’t mean I don’t have free times, I do, but even in those free times I still work.”

Today, we have an evidence of his work, work, work, isn’t it? So, you’re working hard, work harder.

One Last Chance

Everyone has a story. A story of when things were rough, when I want to quit, when it seems I’m alone and so on.

Kenny Blaq also had his share of such stories when he told himself “it is either now, or never again” kind of talk.

Take Your Chances! It’s Either Now or Never

He said, “there were times I regretted going into comedy at all because the kind of comedy I do is fused with music and at that time people had not come to terms with that brand of comedy, so occasionally when I’m performing and I don’t get the expected applause of feedback, it would make me very sad.”

But the story changed when “I later told myself that I was going to do one more event and if it wasn’t successful then I’ll quit comedy.

Ironically, I got the referral for my next show at the event that made me never want to quit.”

All that business of yours, that hustle of yours, needs is one more chance, just one more chance which will turn the table around.

Look Beyond the Coast Line

Though Kenny Blaq kind of entertainment is not that which is popular in the industry, yet, he sees Nigerian comedy taking over the world.

He said, “I see Netflix and other content buyers coming into the comedy industry fully in Nigeria to buy specials and I see us creating our own platform to sell comedy specials”.

This is a vision that is not in sight yet but one day, when this come through, we will all be enthusiast about making reference to Kenny Blaq’s vision.

Do not limit your vision, look ahead, look beyond. It really makes business thrive more than you can imagine.

Knowledge Is Power

There is this popular saying that “you start dieing when you stop learning”. Kenny Blaq definitely does not want to die figuratively.

Though he is not learned in academic theories, he has revealed his passion to still go back to school some day to study journalism, and also production as he is done with Presentation. What a zeal?

No man should die knowing he does not know enough. No matter what you’ve acquired, continue to seek knowledge.

Follow Your Path

Yes, Kenny Blaq chose a path rare in the entertainment industry. He could have been a comedian or decide to be a musician.

But no, he chooses the fusion of music and comedy. That does not mean there won’t be obstacles, even Kenny Blaq was faced with the challenge of acceptability, but he overcame it.

Do not follow suit when you have your own special talent but afraid of not being accepted. One thing is certain in the end, you will overcome.

Dream Big

Dreaming big has nothing to with being over ambitious as some people will call it.

When you aspire for something bigger than what you can possibly achieve now, it gives you the necessary drive to work harder.

Of course, when you’re working hard, there must be motivating you and that’s your big dream.

Kenny Blaq has this big dream of working together with one of American’s finest artist “Tyler Perry” and he is working assiduously to achieve it. He is already an International comedian.

Note that when you have a dream, you work hard; when you have a big dream, you work even harder.

Never Run Out of Plan

Kenny Blaq in an interview revealed his plan to venturing into the movies.

He revealed that he did a movie with Wale Adenuga Productions and also one with Femi Adebayo on The Return of Jelili.

He jokingly said “I cannot put all my eggs in a basket”. This is very true of him as every day heralds a new plan.

Working in so many capacities and not leaving a single stone unturned is charming. Endeavor to always wake with a plan different from that of yesterday’s.

Be Consistent

“Consistency is fundamental. You have to bring out new materials, especially in Nigeria where you bring out a joke today and it is already on YouTube.” – Kenny Blaq.

This amazing comedian has been able to keep good relationship with his audience by never letting them down, by being consistent and timely.

Keep up your good works with consistency, you never can tell when that life changing referral will knock on your door.

Be Responsible for Yourself

Being responsible is your decision, and only yours to make.

Back in the days when Kenny Blaq was about starting his career in the entertainment industry, he was strongly discouraged by his parents.

Not that they don’t want him successful, they were only doing their parental responsibility by watching out for him.

They had a wrong perception of the entertainment industry as one that corrupt people especially young ones.

Kenny Blaq on the other hand also took the responsibility for himself by knowing what he wants, how to get it, and working strictly for it.

Life is about responsibility, while it is people’s responsibility to advise you on a choice of career, it is solely your responsibility to choose the career.

Have a Role Model

For Kenny Blaq, his role model is Tyler Perry. The beautiful thing about role models is not that you want to be like them, it’s you want to be better than them.

Kenny Blaq has made an impression for Nigerian youngsters that anything is possible if only you work hard for it.

Though, challenges may persist, but it’s only a drop of water in the mighty ocean of success on the way.

I’m certain that you’ve learned a thing or two from Kenny Blaq’s success and hustle.

Would you mind sharing with us which area hits a spot in your situation?

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