10 Incredible Lessons From Naira Marley About Life & Hustle

Life lessons from Naira Marley

Naira Marley as popularly known is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He is well known by his fan base as “Marlian”.

He was born in the city of Lagos, Agege to be precise, on May 9, 1994, and started his musical career in 2014.

Though he’s not yet one of the top richest musicians in Nigeria, his love and passion for music will soon get him to that list.

Initially, Naira Marley has plans to become an MC and voice-over artist, after singing in 2014, he discovered his passion for music and choose to pursue it.

Naira Marley sings in English, pidging and Yoruba language (somewhat different from the usual). His style of music of Afrobeat and Hip-hop.

Though the stage name Naira Marley was derived from the Jamaican singer Bob Marley, whom he admires so much, his real name is unknown to a lot of his fans – Azeez Adeshina Fashila.

Azeez Adeshina Fashola also known as Naira Marley is quite popular for his song
“Am I a yahoo boy” featuring Zlatan; and his case with the EFCC.

Little did you know that there are some life lessons to be learnt from the artist.

Life Lessons From Naira Marley About Life & Hustle

1. Work Hard Consistently

Naira Marley has been so consistent in the release of his songs.

In one of the inspirational life lessons from Lionel Messi, you’ll agree even more that hard work is key. Messi worked extremely hard and trained almost every single day to become who he is today.

So is it for Naira Marley, since the beginning of his musical career to date, he released:

  • Issa Goal – Naira Marley x Olamide x Lil Kesh
  • Marry Juana – Naira Marley
  • Flying Away – Naira Marley
  • Magic – Naira Marley
  • Ko Si Werey – Naira Marley feat Olamide
  • Japa – Naira Marley
  • Royal Rumble – Naira Marley feat Lil Kesh
  • Am I a Yahoo Boy – Naira Marley feat Zlatan Ibile

All the above were before his arrest by the EFCC, while after his release, he released his singles:

  • Soapy
  • Tesumole
  • Lord of Lamba

All these hit songs between May and December 2019. All these could have only been achieved through hard work. Naira Marley’s Net Worth today speaks of his hard work.

In any business, venture or endeavor whatsoever, especially one that has to do with entertainment, consistency is required so as not to lose out on fans acceptability.

2. Never Accept Defeat

The story of Naira Marley and his arrest by the Economic Financial Crimes’ Commission (EFCC) is no longer news in the Nigerian Entertainment.

Yet, it was never recorded at any point in time that Naira Marley was defeated by way of depression or silence. Instead, he came out even stronger. What an attitude!

In life’s journey, you’ll definitely be faced with some challenges, some self-inflicted, some inevitable.

Either one, overcoming stronger should be the watchword as sorrow only endures for a night, and by the time, the joy comes.

So, make sure you are in good spirit to accept it.

3. Create a Community

Yes, I mean a community of people. One common thing about humans is that we love to have a sense of belonging, being a part of an environment.

It makes us feel so good. That’s why communities like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram do not need an advert for it to function – people just want to belong.

Still, in one of Naira Marley’s Quotes he said: “Naira Marley once said “You can’t hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life

This is Naira Marley when he created his controversial community called “Marlians”. Marlians are fun-loving people and especially those who do not go by the book.

Even with his controversy, it has quite a number of followers because people generally love to call themselves by the name – Marllians.

I’m sure not everybody can create a community of people, but while at your business, make them feel a sense of belonging, that’s the purpose – sense of belonging.

4. Make a Name

Would you agree with me that Naira Marley made a name out of his arrest by the EFCC?

He did make a name and even brought his community – Marlians – to light as many people never heard of the name before.

Making a name is good (a good one of course) as people will remember this even more than your real name.

5. Be Dynamic

Naira Marley’s song lyrics are mostly in English, Pidgin and Yoruba language.

This is something that might not be acceptable by so many. Still, he maintained his style of music.

Dynamism is one of the tools for being exceptional at what you do.

“There’s always something new about the old things”

You definitely might not do something new, but how you do something old makes you exceptional and drives people towards you. This is an act of dynamism.

6. Know your Audience

Naira Marley is known for his active participation on social media. His warm and friendly manner towards his fans.

In addition to his community, he was able to get closer to his fans and understand their needs.

That’s one of the reasons he released his singles “Soapy” and Tesumole” to further explain himself concerning his arrest.

In any business, whatsoever, channeling your product to your exact target audience is key.

It makes the audience want to demand for more and even something better from you.

7. Bring Something out of The Worst

It is no more news that Naira Marley was arrested by the EFCC and arraigned in court over internet fraud and many more crimes.

What more could be worse than this? He didn’t allow this to defame him, rather, he created fame for himself the more with more release.

Even while in EFCC custody, he got the inspiration to create a soapy song.

As long as you have no power over what is happening at the moment, you have the power to determine what happens next.

Do not linger on your worst situation, instead, bring something good out of it.

8. Some Crisis are a Blessing

It turns out that Naira Marley’s arrest did not totally turn bad for him as he was still able to do his music business.

When life presents itself with crisis or with no opportunities at all, be quick to make a blessing out of it.

Only note that you will be mocked if you dwell in the crisis. Naira Marley resented mockery and it reappears to him as a blessing.

9. Mind Your Business

Quite a number of people believed that Naira Marley’s arrest was as a result of him being unable to mind his own business when he reacted to Simi’s comment on Yahoo-boys.

This might not be outrightly wrong about him, but still, doing things differently has always been his style.

He was actually minding his business by making a comment.

Just understand that, whatever you have chosen to do, some people will love, others will criticize it; but it is imperative to know what you see.

Even if what is there is bad, and what you see is good, please go ahead and do your business.

10. Utilize Whatever You have to the Fullest

Naira Marley is definitely not a lazy being as he has been able to utilize every situation and circumstances around him to the fullest.

He has his brand “Marlians” and he used it as often as he could to communicate with his fans.

Life will not always bring you roses, sometimes, it brings thorns. But do you know that thorns could also be useful on its own? Make a crown out of your thorn.

Many people believed there is no good about this artist, Naira Marley, that is not true.

He has proven himself to be a hard-working musician who understands what his people want and will go to any length to bring it to them even at the cost of his personality.

So, what did you think? Share with us which of these lessons resonates well with you in the comment box below.

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