KashKash Loan App Review – All You Need to Know

KashKash loan app review

Ever heard of KashKash loan app? If you’re looking for that extra cash to help you off the edge, tired of visiting financial institutions like banks and mortgage banks looking for loans and being rejected, then Kash Kash loans could be the way.

With kashkash app, you can get instant loans to help with whatever you need without collateral or stressing out at financial institutions only to be rejected.

We bring to you a quick review of another app on the list of loan apps in Nigeria.

Quick Dislaimer: We are not KashKash loan company; the information provided is for information purposes and personal opinion based on what we’ve tried with the app. Note that KashKash Loan has one of the highest interest rates. In fact, some have claimed that KashKash is a scam.

What Is Kashkash Loan App?

Kashkash app is a Nigerian loan app that offers flexible loan in Nigeria.

Kashkash offers flexible loans in two categories

Super loans and Best loans.

The loan company tries to provide easy and flexible ways for Nigerians to afford loans with low-interest rates to all so aim repayment.

But is the interest rate really low?

With no collateral or excess documentation, kashkash offers a simple and easy platform for Nigerians looking for loans to help in what so ever they have at hand.

Kashkash Interest Rates

Just like Okash App, Kashkash offers a huge interest rate when it comes to online loan applications in Nigeria, ranging from 0.1% to 30% interest rate.

With different origination fees and different interest rates. With an origination fee of NGN 1,174 to NGN 6,000, for one-time charges.

Having an annual interest rate of about 36.5% to 300% which is always calculated daily. Using a 90days loan as an example, a 90 days loan has an origination fee of 39% and an interest rate of 2.7%.

Requirement to Get a Loan

Before getting a loan from Kash Kash, you have to meet the eligibility requirement needed by Kash Kash. Below are the eligibility requirements for getting a loan from Kash Kash.

  • You have to be a citizen of Nigeria before you can get a loan
  • You have to be above the age of 22 and not more than 55 years to be afforded a loan.
  • You have to have a stable source of income and an income worth a certain amount to get a loan

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How to Get a Loan

Before getting a loan from the app, certain steps and criteria must be observed and carried out. Bellow are the steps to take in order to get a loan.

  • Download the app

You can not apply for a loan if you do not have the kashkash application installed on your mobile device.

Go to play store or app store, search for the app and click the download or get the button to install Kash Kash on your device.

  • Registration

After download, you need to have a profile with kashkash in order to be recognized and afforded a loan.

The registration need certain requirements, phone number, email, username, password, bank details and also your contact details.


After registration, you need to be logged in to the application to be able to apply for the loan which you need. To login, all you need is your username and password which you used to register.

  • Details

After registration and login, you will be prompted to fill in all the required information which will make you eligible for the loan which you are applying for.

Finally if approved, your loan will be sent directly into your bank account.

Is kashkash Legit or Scam?

Asking me the question if kashkash is legit or scam is asking a star apple seller if his or her star apple is sweet.

I tried KashKash loan app, and received funds, and I also repaid. I must say truly they have a huge interest rate. I didn’t experience any auto debit. Still, many have claimed that KashKash loan is a scam, that they auto debit people even after repayment. Getting through to their customer care has also proven to be futile. So, of all other loan companies reviewed on this site, I’d advise that you stay away from KashKash.

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  1. Please after completing registration and putting my bvn on the app, without me collecting any loan will they still withdrawal money from my account?

  2. they have worst customer service ..i paid their money via transfer and they auto debited me also, have been calling their customer service lines and they ain’t picking up so as to refound me my money for days now….

  3. SCAM! Dont give them your BVN. They deducted money from my account. That was immediately after I paid thier money before the due date. I have called them so many times. They told me to send mail at first. I did. At another time, he said I should open an OPAY account. I did. At one other time, I was told to upgrade the Opay account to KYC 3, or so. I did. And in each case I called back to inform them of what I did. Only for one of their agents to call and asked me, why I changed my card details. He said I should, immediately, send the new details, with a “to be received OTP, to him on watsapp if I wanted my money refunded.

  4. Kashkash is a scam. After making payments before due date. The still debited me. I have called there customer care and they’ve all suddenly gone mute. No be my own go loss. Stay away from those guys they are thieves.

    • One of the agents of KASHKASH called me to tell me that they would like to return my money. He told me to supply my ATM details. He also said I should send the OTP that would be sent to my line by my bank to him.
      Obviously, you dont need that to pay into someone’s account.

  5. Kashkash are scammers ooo. pls everyone should be aware. Don’t do any business with them .
    They debited my account( with the loan amount and interest) immediately it was credited with the loan amount I requested from them yesterday. Their phones are all switched off.

    They are fake people ooo. They are scammers. I’ll post it all the social media to make people aware.

    • They did the same to me. I have calling. One of their agents told me there is nothing they can do; meaning my 7000 naira is gone.

  6. I made a repayment since November 27, 2020 and up till now I’ve not been cleared, the person that sent me message on whatsapp is no longer picking my calls… I even mistakingly made double payment via transfer… If you don’t refund my money before the end of this week I’ll take legal action.

  7. Please I payed my loan since yesterday and you have not work on my loan and it keeps incresing everyday

  8. Please i want to delete my kaskash account because i was not eligible to borrow money and i want to use my bvn for another loan app
    Pls help me out…

    • HI Afeez, have you contacted the customer support at KashKash Loan app to ensure you qualify for a loan.
      However, please note that you’re free to uninstall the KashKash app from your device, and you’re free to use another loan app.

      NOTE: We’re not a partner with KashKash loan app, we’ve only provided an article about their app as related to how it works when using it as the time the article was published.

  9. Yes, I have noticed that they only have loans available for two weeks, though their Staffs have told me on whatsapp about 3 times now that if I paid, I would be eligible for Monthly duration loans but after payment, I only get to find out that all na lie. Same two weeks period, no matter how much they give you. Like say na so e easy to see money. As much as I am glad that they get to borrow you they money when you need it, they aren’t considerate with their payback duration and the so-called ” very outrageous Origination Fee”.

  10. Why are you guys lieing for Nigerians?please tell everyone that your higher loan is 21,000 to payback 26,607 just in 15 days and after you have payback you can only reply for another 21,000 and payback 26,607 in 15days why why why

  11. Comment:I want to apply for a loan but am afraid due to the bvn number u are requesting for (2) for how long will it take me to pay off, Alli want was 50k

    • To get a loan on any of the listed loan companies here: https://www.owogram.com/loan-apps-nigeria/, you’ll need to provide your bvn details. That’s the requirement by loan companies.

      Meanwhile, KashKash Loan app, and Okash loan app, have one of the highest interest rates, so, we’ll suggest carbon loan, branch loan, and palm credit.

      Please note; we’re not a loan company, we’ve only provided our own review about each of the loan apps or companies you’ve found on our website.

  12. Am really to get a loan and pay back, pls how much I’m I going to pay for monthly if I collected fifty thousand naira, and also my bank account is invalid

    • HI Elisabeth, before a loan is given on any of the loan apps, you’ll have the opportunity to see for yourself the interest per selected loan amount, with regards to days to repay. So, check out the KashKash loan app, select the loan amount you’re eligible for, and you’ll see the loan terms. If it doesn’t suit you, please check other loan apps here: https://www.owogram.com/loan-apps-nigeria/

    • Hi Isa, all you have to do to get a loan on KashKash is stated in this article, but be watchful of their interest rate. It is one of the highest interest rates. This post is a review and you have to know about that part.

      You’ll have the opportunity to see for yourself the interest per selected loan amount, with regards to days to repay. So, check out the KashKash loan app, select the loan amount you’re eligible for, and you’ll see the loan terms. If it doesn’t suit you, please check other loan apps here: https://www.owogram.com/loan-apps-nigeria/

      Branch loan, Carbon loan, and palm credit seem to be interest rate friendly.

  13. Does Kashkash requires my BVN before my registration can be completed because the app i downloaded is requesting for my BVN number so i want to know if the app i downloaded is the real one.

    • I requested a loan from yesterday afternoon and I haven’t been credited….Have tried calling the customer care service,I message them on WhatsApp and as well as on mail …And I have good a record so far ….It has been processing since yesterday….And the money is urgent… Kindly work on my account as soon as possible…..

    • Hi Elizabeth, you have directed your message and complaint to the right channel at KashKash loan company. You’ll still have to wait for their reply.
      Please note: We are not a loan company over here at owogram.com, we’ve published articles about loan companies for information purposes only

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