25 Great Jan Oblak Quotes About Soccer & Life

Jan Oblak quotes

Yay! We bring to you 25 interesting things Oblak once said in our collection of Jan Oblak quotes about soccer and life.

Jan Oblak is a Slovenian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Spanish club Atlético Madrid and captains the Slovenia national team.

He is frequently ranked as one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of football. Do you know why? He has honed his craft.

In this piece about Jan Oblak quotes, you’ll learn more about his ideologies, what keeps him motivated to achieve success and his perspectives about life.

As one of the most sought-after keepers, Jan Oblak net worth is proof that he is one of the most successful goalkeepers, not just because he is one of the highest-paid because he has worked for it.

25 Great Jan Oblak Quotes About Football And Life

1. “Sometimes you make three saves, and sometimes they score a goal with the first attempt. It is difficult to explain. I saw the ball and went for it. I reacted quickly and everything went well for me.” – Jan Oblak

2. “Who cares about Madrid or Barcelona” – Jan Oblak

3. “I grew up in a small place called Skofja Loka – it’s the second-oldest town in Slovenia. There’s a small club there, where my father played. He wasn’t a professional, it was an amateur team, but he was the goalkeeper. He was my first idol.” – Jan Oblak quotes

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4. “I would always watch him. When he was at training, I would stand behind his goal and dive to the side that he was diving. I don’t know how old I was, maybe three or four. Everyone found it really funny. They were laughing because this small kid was behind the goal diving when his father dived, without the ball, just doing the same as him. I wanted to be like him.” – Jan Oblak

5. “This ball is my girlfriend! No one can take her away from me!” – Jan Oblak quotes

Jan Oblak quotes

6. “You can ask, ‘Why did I go to the right? Why didn’t I go to the left?’ But I’m not asking myself that, because it’s always easy to be smart afterward.” – Jan Oblak

7. “You do your best and try to go the right way, but it’s hard.” – Jan Oblak

8. “The Premier League is interesting. It’s attractive and at some stage I may want to be part of that competition. I can see myself there, but I don’t know when – maybe next year, in two years, five or 10.” – Jan Oblak

9. “That game was crazy, we’d won 1-0 at home, but we went there and Bayern were pressing – we didn’t pass the halfway line. They scored a strange goal from a free-kick that deflected in off Jose Maria Gimenez. They were pressing again and then came the penalty. In that moment I knew it – as I stood there, I said to myself” – Jan Oblak quotes

10. “I need to stop this penalty. If I don’t stop it, they are going to kill us’. Luckily I stopped it, we equalized thanks to Antoine Griezmann and got to the final. It was an amazing night.” – Jan Oblak

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11. “I was sad that I couldn’t stop any of them. I did my research but it also depends on the players – maybe they do things differently and shoot to the other side. You’re sad for days, but you cannot stop there. That’s not the end of your career. It’s one game – a big game, a final – but I’m sure there will be another opportunity to win the Champions League. You have to keep working.” – Jan Oblak

12. “​Liverpool is a great team, it has good players, but we face it with great enthusiasm” – Jan Oblak quotes

13. “I hope that in the field we show what is necessary to pass” – Jan Oblak

14. “I have no doubt that if we do things well we can move to the quarterfinals. – Jan Oblak

15. “I just I think about doing things  in the best way.” – Jan Oblak

quotes from Jan oblak

16. “We will have to focus on our work and we will not make it easy for the European champions.” – Jan Oblak quotes

17. “Messi has scored many goals against me. Too many! But he is a great player, an amazing player, the best player. – Jan Oblak

18. “There are many times that Messi scores a goal and you have this feeling that you cannot understand how he has scored so easily. – Jan Oblak

19. “You are not even close. Sometimes it feels like he has just passed the ball into the goal, it is not even a shot.” – Jan Oblak

20. “Anticipation depends on the player because there are some players who you can easily predict. There are some players who are more difficult to predict.” – Jan Oblak quotes

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21. “There is Messi. He is impossible to predict. Not many players have the possibilities that he has on the ball.” – Jan Oblak

22. “When you play against the best, you know you are going to have to be at your best to stop them” – Jan Oblak

23. “This is not just my award, it’s everyone’s.” – Jan Oblak quotes

24. It’s nice to hear people say I am the best goalkeeper in the world” – Jan Oblak

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