Top 10 Largest Stadiums In The World

10 Largest Stadiums In the World

Which are the largest stadiums in the world today?

Football is a very popular sport around the world and attracts a multitude of fans to stadiums.

It is however worthy to note that while most stadiums might be primarily built for soccer or Football leagues, stadiums serve other purposes such as athletics, wrestling, and all other events requiring huge crowds of people.

Stadiums are constructed with capacity in mind, and this is a major factor we will use in evaluating and ranking the largest stadiums in the world.

The 10 Largest Stadiums In The World

You will be surprised that none of the European stadiums where you watch the Premier League or Champions League feature on our top ten largest stadiums in the world.

So, which stadium makes it to the list of largest stadiums? Come check it out.

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10. Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

This is the 10th largest stadium on this list.

The stadium was dedicated to the war heroes of World War I by the students of the University of Texas.

This stadium has been used by the Longhorn football team since way back in 1924. The stadium is located within the premises of the University of Texas in Austin.

The stadium’s capacity was at least 100,000 people which is outstanding considering the fact that it is owned by a University and not a commercial or private property.

The south end zone is also under reconstruction which by then end of its construction, it’s capacity will be further increased by over at least 10,000 people.

The highest attendance record witnessed at the stadium currently stands at 103,507 people.

9. The Tiger Stadium, Detroit

The Tiger Stadium has undergone a series of reconstruction works to increase its capacity up to the exceptional numbers the stadium clocks at 101,000 people.

Universities in the United States of America sure have some flair about high capacity stadiums as this stadium also belongs to the Louisiana state university, which is quite impressive.

It is popularly referred to as the Death valley by opposing teams that have played in this stadium due to the extreme difficulty of winning against the home team who owns the stadium, which is the LSU Tiger Football team.

Features were added to the stadium and by the start of the season in 2017, a Skyline club with over 1,000 capacity was added on top of the south end zone of the stadium.

This is like a VIP section where you will be able to see everything and everywhere around the stadium. It has a beer service joint and also a buffet service for food and wine at the cost of $20.

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8. Neyland Stadium

At this point, we can ascertain that most of the largest stadiums in the world are located in the United States.

They already have 3 representations on this list and there’s still more to come later in this article.

Neyland stadium is home to the Tennessee volunteers football team in the National football league.

Aside that, the stadium is used for many other purposes due to its large capacity of 102,000 like conferences, making it the 8th largest stadium in the world.

Ever since its first construction in 1921, the stadium has undergone numerous renovations in order to fix or improve its capacity.

The stadium was renamed after the former coach Robert Neyland who coached the team for 26 years between 1926 to 1952. This stadium is also owned by a University in America (University of Tennessee).

7. Kyle Field stadium

The Kyle Field stadium is the second stadium from Texas on this list but from a different institution.

The Kyle Field stadium is located within the premises of the Texas A&M University in college Station. The stadium is the first permanent concrete stadium constructed in 1927.

The stadium’s primarily functions as home to the Texas A&M Aggies football team that plays football in the NFL.

Aside football, athletic events are also held at the venue including track and field events.

The stadium is well known among fans and opposition teams to visit the stadium as one of the most intimidating stadiums due to its size and support of fans of over 102,500.

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6. The Ohio Stadium

This is one stadium owned by the Ohio state university built in order to accommodate as much students of the school as possible.

It was also constructed to serve its community through recreation and sports.

Like many of the other stadiums on this list of largest stadiums, it went through numerous stages of renovations to improve its capacity and to make modifications.

Since it’s opening, it is known as home to the Ohio state Buckeyes football team in the NFL.

The stadium also serves as venue for the spring commencement Ceremony of the school and athletic events through its underground tracks.

It has a capacity of 104,000 people making it one of the world’s largest stadiums.

5. Estadio Azteca

Estadio Azteca is one of the largest stadiums in the world with a capacity reaching 105,000.

The stadium is also iconic due to the stadium being a venue for a lot of historic events in history. Primarily, it serves as the home venue for the football team Cruz Azul and also the Mexican national team.

It has been host to different sporting events and concerts as it is the largest in Mexico. The stadium was host to two editions of the FIFA World cup in 1970 and 1986.

The stadium was also witness to two of the most iconic players to ever grace the game of football in Pele and Maradona (who created the ‘hand of God goal’). It also hosted the women world cup in 1968 and 1971.

Aside football, Estadio Azteca hosts several National football league games and also international concerts such as the Jackson 5 which was spearheaded by Michael Jackson.

It is obviously one of the most significant stadiums around the world today.

4. Beaver Stadium

Popularly known for its tough atmosphere on opposing teams during collegiate athletic events, Beaver stadium is one of the largest stadiums.

This mega sporting center is within the premises of the Pennsylvania state university functioning as the home venue for the NFL team Penn state Nittany lions. It has a massive capacity of 110,500 people.

The stadium got its name from the ex governor of Pennsylvania, James Beaver who served in office from 1887 to 1991.

The stadium recently won the honors for the best stadium in the United States after a poll was conducted, winning over 41% of the total votes.

The stadium is popularly known for its in-game features such as tailgating, white-out, zombie Nation, Nittanyville, and other beautiful sights on display inside the stadium.

3. Michigan Stadium

Despite its capacity of a whopping 113,009 people, the Michigan stadium had been able to pull in crowds of over 115,000 people during a football game.

It has been home venue to the NFL team, the wolverine ever since its unveiling.

To date, this stadium has witnessed over a thousand games within its walls. Popularly referred to as the Big house in America, it is obviously the 3rd largest stadium in the world.

Since it’s unveiling, the big house has broken a lot of attendance record ever seen in a single football game and is forecasted to improve in capacity to up to 150,000 in the not distant future.

Aside it’s use for NFL games, the stadium is also the venue for graduation ceremonies of the Michigan University.

Other uses of the stadium include its use as a venue for the 2014 National hockey league games. Also, some of the richest footballers in the world have played in this stadium.

For example, the Champions League cup match between Real Madrid and Manchester was held in this stadium and it pulled a record crowd of almost 110,000 fans.

2. Salt Lake stadium

This stadium was built to be one of the largest stadiums in the world considering the huge population of the people of India.

It has a capacity of over 120, 000 people, making it the second largest stadium in the world, and is predicted for further expansion to almost 150,000 fans in the future.

The stadium is majorly used as venue for soccer games and it has hosted lots of historic events such as the 1986 FIFA World cup qualifiers, the women’s world cup and it is also the home venue for the Indian super league teams Mohun Bagan and East Bengal.

The stadium has some aesthetic features like electronic metal tubes and scoreboards and illuminates at night.

Rungrado 1st of May stadium

Rungrado 1st of May stadium is the largest stadium in the world by quite some distance as it has been able to hold over 155,000 fans at a single event.

The stadium is located on Rungra Island in North Korea and covers an astounding 51 acres of land.

The stadium serves a lot of purposes but the vision while the stadium was being built was to contain as much people as possible to allow more people witness historical events that will be staged in it.

The stadium has featured artistic events, musical concerts, gymnastics, wrestling, and martial arts. Only a few football games have been played on this ground.

Conclusion On Largest Stadiums

You must be surprised to see that most popular stadiums have no place on this list. The likes of the Nou Camp of Barcelona is the closest with a capacity of over 95,000 fans.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10blargest stadiums in the world:

  1. Rungrado 1st May Stadium
  2. Salt Lake Stadium
  3. Michigan Stadium
  4. Beaver Stadium
  5. Estadio Azteca
  6. The Ohio Stadium
  7. Kyle Field Stadium
  8. Neyland Stadium
  9. The Tiger Stadium, Detroit
  10. Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

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