I Go Dye Net Worth And Biography

How much is I Go Dye net worth?

I Go Dye Net Worth:1.8 Billion Naira
Born:April 4, 1979
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Education:College of Commerce
Source of Wealth:Standup comedy, Endorsements, events management

When talking about the top 10 biggest and richest comedians in Nigeria, the list will be incomplete without including someone as prominent as I go dye.

You would agree with me that he has been a huge force to reckon with in the comedy industry for quite a while now.

His popularity, however, does not ascertain the extent of information his fans and audience know about I go dye net worth, biography, and so on.

In a bid to enlighten fans more about this multitalented comedian, this article will take a look at I go dye net worth, personality, and some other details you will find interesting about him.

Additionally, we will have a look at how it all began for the popular comedian and how he worked his way to the top of the food chain in the entertainment industry.

I Go Dye Net Worth, Awards, And Achievements

As it stands today, I Go Dye is worth an estimated #1.8 Billion. Below are some of his awards and achievements;

  • African Best Comedian.
  • The Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation of Europe-SPAIN Award for his contribution to Nigerian culture and art.
  • The Nigeria Best Comedian Award (NEA AWARD).
  • Delta Role model Award 2017
  • Nigeria best comedian Award
  • Niddo Spain Award; for his contribution to Nigeria Culture and Art.
  • Ukaid and youth alive foundation ambassador Award on #MadACT make a difference Against Corruption Today; dedicated to Nigeria pensioners
  • Nigeria Army Civil Award with the compliment of Chief of Army Staff Lt General TY Buratai.
  • United Nations Development Goal Ambassador
  • United Nations World Habitat Ambassador
  • Dedicated to Hillary Clinton

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I Go Dye Biography

Francis Agoda was brought into the world on April 4, 1979 in Abraka, Delta State, one of the 36 states and capital in Nigeria.

As a little boy, he grew up at Okpara waterside with his Grand Mother, Queen Agnes. It was here he experienced the various difficulties confronting country settlements in Nigeria. This understanding has spurred him to address a portion of these issues through his comedy and publications.

An audit of his creativity traces all the way back to his grade school days at Ighogbadu primary school and College of Commerce, Warri Delta State.

During his school days, he was an individual from the Junior Engineering Technical Society and was made the zonal undertaking administrator to lead Delta State in 1992. Who knew what I Go Dye net worth would turn out to be?

As a youngster, he met the principal leader and governor of Delta State, Olorogun Felix Ibru after he displayed unique creativity for somebody who experienced childhood in the village to have the advancement and intelligence to design a Hovercraft ship, radio transmitter, hairdryer, projector, solar oriented table fan and flying helicopter, that made him the primary African kid to have constructed such masterpieces that would go on to change the state.

This is where we can categorically say that the journey of I Go Dye net worth began.

He was granted scholarship to learn structural engineering at New York university. His understanding of life and technology evolution were strange as per his mother, princess Emily.

This is on the grounds that he declared knowledge of things to come and he had an incredible inalienable intelligence that made her frightened.

Within a brief time, his energy for comedy brought him more extensive acknowledgment and prominence, which he understood was a way to address moderating components influencing small kids and numerous unprivileged individuals, in view of what he saw experienced during childhood in the town as a little youngster.

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Comedy Career

He thought of the name I Go dye from the closeness of the sound to his last name Agoda. I GO DYE was coined as an acronym from the Initiative guide on creating youth endowment.

His mother removed him from United college of Commerce to Essi College Warri so his uncle who was an educator in that school could watch and mentor him.

So, while in Essi college, he joined SVC where he met his dearest companion Otagware onodjeyeke (otas), presently known as Igosave.

Together, they began introducing mock news on Delta Broadcasting Service 1994, where they tended to a few issues influencing the society.

Later on, he got a contract as a Stand-up comedian at Prest Motel in Benin City, where he was paid 1,000 Naira for every show. As you can imagine, I go dye net worth at this time will most likely amount to nothing.

He additionally extended his profile across various occasions in Nigeria for quite a while. During all this time, I go dye was still exploring the depths of his talents in comedy.

He was highlighted in Africa’s greatest comedy show, Night of 1,000 laughs, a show that brought him to the limelight.

This show was one of the most popular ones around at that time. This show brought massive profits and raise to I Go Dye net worth.

At the conclusion of the show, he was regarded by the host of Nite of a Thousand Laugh, Mr. Opa Williams as the most outstanding comedian to have been on the Night of a Thousand laugh stage for a very long time.

This obviously brought additional attention and acknowledgement to the talent and abilities of this man.

I go dye’s comedy career took off from there, and he enjoyed a lot of fame and money. His first European tour was with Ehizoya Golden Entertainment, 2005 which helped him tour up to 7 nations.

He was subsequently contracted by (NIDOE) France to perform at the UNESCO Cultural Week in Paris France.

He was likewise introduced as an honor for his commitment to the upliftment of Nigeria Cultural worth by Niddo Spain.

At this point, I Go Dye net worth became huge enough to make him one of the richest and influential comedians in Nigeria.

The much-celebrated career of his earned him features in the MTV Africa Music Awards. He has additionally acted in the launching and concluding shows of different remarkable performers including Akon, Boyz II Men, 50-Cent, Rick Ross, The Game, and Kelly Rowland. Today, I go dye net worth is valued at #1.8 Billion Naira.

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What I Go Dye Spends His Money On

I go dye is quite the luxury man, and deservingly so.

Having read through his early life and career, you would agree with me that he built his career out of nothing to become one of the most influential figures in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

So, if he chooses to spend on luxury, no one is more deserving.

I go dye owns lots of luxurious properties ranging from cars, mansions, fashion accessories and so on.

He is one who likes to be unique among the crowd. I go dye owns a Rolls Royce Phantom valued at a whopping $400,000, a range rover evogue valued at $120,000, and an escalade.

He also owns a luxurious mansion with a value that is expected to be mind-blowing, while he also owns a closet full of designer wears.

I Go Dye Quotes & Sayings

  • Na 4 warri u go see blind man dey role dice
  • Who God has blessed, no one can curse
  • I was born on the street and today the love gotten from the street has given me honor. This award is therefore dedicated to the undiscovered talents on the street.

Life Lessons

  • Do what you love. It is the gateway to eternal happiness.
  • We have a duty to the society we come from to make it better than we met it. This is one of the most significant things which I go dye did after earning a career which anyone will be envious for.
  • Work hard and be diligent in any sector you find yourself in life. Definitely, where you have always aimed for will become your starting point.

Summary of I Go Dye Ne Worth

I go dye net worth of a mind-blowing #1.8 Billion naira will take many of you reading this by shock due to the belief that comedians don’t earn much and the general perception of I go dye as a malnourished person resulting from his slim stature.

But there you have it. While most of his net worth can be sourced from comedy, he earned a lot from his tours across Europe.

This article has been able to share all about the journey of I go dye from scratch to the very top of the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

This exponential rise has brought him many benefits in the form of more money, fame, and acknowledgment. I Go Dye can’t really ask for more, as he’s got everything a comedian can ask for. The height which he has attained, not many can boast of reaching such a level today.

What did you think? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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