55 Notable Kevin De Bruyne Quotes About Soccer

Kevin De Bruyne quotes and sayings

We bring to you 55 notable Kevin De Bruyne quotes and sayings about life and football in this post.

De Bruyne is a professional football player of Belgian roots who play in the EPL for Manchester City.

One of the solid stars in the Belgian national football team and in the English domestic league, Kevin De Bruyne’s agility, technical tackling, skilful playmaking abilities and an ironclad determination to succeed has seen him rise as one of the best football players in the world.

Kevin De Bruyne net worth is proof that he’s a success. He is one of the highest-paid footballers in the English Premier League, and of course, one of the top players.

In this article, we share with you 60 notable Kevin De Bruyne quotes and sayings about soccer, life, determination, and success.

50 Kevin De Bruyne Quotes About Life and Football

1. “A life of anybody is not perfect; there is always things that happen, and that is what makes it interesting.” – Kevin De Bruyne

2. “I always like to assist more than scoring: it gives me another feeling; I cannot explain it.” – Kevin De Bruyne

3. “When you score, it’s a great feeling, but to give a great pass means it’s something special for me. It’s very under-rated what we do.” – Kevin De Bruyne

4. “You have to show you have ambition as a team, as a group of players; show you want to win. Otherwise, in my opinion, you can’t win a tournament.” – Kevin De Bruyne quotes

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5. “In the end, for me, football is still a game. Even if you are a professional, you need to have fun when you are on the field. If you don’t enjoy your job, you don’t have fun.” – Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne quotes about football

6. “Money is important, but the most important thing for me is to play football, and then I’m happy. OK, you want to earn a good amount of money to be secure, but if I chose money, I would go to Russia and already have a lot more. I like to play football, and that is it.” – Kevin De Bruyne

7. “Whoever is on the bench always says he isn’t playing enough. I work hard and try to do my best. And I try to show on the pitch, even when I only get five minutes, that I can do something.” – Kevin De Bruyne

8. “There are always new challenges in football. You just need to adapt; otherwise, you won’t fit in. And if you don’t fit in, then you will have to go somewhere else.” – Kevin De Bruyne quotes

9. “I am a big NBA fan, where a lot of players play on physicality.” – Kevin De Bruyne

10. “My favorite team is Liverpool. My favorite player is Michael Owen, and I would like to play there.” – Kevin De Bruyne

11. “I try to look up as quickly as possible, try to read the situation, but football is so quick, it’s just a split-second, and then you decide.” – Kevin De Bruyne

12. “I don’t agree that we have to win the Champions League to be a success.” – Kevin De Bruyne

13. “United are one of the biggest clubs in the country. They’re a massive team; they want to win the title. They spent a lot of money, like a lot of the big teams.” – Kevin De Bruyne

14. “I don’t want anyone to get injured. It’s a competition: you want to play against the best teams and the best players.” – Kevin De Bruyne

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15. “I think the goal is to win everything. Whatever we can reach is nice to take.” – Kevin De Bruyne

16. “I am a fighter. I learned it at Genk in my first year when we were fighting against going down. Also, at Bremen last year, it was very difficult. We had to fight more often than not. I will fight again to earn my place.” – Kevin De Bruyne

17. “The way we play is the way every team want to play, but not a lot of teams can play that amazing way.” – Kevin De Bruyne quotes

18. “It’s probably better for me to play 40 or 45 games and occasionally be rested and therefore still be full of energy at the end of the season.” – Kevin De Bruyne

19. “There is no such thing as pressing on your own. You need to know where to stand, and you have to coordinate that with the whole team together.” – Kevin De Bruyne

20. “I am not somebody who spends a lot of money in my life. I keep it for later when I want to do something – for vacations – because we don’t have a lot of time off.” – Kevin De Bruyne

21. “I’m not the most open player; I’m not the biggest clown. I just like going into the dressing room easy.” – Kevin De Bruyne quotes

22. “If you do an outside spin with the ball, it’s more difficult to control it, so I try to pass it in a way that allows them to take the ball quicker in their path. That way, they may have more of an advantage to score or create themselves.” – Kevin De Bruyne

23. “I had played in the Mercurial since my teens, but once I had tried out the Magista 2 a few times, I was ready to make a change. It is light, so I can cover all the ground I need to, but gives me a feel for the ball that’s right for my game.” – Kevin De Bruyne

24. “At the highest level, a discussion can be good sometimes to get everyone back on their toes.” – Kevin De Bruyne

25. “Playing me in different positions helped me to get in the head of the others players: to know what they’re thinking, where and how they are going to move.” – Kevin De Bruyne quotes

26. “Obviously, everyone needs to find a system and playing style that suits you more.” – Kevin De Bruyne

27. “You’ve always six teams who are trying to win the title, and the other five have failed. But by word of saying it, it’s not failing; it’s just the way it is. The last two years, we didn’t win it, so it wasn’t good enough, but if now we win it, the other teams will say the same.” – Kevin De Bruyne

28. “It’s our way to prepare for games: the music is on before the game and after, so it’s not like because we won we’re going to change it. It’s just because it’s the thing we do; it’s the thing that gets us relaxed, maybe.” – Kevin De Bruyne

29. “I always try to manage the ball in a way that can help the way my teammates receive it.” – Kevin De Bruyne quotes

30. “Obviously, Guardiola is a great coach. It’s what I expected from the beginning. His style has always been there. It has little small changes every now and then because I think he also wants to evolve as a trainer by trying new things to get better.” – Kevin De Bruyne

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31. “I am used to playing in six different positions in my career, so that’s not an issue for me. I have always changed positions, and I don’t expect any different. It’s all the same to me. It’s all about the way you interpret it.” – Kevin De Bruyne

32. “David Silva – he’s constantly played very well for 13 or 14 years now, and to do that is a hard task. I know what he went through last year with his son, too, but to maintain that even then is incredible. He’s a very good human being, and he’s an unbelievable player.” – Kevin De Bruyne quotes

33. “There’s a lot of money coming in, and so a lot of good players are going to each team, so every game is a fight, but on the other hand, it’s good to get a good, competitive league.” – Kevin De Bruyne

34. “When I was little, I was always going to the goal. I’ve always wanted to score and create something, and I think it’s always been within me to play offensively.” – Kevin De Bruyne

35. “As a kid, I mostly played as a No 10. When I was really young, I played as a striker. But I grew a lot when I was older, and when I was 15, 16, I had a big growth, and so I changed a little bit and became slower.” – Kevin De Bruyne

36. “When you score, it is obviously a great feeling, but to give a great pass is also something special for me. I think it is also very under-rated sometimes, what we do.” – Kevin De Bruyne

37. “The goals we get against are not really that people outplay us. I think it’s the mistakes we make. It’s when we have the ball at the back, we lose a few balls sometimes – that’s also the risk with the way we play. It’s not like they created the chance. We make two mistakes, and then we get the goals against.” – Kevin De Bruyne

38. “Obviously, I try to play the game in the way that I can help the team. I know I play a little bit more defensively now, more in the role as a team player, but I think I’m doing really well in that.” – Kevin De Bruyne quotes

39. “People are looking a lot at statistics and all these things, but in the end, I don’t really care. If we can win more games than last year where I score less, I will be really happy. And maybe if we can win a few titles, that’s the bonus.” – Kevin De Bruyne

40. “If I see someone I think is in a better position than me, it is better for me to give the ball. Now I shoot more at goal. When I was young, they sometimes said to me, ‘You need to shoot more. You try to give it too much.’ It is something that I learned. To try to take the best option.” – Kevin De Bruyne

41. “I try to remain the same player and person that I am all the time. Eventually, you grow up and think a little bit differently. But the core of the mind and the person is still the same as before. It is one of the main characteristics that it is important for me to stay the same.” – Kevin De Bruyne

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42. “When we are playing, the whole country is behind us, and that gives us a good feeling. We are almost half and half. We are from everywhere. In the end, we are doing well as a team, and we love it when we hear the game is sold out in five minutes. That’s the reason you play.” – Kevin De Bruyne

43. “Belgium has a very good team. There are dozens of teams that say we want to become the world champions.

44. “When you’re part of a World Cup, it’s always now or never.” – Kevin De Bruyne

45. “As a player, perhaps you have the chance to take part in a World Cup or a European Championship twice or three times in a lifetime. Other competitions, you have another match three days later. Here, it’s different: we know we’re out if we don’t win.” – Kevin De Bruyne

46. “I was nineteen when I signed and then worked with three managers and just didn’t play that much.” – Kevin De Bruyne quotes

47. “Everyone needs to be in a position to create the openings we have. We like to play a lot where you pass the ball forward and it comes back, because it makes it easier for us to attack, because the midfielders have to turn round.” – Kevin De Bruyne

48. “Mostly as a No 10. When I was really young, I played as a striker, but I grew a lot when I was 15 or 16.” – Kevin De Bruyne

49. “Sometimes you just square the ball, and somebody else shoots, but some assists are so nice, and the passing is very important. We creators have a thing with the attackers.” – Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne quotes about assist

50.”Pogba’s a massive player. I know him a little bit. He’s unbelievable. He took a red card, and that’s the way it goes: you have injuries and suspensions.” – Kevin De Bruyne

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51. “There will be ups and downs. Other teams will adapt to us, but everything will be OK in the end. We know we have to learn everything perfectly for this to work.” – Kevin De Bruyne

52. “There is hard work involved, and maybe many people wouldn’t like that. But for the best teams in the world who can do that without losing too many points, then it’s just great.” – Kevin De Bruyne quotes

53. “It is a big title to win, but in the Champions League, you don’t need to have the consistency that you need in the league.

54. “In the league, if you have a bad spell, then you are running behind.

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