Korede Bello Net Worth,Age, Career & Biography 2023

Korede Bello Net Worth and Biography

What is Korede Bello net worth?

Korede Bello Net Worth:$1.1 Million
Born:February 29, 1996
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Education:Nigerian Institute of Journalism
Source of Wealth:Music, Endorsements
1st Hit Project:“Godwin” (2015)

Let’s introduce you to a true gem of Nigerian music, Korede Bello. Born on February 29, 1996, Korede’s musical journey started at a young age in Lagos, Nigeria.

You may know him for his captivating melodies, but did you know his full name is Korede Bello Godwin? That’s right, a name as distinctive as his music.

Now, one might say Korede was destined to be an artist, given his fascination with music since his childhood. His unique style, which beautifully fuses pop and African sounds, was born from the inspiration he drew from various genres of music he listened to growing up.

Before the fame, he completed his high school education and didn’t let his rising career interfere with his pursuit of a higher degree.

Bello is best known for his hit single “Godwin”, a semi-gospel and pop song that became a national anthem and topped many music charts across Nigeria.

As a charismatic young singer, Korede rose to prominence after signing with Mavin Records in 2014. Remember the hit single ‘Dorobucci,’ in which he featured along with label mates?

That song rocketed him to stardom. It’s incredible to see how his talent has continued to evolve and captivate audiences across the globe.

So, whether you’ve followed his journey since the ‘Dorobucci’ days or just recently discovered his infectious music, there’s no denying Korede Bello’s influence in the African music industry.

His journey is a testimony to the power of passion and hard work, a story of a young boy from Lagos who dared to dream big and turned his dreams into reality. Now, isn’t that something to be inspired by?

How interesting it is to learn more about Korede Bello net worth, although he’s not on the list of the top 10 richest Nigerian musicians.

Korede Bello’s Net Worth and Highlights

As of today, Korede bello is worth an estimated $1.1 million dollars. Below are some of his highlights.

  • Indigenous & Revelation of the year at Tush All Youth Awards 2011.
  • Most wanted Artiste at Hype Awards 2012.
  • R&B Single (Male) at Yem Awards 2012.
  • Young Promoter of Cultural Heritage at The Gong Africa News Magazine 2012.
  • Most Promising Music Act to Watch at the Nigeria Teen Choice Awards 2014.
  • Best Song of the Year “Godwin” at the 4th Annual Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards 2015.
  • Best Pop Single “Godwin at the Headies 2015.
  • Pop Artiste of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards 2016.
  • Best Contemporary Afro Video “Godwin” the 9th Nigeria Music Video Awards 2016.

Early Life

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Korede Bello began his life journey in this vibrant city, finishing his early schooling here. His unique name, ‘Korede,’ translates to ‘Harvest’ in English, symbolizing prosperity.

Ever since he was a small child, Korede had a natural inclination towards music, dance, and all forms of performance arts. The captivating rhythm and melody of the guitar enthralled him, inspiring him to self-learn the instrument, a testament to his deep-rooted passion for music.

Korede set foot into the world of professional music at the tender age of 7, originally adopting the stage name ‘African Prince’. However, upon signing with Don Jazzy and joining his crew, he decided to embrace his birth name, Korede Bello, as his stage moniker.

During his primary schooling years, Korede formed a music group with a friend, a collaboration that led to his first ever song. He later pursued a higher education in Mass Communication at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, where he earned a higher National Diploma certificate.

In addition, Korede is an Associate Member of the Institute of Information Management.

His personal life also grabbed media attention when rumors of his romantic involvement with the Nigerian President’s daughter emerged. However, Korede clarified during an interview that they are merely close friends, quashing all speculations.


Korede Bello’s professional foray into music started while he was still in secondary school, recording songs in the studio and eventually releasing his debut single “Forever”.

Korede’s supportive parents, especially his father who bought him his first guitar and funded his inaugural studio session, played a key role in nurturing his passion for music.

Korede cites 2Face Idibia and Asa as his music role models, finding his niche in soul music. His initial success with “Forever” garnered him the attention of Casmir Uwaegbute, his manager, who introduced him to Mavin Records’ Don Jazzy.

It was after then that he recorded songs like “African Princess” and “Godwin”. You can download his songs on any of these 10 best Nigerian music websites.

His music is often influenced by icons like 2Face Idibia and Michael Jackson, whose style can be seen reflected in Korede’s wardrobe choices.

Korede’s musical success took off with hits like “African Princess” and “Dorobucci”, cementing his status as a promising young artist in Nigeria.

His fans, endearingly termed as “Bellovers”, often compare him to Justin Bieber, earning him the nickname “African Justin Bieber”.

In addition to his music career, Korede distinguishes himself as a philanthropist, contributing financially to numerous organizations and participating in various awareness campaigns.

His faith also plays a significant role in his life, frequently expressing gratitude for his blessings.

He won his first major award in 2014, bagging the Most Promising Artist title at the Nigerian Teen Choice Awards. The following year, he secured an endorsement deal with GLO Telecom Company, significantly boosting his net worth.

  • In 2016 his hit song “Do Like That” was certified gold in Canada
  • Korede released his debut album titled Belloved in 2017.

Despite a busy music career, Korede prioritized his education, earning a Higher National Diploma from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism in 2017.

His dedication to music and education, along with his philanthropic activities, has significantly added to his wealth, visible in his collection of luxury cars, including a Chevrolet Corvette 2017 model valued at N30 million.

 He exited the Mavin record label in 2021.

In 2021, Korede Bello was credited a Gold Certification Award from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for his hit single “Do Like That”, which at the time became the highest-certified digital single of all time for him and the Label Mavin Records.

Also in 2022, he was awarded the Gold Award Certified in Canada

In one of Korede Bello’s quotes, he said; “Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more”.

Life Lessons

Here are some lessons from Korede Bello.

  • Maintain your Uniqueness

According to Korede Bello, his style of music is called “sweet music”, not R&B, not hip-hop; he does “sweet music”.

The content of the message also defines the type of music. Whether it preaches love and peace, music is an expression and the message in your expression is all that matters.

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  • Challenges are not always a barrier or limitations

Some challenges occur to be a blessing. He said: “I encountered many but I’m very thankful to God that every one of them has been a lesson that is even helping me now, especially on a bigger platform”.

It is an opportunity to prepare you going further and doing exploits.

  • Aim Higher

Never get satisfied with your achievement, there is room to always get better day after day.

Korede Bello, after his achievement in the music industry, never stopped there. He still went further in his education to study Mass Communication. Now, he is an Associate Member of the Institute of Information Management.

Summary of Korede Bello Net Worth

With a career spanning over a decade in the Nigerian music industry, Korede Bello has established himself as a leading figure in the Afropop scene.

His music success coupled with lucrative endorsements, such as the one with GLO Telecom, has significantly boosted his net worth.

He also enjoys the luxuries of his hard-earned success, boasting a collection of luxury cars including a N30 million Chevrolet Corvette.

Despite his fortune, Korede remains grounded in his faith and dedicated to philanthropy, using his wealth and influence to make a difference.

As of 2023, the talented artist’s net worth is estimated at around $1.1 million.

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