Lautech Student Tells His Hustle Story – #7,981 Naira Was My First Big Money

Oke Charles Gadgetstripe owner

Oke Charles, popularly known as Charpman is a student of Ladoke Akintola University of Ogbomoso (Lautech).

He’s studying to achieve a degree in Physics but on the other hand, Charles is a Java programmer and a tech enthusiast.

His love for tech inspired him to create a youtube channel and website dedicated to tech and gadgets –

He also won a business grant from Infinix Mobile in 2019. Such successes and diligence are worth learning from and so, I had a chat with him.

Guess what I found out?

Interview With CEO of Gadgetstripe

“I am a Tech Blogger and Tech Youtuber and the CEO of one of the recognized tech blogs in Nigeria.

I started in 2017 inside my room in my father’s house. When I started, I worked almost 10 hours a day more like 70 hours a week. The normal news; I didn’t make a dime.

My brother motivated me with my passion for tech and gadgets. The zeal to become a recognized tech guy keeps pushing me.

My biggest challenge back then was been able to come up first on Google search results pages alongside other tech blogs(done).

For now, my biggest challenge is to take over on most categories related to gadgets (drones, TVs, maybe cars), and gather more following on social media and YouTube.

But I wouldn’t say I have attained the success I projected for my self yet.

Although I realized I am heading toward success when clocked 100k search clicks in 3 months checked on my Google search console.

So right now, I am developing more workable strategies to come out on searches and push my social media pages especially Instagram and Youtube

I work anytime I feel like. Just that I work like I am lazy. I work late sometimes when needed. I Write content and then I record and edit my Youtube videos.

The money comes from working with brands, also, my website generates some cash too based on ads and other collaborations.

My first big money was #7,981 Naira through affiliate sales on and it came after 7 months

Charpman makes his first 7000 Naira from jumia affiliates
Charpman makes his first 7000 Naira from jumia affiliates

In 2019, I got 1 million Naira fund from Infinix Mobile through a competition in which was the focal point.

I won through an online competition. I once talked about the three things that I got for my business.

I used the whole grant for and to get some recording equipment for my YouTube videos.

Three things:

1. A new hosting service.
2. A new laptop computer and
3. A new smartphone.
Infinix mobile also helped me with some promotions, photo-shoot and business training

His Vision

My inspiration is my vision. What I would own: Nigeria’s GSMARENA.

You have to keep going. You can’t start a business today and scale on the 2nd night, it will take time, perseverance does work well and helps.

Through the good times and bad times; my advice for anyone seeking to start something great is in my list below:

  • You need to believe in yourself
  • You need to focus
  • You need to keep pushing and never give up
  • Try to be different and study others in the game.


Talking about mistakes, I made one big mistake using a bad server to host my website in the early days.

I learned that to be successful you need to know (if not all) at least 90% of everything pertaining to your profession or line of work.

So, I moved away and I am currently using Siteground hosting. (I hope they keep doing well as usual)

My regret is that I started late. I wish I had started long ago.

On whether money can bring happiness, I know it can buy some happiness but happiness doesn’t always come from money.


My advice for my colleague’s out there; You can do better, just give it a try. You’ll surely make mistakes, just learn from it. Use your head. “

That was really a nice chat with the charpman of

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