10 Hustle & Life Lessons From Adekunle Gold You Must Read!


Artist Adekunle Gold, a highlife singer, songwriter, sculptor, and graphic designer has been an inspiration to Nigerian youths through is hustle and simple personal living.

Though born into the royal lineage of the Kosoko family, he hustled his way through and made his stage name Adekunle Gold, which has now become a household name in many Nigerian homes.

In this quick post, we bring to you lessons from Adekunle Gold’s journey to fame and life lessons you can probably apply in your own situation.

10 Hustle & Life Lessons You Can Learn From Adekunle Gold

1. Begin with a Step

It is popularly said that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”. The popular artist did not sit just to rise to fame overnight.

He started with a step in music by singing in the now-defunct boy band “The Bridge Boyz” and wrote his first song in 2007. A group formed in 2012 by his friend – Seyikeys.

Three songs were released which are: No sleeping on the Bicycle, Norm Breaker featuring Skales, and All of Me (John Legend cover).

The young Artist Adekunle gold as well started his musical carrier at an early age in his life – age 15.

It all makes sense, as in one of the powerful quotes from Adekunle Gold about success, he said: No one is too young or too old to take a step, but not taking a step at all is bad.

2. NO Is not an outright Denial

Sometimes a NO can be a hidden Yes. Adekunle Gold in his journey to fame attended so many reality show auditions and was denied.

This made him take a step back and look inward – himself. He was able to discover more of his hidden talent because he had been denied some offers which seems at the time, topnotch.

Adekunle Gold said in one of his quote “We are quick to cancel people, even when we really do not know about their reality and experiences.”

3. Be Self-Dependent

The veteran singer, Adekunle Gold born into a royal family did not limit him to depending on himself.

As someone with such a royal lineage who will desire haven and it will come to him, Adekunle Gold worked for his haven and he got it.

He wasn’t self-limiting, he believed in himself. He said,

“It feels good to have a dream, and then see it come through”.

Adekunle Gold went through the early stage of his life just like every single person, he started out as a boy in the church choir.

Then, his parents were Muslims, they did not stop their children from exploring other religions. He took it to heart and joined the then Bridge Boys.

Thereafter, he went solo and wrote songs behind the scene until he broke out with Sade, a cover of One Direction’s Story of My Life in 2014 and since then, he never stopped believing in himself.

As he said: “Music is very wide and there is no reason to limit ourselves to just a part of it.”

Don’t be surprised if he takes his music career to another level not known to man before. The motivation is SELF.

4. Be Dynamic and Versatile

Yes, going back to the early life of Adekunle Gold, he was a graduate of Arts and Industrial Design in the Lagos State Polytechnic.

Despite his love and affection for music, he was able to discover another hidden talent in himself and developed it which is the art of design.

He was known as the king of photoshop, As an Art and Industrial Design graduate, he photoshopped himself with Tiwa Savage, Toolz and Tonto Dikeh.

The images went viral. He was also able to go into contract with Olamide, the owner of YBNL. He, in fact, is the designer of YBNL Nation Official Logo and a couple of other works.

Now, he has taken his music career to heart and rode the wagon to fame.

5. Identify Your Passion

Adekunle Gold discovered his passion for music at a very early age when most people are still cuddling their parents.

He identified his passion and he went for it. Every actualized goal we see today begins with a passion from the heart.

Something you’re born with, something you feel like its a crime if you don’t do it – that’s passion. Go for it.

Being passionate about something is one of the 10 hustle and life lessons from Ayo Makun that you’ll find inspiring. Check it out.

6. Start Small

Small beginnings have turned out to be the case with most Nigerian artists but a unique one for someone like Adekunle Gold.

Considering he is a royal bloodline, he never minds starting small. He worked with people based on contracts, even in the music industry before he stood alone to sing his solo Sade.

Just begin with something first, no matter how little it may seem. “Little drops, they say, make a mighty ocean”.

7. Be Humble

“Humility is undented gold, he who has it has the world.”

Adekunle Gold was never heard of having a misunderstanding with a fellow artist or releasing songs with an abusive language towards a fellow music artist.

That is a symbol of humility. He went into contract with Olamide, that’s also an act of submission, though, he is good at what he does, he was humble enough to sign a contract with a fellow music artist in other lines of business.

He never allows his royal status to take up the better part of him. “Money, he said can’t buy charisma”.

8. Live Simple

Who knows? Your simplicity might attract attention. This was the case with Adekunle Gold.

Most especially his relationship with the popular artist, Simi, was known to a few of his fellow music artists.

He is not a trumpet blower. Adekunle Gold’s net worth speaks volumes as he is currently one of the most influential artists in Nigeria.

He has the ability and capability for an elaborate wedding ceremony with his bride but he decided to take it low.

Little cannot be spoken of Adekunle’s simple lifestyle as his also known to be interested in meat selling.

No, not a poor man’s job, it’s just a way of relating to everybody regardless of your status. His simplicity cannot be over-emphasized as this added to his journey to fame.

9. Strive to Make a Difference

In his words, I have always believed that difference sells. Indeed, making a difference is the icing people wants to eat in the cake, the cakes taste the same way.

So, whatever you are into, making a difference is what will sell your brand. Adekunle Gold released his single Sade, a cover of One Direction’s Story of My Life.

His songs are either telling a story or reaching out to you. This is a rare difference.

10. Be Your Own Motivator

No one or just a few is ready and willing to motivate you. Before you’re motivated by an outsider, first, motivate yourself and that’s where the drive comes from – within.

This can be said of the songwriter, Adekunle Gold. If he were waiting for a motivator, maybe he’d still be waiting, but he took the bull by the horn and forged ahead.

He said, “people love to associate with stars rather than support promising acts.”

Rather than sit around expecting support from people, just be a star and stars will love to associate with you.

He has released countless songs which you can find on any of the best Nigerian music download websites, among which are:

  • Sade, 2014
  • Orente, 2015
  • Pick Up, 2015
  • No forget ft Simi, 2016
  • Ariwo Ko, 2016
  • Friend Zone, 2016
  • Nurse Alabere, 2016

and as well received a lot of awards for his hard work. Among which are:

  • Best Song ‘Pick Up’, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2016
  • Best New Act to Watch, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2016
  • The revelation of Africa, AFRIMMA, 2016
  • Collabo of the Year, City People Entertainment Awards, 2017 (with Simi)
  • Alternative Artist of the Year, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2018
  • Best African Music Artist, IARA, 2017

Indeed, Adekunle Gold is the one musician people love to associate with and his personal life can be emulated by upcoming artists.

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