15 Great Laycon Quotes (Things Laycon Once Said)

Yay! We bring to you powerful Laycon quotes and sayings about life and hustle that will inspire you and shift your mind!

Laycon is one of the Big Brother Naija Season 5 housemates who hails from from Lagos state.

He is a graduate of the University of Lagos with a degree in Philosophy. Olamilekan Laycon Agbeleshe is his name and he has gone from shame to fame.

On his hustle journey, quotes from Laycon has shown he has seen a lot, experienced challenges, and now he’s turned a celeb and social media influencer with over 900 thousand followers on Instagram.

You can learn more about Laycon net worth and early life in our coming posts. Right now, let’s share with you Laycon quotes that depict his ideologies and philosophies about life.

15 Motivational Laycon Quotes About Life and Hustle

1. “The one’s wey they hustle wey no blow. That guy for your street wey no glow. Those are the people that you owe”Laycon

Laycon quotes

2. “We preach love and move different”Laycon

3. “Sometimes it really just you, yourself, and all your feelings”Laycon quotes

Laycon Quotes

4. “There’s no use worrying about people’s perception of you. Stay true to yourself, that’s the best strategy – you will never forget it”Laycon

Quotes by Laycon about people

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5. “I can’t lie to you. I’m still on my journey. I’m still trying to figure out what part of me they want. Should I be the Laycon they can understand?”Laycon quotes

6. “There’s no use worrying about people’s perception of you. Stay true to yourself, that’s the best strategy – you will never forget it”Laycon

Sayings about people's perception

7. “My motivation na the Sensible feminists, they never preach hate that’s why I will be respecting them”Laycon

Sayings about motivation

8. “When you gossip about other people you are wasting your mind space” – Laycon quotes

9. “There’s no use worrying about people’s perception” – Laycon

Quotes from Laycon

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10. “It is about Time to be “Second” to nobody. I mean it (minute) – Laycon quotes

11. “I’m here to make mistakes and learn. I can do without you people”Laycon

Laycon quotes

12. “Just have sense” – Laycon

13. “You bring pain and sorrow, is that not the devils job?” – Laycon

14. “This message is only for the ones who are the devil’s tools. – Laycon

15. “When you see my hair do you think I’m prone to violence?” – Laycon

Summary of Laycon Quotes

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of Sarkodie quotes about music, hustle, and? Let us know which of these sayings by Laycon impresses you the most.

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