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Kcee Net Worth

What is KCEE net worth?

Kcee Net Worth:$5 Million
Born:April 18, 1979
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Education:University of Nigeria (NNSUKA)
Source of Wealth:Music, Endorsements
1st Hit Project:“Limpopo” (2013)

Allow me to introduce you to a gem in Nigeria’s music scene – Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, better known by his stage name Kcee.

Born in Ajegunle, Lagos, on April 18, 1979, Kcee’s path to stardom has been filled with tenacity, talent, and a constant desire to entertain.

As a dynamic part of the music duo Kc Presh, Kcee was a standout, showing his musical flair and stage charisma. The group became a household name after winning the Star Quest talent show in 2002.

However, after over a decade of collaboration, Kcee decided to take on the music world solo, marking a new chapter in his career.

Since stepping into the limelight on his own, Kcee has delivered one hit after another, blending Afropop and highlife into his signature sound.

His debut solo album “Takeover” featuring hits like “Limpopo” and “Pull Over,” solidified his status as a powerhouse in the Nigerian music industry.

So whether you’re a fan of Nigerian music or new to the scene, Kcee is certainly an artist to watch. His journey from a humble beginning to a celebrated music career is a testament to his talent and tenacity, and a vivid example of what dedication to one’s passion can achieve.

However, his songs are great and party-like. His Limpopo single still lingers in the heart of Nigerians, So as his latest hit song in 2023 ‘Ojapioano’.

Let’s learn more about Kcee’s net worth, early life, career, and achievements.

KCEE Net Worth and Highlights

As of today, Kcee net worth is estimated to be $5 Million dollars, but he’s not ranked as one of the Top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria. Still, he’s net worth is worth talking about.

Here are some of his highlights:

  • Best Collaboration.
  • Most Promising Act 2002.
  • Best South-South Artist 2006.
  • Best Akwa Cross Artist 2006.
  • Limpopo was named Song of the Year at the Headies 2013.
  • Limpopo was nominated for the Most Gifted Dance Video at Channel O Music Video Awards 2014.
  • The takeover was nominated at the Headies as the Best R&B/Pop Album 2014.
  • Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year at the Headies 2014.
  • Nominated at the Headies as the Artiste of the Year 2014.

You can download any of KCEE’s songs on any of these ten best Nigerian music websites, or choose to listen to them.


Born on April 18, 1979, Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, widely recognized as Kcee, came into the world in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria. His father, a passionate disc jockey, undoubtedly passed on the music bug to Kcee, despite his initial aspiration to become a professional football player.

Kcee hails from Uli in Anambra State, but spent his formative years in Lagos State. Known for maintaining a veil of privacy over his personal life, from relationships to investments, Kcee has always managed to keep the spotlight focused on his music.

His humble beginnings spurred his drive to work tirelessly, propelling him to the esteemed status he enjoys today as a highly successful artist.

He reflects on his early days, revealing that he had to balance his high school education with odd jobs on the tough streets of Ajegunle.

The life struggle in Ajegunle was tangible, leaving no room for idleness. It was a fight for survival, and survival often meant going hungry.

In his quest to make ends meet, Kcee once found himself selling furniture. However, destiny had bigger plans for him. Notably, Kcee’s younger brother is the affluent E-money, currently heading Five Star Music, a venture in which Kcee also holds a significant stake.


Initially, Kcee, or Kingsley, had his eyes set on stardom, albeit on the soccer field, not the music stage. He had a passion for football and dreamt of making it big as a professional player.

In his youth, he played for two local football clubs, “Julius Berger” and “Puma”. It’s an intriguing thought – if he had pursued football, would Kcee’s name be on the list of Africa’s richest footballers today?

However, his path veered towards music, and today, Kcee’s net worth is a testament to his success, a goal that many young aspirants strive for.

The turning point came when Kingsley joined his church choir. Initially, it was just a fun activity, but soon, he realized his love for singing. As the son of a professional DJ, he was already well-versed in a multitude of music genres and compositions.

In 1999, Kcee’s professional musical journey began alongside his close friend and partner, Precious John, better known as Presh. For 12 years, from 1999 to 2011, they worked together, gaining recognition and accolades along the way. Interestingly, their paths first crossed in a local church choir in Lagos in 1999.

A strong friendship and professional partnership blossomed, leading them to win the Star Quest TV Reality Show together.

Kcee and Presh signed a promising record deal with “Kennis Music”, Nigeria’s leading record label at the time, headed by Keke Ogunbe and Dayo Adeneye “D1”.

They later chose to branch out, establishing their own label, “KP Records”. This name was later changed to “Blingz Records”, under which they released an album titled “No Time”, featuring the hit single “Shokori Bobo” in 2008.

Despite their joint success, the duo’s journey came to an end in 2011 after twelve years in the Nigerian music industry. Irreconcilable differences led them to decide that it was in their best interest to part ways and pursue solo careers.

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In 2013, Kcee teamed up with his brother Emeka Okonkwo who is also known as E-Money to set up a new music label “The Five Star Music Label” under which he released about nine of his singles that included the street anthem “Limpopo”.

This particular song catapulted Kcee’s career to greater heights as it moved crowds, won several awards and made him more famous all over Nigeria and Africa as he travelled different places to perform the sought after single.

The song “Limpopo” ranked top at the MTV music chart and was banging in several clubs, TV and radio stations all over Nigeria.

The music video of the hit song “Limpopo” was later released in late 2013.  The music video of the hit song “Limpopo” made him a public figure and earned him a nomination for Next Rated at the Headies Awards, Most Gifted Dance Video at the Channel O Music Video Awards and Song of the Year at the Headies Awards.

Also in 2013, he released his debut album “Take Over”. For many of the songs featured on this album, he collaborated with great Nigerian artistes, including Wizkid, Timaya, D’Banj, Phyno, Davido, Don Jazzy, Flavour N’abania, and many others.

After that, the career of Kcee started going up. He got a lot of nominations at such award ceremonies as the Headies, and won the Hip Hop World Revelation of the year with his song “Take Over”.

His major singles as a solo artist are: Pull Over (2013), Limpopo (2013), Ogadinma (2013), Hakuna Matata (2013), Tender (2016), Stand by You (2016), Tinana (2016).

In 2017, he produced his latest debut album, “Attention to Detail”.

Kcee net worth started going up as he has signed a lot of profitable endorsement contracts. He signed a multi-millionaire deal with MTN. Another profitable deal of his was signed with the company “Magnum” and “Air Peace Airline”.

He was also appointed as Nigeria’s Peace Ambassador by the former first lady, Patience Jonathan.

Though, Kcee is a private person who does not like talking about his marriage publicly because for him, it is a private matter.

Lately, it became the public knowledge that Kcee has a gorgeous wife. It was shocking to the fans because the singer was claiming that he is single for many years.

However, recently, he and his wife Ijeoma Oduah-Okonkwo, who is an event decorator, celebrated the eighth anniversary of their wedding.

Apart from his music career and endorsement deals, Kcee net worth also includes his cars and houses.

Kcee bought his first car – a Mercedes Benz 190, with the earnings from the Star Quest TV Reality Show.

However, buzznigeria.com stated in 2018, that Kcee bought 4 additional cars, all painted in gold. Kcee’s younger brother also bought him a Mercedes Benz G-wagon, as a birthday gift.

In addition to all his flamboyant cars, Kcee has a very exotic mansion that is the envy of most of his fans.

Kcee’s luxurious lifestyle is known to everyone a revealed in an interview that his most valuable fashion piece is his stud earrings. He has numerous stud earrings, including one that is worth over a million naira.

In 2020, Kcee captivated fans with his first single of the year, “Sweet Mary J”. Fast-forwarding to June 2023, he took the music scene by storm with his latest chart-topper, “Ojapiano”.

This innovative track artfully marries the distinct sounds of Oja, a music form native to the Igbos in South East Nigeria, with the infectious Amapiano beats, a popular South African genre.

The song is a spirit ginger, that is one of the reason why it is among the most used song on TikTok and some other platforms.

In one of the collections of KCEE quotes, he said; “Don’t pay attention to people who don’t celebrate your victories. They’ll be the ones to create hashtags when you fail or die. Be careful, be smart, love yourself, and love those who love you! Real friends are hard to come by”. – KCEE

How much does KCEE make

Some of the life and hustle lessons you’ll learn from Kcee are:

  • Be persistent and dedicated: Kcee’s passion for good music fuels his desire to do more, and the result is evident in the quality of the music he produces.
  • Be prayerful: Kcee is a prayerful person who always puts God first. So, in essence, trust God, be dedicated, and be passionate.
  • Persistence and Hard work: Judging by Kcee’s low life at his early stage, he was determined to make a difference, he strove for success hook, line, and sinker and he worked towards achieving his dream.

KCEE Net Worth (Summary)

Born and bred in Lagos, Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, better known as Kcee, is a testament to the life-changing power of music.

Making waves in the Nigerian music industry with his unique fusion of Afro-pop and highlife, Kcee has amassed a net worth of $5 million, cementing his status as one of the wealthiest artists in the Nigerian music scene.

His journey from a humble background to the upper echelons of the music industry is nothing short of inspiring. His financial success is not just a testament to his musical talent, but also his business acumen and relentless hustle.

His significant net worth, accumulated through music sales, lucrative endorsements, and shrewd investments, underscores the fact that Kcee is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

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