45 Notable Kyle Walker Quotes (Things Walker Once Said)

Kyle Walker Quotes about life and football

We bring to you interesting and notable Kyle Walker quotes about life, hustle, determination, soccer, and success for 2024. For example, in a game against Westham football club, he once said “We don’t plan for the future. We plan for the present

Kyle Andrew Walker is an English professional footballer who plays as a right-back for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team.

Kyle Walker inspires many people not only footballers but also everybody with a desire to succeed. Kyle Walker’s net worth is proof that he is a successful football player. He started from the bottom and made it to the top.

What kept him going in the face of difficult times? What kept him motivated to achieve his dream? In this collection of Kyle Walker quotes, you’ll learn more about him.

Kyle Walker Quotes about Soccer and life

Kyle Walker Quotes About Life and Football

1. “I’ve got an England shirt hung up in my house from when I was an unused sub against Denmark. I cherish that.” ― Kyle Walker”I just want to learn and try to be the best player I can be.”― Kyle Walker

2. “I’ll always be thankful to Villa for giving me the chance to play first-team football regularly.”― Kyle Walker

3. I want to play right-back. I have worked my whole life to get to where I am now in a World Cup squad and to showcase my talent in the World Cup stage, playing in my position.”― Kyle Walker

4. “It was disappointing to be left out of the Premier League line-up, but it was a reality check to sit back and look on the bench.”― Kyle Walker

5. “You probably learn more on the bench.”― Kyle Walker quotes

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6. “I’m not looking into the future. I take every game as it comes, and as long as I am on the pitch and playing football, that is what keeps me happy.”― Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker Quotes about soccer

7. “When I’m out and about or walking my dogs, United fans are coming up to me saying, ‘we’d rather City win the league than Liverpool.’ It’s strange to hear, but I can assure you the united players aren’t going to leave a red carpet and say, ‘Go on, City, score past us.’”― Kyle Walker

8. “I like to think I’m a grown-up, but it’s just nice you can have a civil conversation with your boss – Kyle Walker

9. “You’re both on the same page, and you’ve had a text, not about football, just about golf.”― Kyle Walker

10. “I watched Pablo Zabaleta countless times on YouTube and clips, because I think his timing of runs into the box is fantastic.”― Kyle Walker

11. “I’m all about assists; I’m not really greedy.”― Kyle Walker quotes

12. “I don’t want to score; as long as I set people up and then they get the goals, that’s all I’m bothered about.”― Kyle Walker

13. “Every game is important.”― Kyle Walker

14. “The Manchester City fans have their opinion on the Champions League. It is down to us, as players, to create the atmosphere in there and help the fans.”― Kyle Walker

15. “It’s better to play football with a smile on your face.”― Kyle Walker quotes

16. “For us, as players, I am concentrating on the game rather than worrying about the fans, but obviously, you do want the atmosphere – when you do go to certain grounds, it is difficult to play there when you have got the atmosphere, the fans are right on their side.”― Kyle Walker

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17. “Working under Pep Guardiola, a chance like that doesn’t come along too often. That’s no disrespect to Mauricio Pochettino, but the people that Pep has worked with grow as players.”― Kyle Walker

18. “I gambled when I left QPR to go to Aston Villa half-way through the season when we were winning every Championship game, and that paid off. You just get a sense inside you, and you have to go.”― Kyle Walker

19. “I was unfortunate at Tottenham.”― Kyle Walker

20. “I am not going to sit here and disrespect Tottenham one bit because what they have done for me over the years is fantastic, and I am more than grateful. The way they have made the stepping stones in the right direction over the years I have been there is crazy.”― Kyle Walker

21. “Sometimes you need to come out of your comfort zone a little bit.”― Kyle Walker

22. “It’s always hard to sleep after a night game.”― Kyle Walker

23. “You have to remember that professional football is a job, too, and some people have to get results on the pitch to pay to live.” ― Kyle Walker quotes

24. “If you’re lucky enough to get into a Premier League or Championship team straight away, well done to you, but I feel really grateful for the experience that I had at the lower end.”― Kyle Walker

25. “It’s always nice to see familiar faces.”― Kyle Walker

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26. “It’s a big part of my game, attacking.”― Kyle Walker

27. “I want to improve as a player, but it’s all about the team.”― Kyle Walker

28. “I’m going to repay my mum so much because she has kept my feet on the ground.”― Kyle Walker

Quotes from Kyle Walker

29. “I don’t go throwing money about – if I did, I think my mum and dad would be on my back because that’s not the way I’ve been brought up.”― Kyle Walker

30. “Once I remember shouting, ‘Mum, can I get a pound for an ice cream?’ and she said, ‘I haven’t got a pound, Kyle.’ People take so much for granted, but I will never forget that.”― Kyle Walker quotes

31. “I’ve come a long way from the area where I grew up in Sheffield. It’s been a journey, but I’ve fully enjoyed it.”― Kyle Walker

32. “My boy always wants to play football, but I have to hide the balls. I lock them in a bedroom; otherwise, he will just kick them all night!”― Kyle Walker

33. “Having a two-year-old son is challenging, and my missus is only 21, so we’re both young, and it is difficult.”― Kyle Walker

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34. “I have justified why I wanted to come to Manchester City because I have won trophies and improved.”― Kyle Walker

35. “I’m just me. Just Kyle from Sheffield. That’s all I see myself as.”― Kyle Walker quotes

36. “I’m a sucker for ‘Jeremy Kyle,’ sad as it sounds. I just go home and watch that, or whatever the missus is watching.”― Kyle Walker

37. “Its always good to go above a local rival.”― Kyle Walker

38. “I am thrilled to be signing for City and can’t wait to get started.”― Kyle Walker

39. “They say that the best form of defense is attack, but maybe I have to take a look at how I defend.”― Kyle Walker

40. “I grew up on a council estate when I was younger.”― Kyle Walker

41. “I want to be the best in the world – everyone wants to be the best in the world – and that’s what I want to strive to do.”― Kyle Walker

42. “I needed to prove to myself – to the manager, to the fans, even to my mum and dad – that I’m not just an average player.”― Kyle Walker quotes

43. “I’m probably my biggest critic.”― Kyle Walker

44. “I’m a perfectionist. I want everything done right. When it’s not done right, I’m not happy.”― Kyle Walker

45. “I think it’s the same for everyone in any walk of life – if people put you down, you want to prove a point.”― Kyle Walker

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