Why Learning an Instrument Could Change Your Life

Learning an instrument

It is never too late to start a new hobby, and the last two years have seen millions of individuals trying to learn new skills.

While there is no doubt the world has been watching more Netflix and playing online games since the pandemic started, many new hobbies have been taken up also.

One of the most popular hobbies to come out of the last couple of years is learning a musical instrument. Many people believe that it is easier for children than adults to learn an instrument, however, this may not be true.

Children often learn faster because they have more time to devote to practice. Children have lessons at school, have band practice, and get taken to dedicated private music teachers. Adults have more responsibilities and can slack off easier.

Taking the time to learn and play a few piano or guitar chords each day could make a huge difference. Learning an instrument could even change your life. Read on for a few of the ways that this could be so. 

It could improve your mental wellness

It is known that learning music can improve memory. Learning new chords, and songs, needs concentration, and this all improves memory and other areas of mental health.

Music is also known to assist with other concerns involving stress. Music can also help with feelings of anxiety. ScienceDirect has reported that mental health is a neglected issue in Nigeria. Although music cannot resolve all of these issues, you may find that learning an instrument could help reduce your stress levels. 

Music can aid in recovery

You may know that therapy is used to alleviate many different types of physical and mental ailments. Yet, there is another type of therapy that concentrates on music.

Musical therapy is now being used to cover all sorts of areas from trauma to PTSD. Cancer patients and those recovering from surgery are also treated this way. A musical instrument can be helpful in many of these areas.

Learning an instrument can improve social interaction

There are many resources online, along with music education sites, to help with learning easy guitar chords. These sites can be invaluable when it comes to improving your skills at home alone.

There are, though, many more websites and apps with the purpose to bring musicians closer. These apps help musicians to share their creations and swap ideas. They can help individuals find other local musicians to play with. Bands can advertise for new members, and gigs can be listed.

As your skills improve, you could find yourself playing live, increasing your social interaction no end. 

Healthy work and life balance

Work demands can take up much of a person’s time. Especially when you are driving your own business.

You need to know how to look after your mental health as a business owner, or as an employee for that matter.

The last couple of years has seen a shift in how many people work. Remote working has become more popular due to the pandemic, and this can bring many benefits. Nevertheless, some people find it hard to disconnect their home life from their work. Especially remote workers.

Having a hobby that takes you away from your work is a good idea. Playing a musical instrument could be a great choice for this. 

Can make your more attractive

This is slightly tongue in cheek, but with a serious edge; playing a musical instrument could make you seem more attractive.

Firstly, musicians are admired by many. It is no secret that pop stars’ posters are on many bedroom walls around the world. But in all seriousness, there are genuine reasons why a guitar or piano could make you more attractive.

Learning an instrument takes perseverance, and this helps to improve patience. Ultimately, though, what you may notice you gain, is more confidence. Learning tricky chords, or new songs will give you a boost.

Confidence is very attractive to other people. Also, guitars look really cool…

It is a hobby that keeps giving

Many hobbies come and go. Some are new trends that are simply flash-in-the-pan fads that disappear overnight. Others, though, stay forever. Music is one of the latter.

Learning a musical instrument means making great progress, perhaps plateauing, then moving on. It is something that lasts an entire lifetime. Even professional musicians still need to practice regularly, and there is a constant learning process. 

Could help you in later life

Not only does playing a musical instrument mean you can have a lifelong passion, but it could help you in those later years too.

It is no secret perhaps, that as people get older, their mental faculties can become impaired. Alzheimer’s, dementia, senility, can all strike. Music might be able to help avoid some of these ailments.

A twin study showed that musicians were less likely to suffer from cognitive impairments in later life. The NCBI reported that musicians were 64% less likely to develop dementia compared to non-musicians. 

Playing an instrument can help you physically

Depending on what instrument you learn, you could pick up some improvements in physical health.

Drummers are known for having strong and flexible wrists. If you thought that drumming would bring about big muscles, you may be disappointed. Yet there are other physical improvements to be made, including aerobic gains.

Guitarists may get stronger fingers and arm muscles. What they will gain though, is better hand-to-eye coordination.

Playing wind instruments can bring a number of changes also. Core muscles are strengthened, and posture can be improved. Perhaps not surprisingly, playing a wind instrument will strengthen a person’s breathing. 

Wind instruments will help with pressure

These types of instruments will lead the player to understand more about breathing. Of course, it is the player’s breath that gives life to the instrument.

Having more control over breathing patterns, and strengthening this area, may lead to more control in certain situations.

Everyone on some occasion will find themselves in a stressful position. Having the ability to control your breathing can help to remain calm, and alleviate stress. 

It isn’t a hobby that will keep costing you money

Although you may want to learn more instruments or upgrade your equipment, it isn’t always vital. Perhaps you want to buy new guitar pedals, or you feel like adding a drum kit to your practice area.

Even so, anyone looking for a hobby that doesn’t cost much could do worse than play an instrument. Learning anything musical will bring about many benefits.

This can mean, learning something as simple as a harmonica, or trying the ukulele. You don’t need to purchase a Steinway piano, you could find a secondhand keyboard instead. 


Learning a musical instrument might not lead to you becoming one of the richest musicians in the world, but it could still lead to a career.

There are genuine possibilities in the world of music, including teaching, becoming a therapist, or even journalism. Nevertheless, whether you turn professional in some capacity or not, there are a variety of advantages to playing an instrument.

As you have read above, you could end up with improved physical attributes, more confidence, and a wider social circle. You might improve your mental wellness, and you could find certain symptoms of stress and anxiety disappear.

If nothing else, you will have gained a hobby that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

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