How to Start Cake Making Business & Make Money

How to start cake making business in nigeria

We bring to you how to go about cake making business in Nigeria and how to make money on the side baking cake for others.

Cake is a well-consumed snack in Nigeria today. It is often the dessert choice at ceremonial occasions like weddings, birthdays, Christmas, New Year, and other festivals.

The demand for cake production in Nigeria is always high on weekends because many people do their wedding ceremonies then.

During Valentine’s season celebrations, for example, the rush for cakes can be overwhelming. Everyone wants to show his or her lover that they care by presenting a beautifully baked cake.

A birthday party without a cake is incomplete in any part of the world today. A cake can serve as a gift to someone, perhaps a parting gift.

cake baking business

Birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations often feature cake as the main dessert. Basic sheet cakes, tiered cakes and miniature versions can steal the show with elaborate decorations and yummy goodness.

No doubt, baking cake is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria today. Even when other commodities experience poor sales, cake is still in high demand.

When it is well designed with nice and attractive colors, cakes make your occasions very colorful. Guest, especially at wedding ceremony, always looks forward to the cake to be served.

I remember wedding ceremonies we attended as kids, one of the parts we love and cherish is when the wedding cake will be cut by the couple and a portion of it will be shared with all guests present. If a friend was unable to attend, his first question seeing you is about the wedding cake.

  • Are you ready to tap into the market by starting your own cake production business?
  • Are you wondering what’s involved in starting a cake business from home?
  • Are you a hobby cake maker and wondering how to turn your hobby into a profitable business?

Though certainly not a piece of cake, opening your own cake business can help you explore your passion while raking up profits.

Reasons Why You Should Start Cake Making Business In Nigeria

Consider the following five reasons why you should set up a cake baking business.

High Demand

As you may have noticed too, people like cakes a lot and therefore eat them a lot.

People can have it at any time of the day so its consumption is not limited to a particular time. Another reason people like cakes are the various choices and flavors they can get from them.

For examples we have chocolate, strawberry, fruits, cream and lots more, which makes cakes appealing to different kinds of people.

Little Capital

In this kind of business you need little capital to start up with, it could be personal money, loans from loan apps, banks, family, or Friends. You can start your own cake business with as little amount as you can.

Cakes are Used In Various Occasions

There is a saying in some quarters that no event is ever complete without having a cake. This may be true to a certain extent as we see a lot of events and occasions take place with a cake present.

As earlier noted, Birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, parties have cakes present at the occasion and therefore making the demand for cakes rise.

Affordable and Cheap

While cakes can cost a lot especially when they are made for big and special events and occasions. The good thing is that they can also be cheap and affordable.

There are various small sizes and flavors that can be afforded by people. Examples of Small cakes like cupcakes and slices are cheap and can be afforded by many people.

Needed in All Seasons

Cakes are not restricted to being a product that only sells at a particular period as they can be consumed at any time.

Though cakes have their peak season of sales like festive periods such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, and valentine celebrations, cakes can be eaten every day without celebrations occurring and happening.

Now that you know baking and cake making is a viable and profitable business, you may want to know the requirements and steps to take in order to start the business.

Different Types of Cakes

The following list contains types of cakes known globally. These are few among many others:

  1. Butter cake
  2. Poundcake
  3. Sponge cake
  4. Genoise cake
  5. Biscuit cake
  6. Angel food cake
  7. Chiffon cake
  8. Baked flourless cake
  9. Unbaked flourless cake
  10. Carrot cake
  11. Red velvet cake
  12. Upside down cake
  13. Devil’s food cake
  14. Hummingbird cake
  15. Opera cake
  16. Lady Baltimore cake
  17. Fruit cake

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How to Start Cake Making As A Business In Nigeria

In this section, we’ll share with you ideal steps on how to start cake business in Nigeria.

Research the industry and your market

This is essential when working out things like how much to charge for your cakes and what cake flavors to offer etc.

It’s also a really fun part because you can visit lots of cake shops and eat lots of cake without feeling bad because it’s all in the name of market research’

Provide a detailed overview of your business, layout future plans, and provide details related to the potential profitability of your cake-making business.

Pinpoint your target market and decide on the types of service you will offer, such as wedding cakes and catering services. Include detailed research related to equipment needs and financing requirements.

Plan Ahead

As a follow-up to your research, you need to do some planning.

Whether you are launching a cake making business to create a sustainable full-time venture or as a part-time additional income stream, a cake-making business can mean sufficient overhead costs and a hectic schedule.

You have to consider initial set-up costs such as necessary equipment, as well as material costs, delivery costs, sample costs, and storage so writing a good business plan in order to monitor cash flow is vital.

A plan will also help with developing a growth strategy as you can monitor your firm’s development and keep track of upcoming bookings.

Practical Training

There is no short cut, if you don’t already have the skill you must undergo training for you to have more knowledge on how to make cakes and how to venture into the business.

Even if you have a passion for baking cakes and as such have little tricks up your sleeves in baking cakes, you need to add more knowledge.

As a hobby cake maker, you may be very good at baking but the cake decorating may not be the best. Cake making is no longer a complicated procedure, this day it is very easy without stress.

There are a lot of different cakes that can be made with a lot of styles, designs and decorations with cakes these days that need to be learnt and this can be done through a good training program.

Register yourself into a catering school or look for a baker with catering knowledge. With this training, you will be able to understand and know how to bake and decorate a cake. Once trained, be sure you are making constant practice, keep pushing yourself, and continue learning new skills.

Choose a Good Location

Just like other business ideas like barbing salon business, laundry service business, location is paramount. You can start from home but when expanding you may need to get a bigger place.

This works well for part-time operations and those that focus on a niche market, such as wedding cakes. At this point, try and get a place that is accessible and located near your target markets like homes, churches, and event centers.

cake making equipment

Equipment and Materials

There are basic equipment and materials needed when starting the business of making cakes. They include ovens (electric or locally made), baking pans and boards for baking, flour, oil, baking powder, butter, flavors, sugar, salt, syrup and other ingredients needed.

Your ingredients will vary depending on the type of cake you intend to make. For example you will need different ingredients for making a fruit cake, chocolate or cream cake.

Make sure you stand out

Cake-making is like any food business, it is quite competitive, and it is important that you stand out from the rest of the market. However, innovation will get you noticed, quality remains an important key to a sustainable business.

Regardless of natural talent, being an expert in all or certain areas will help you evolve from an enthusiast to a master pastry chef or skilled cake-decorator; therefore investing in training– even in just one of the many specialist areas – could be the game-changer in your business.

The costs and timescales vary considerably so make sure you research the most appropriate option for you and your business.

Hire Workers

As the business expands you will need to get help to assist you and the business. Try to get workers who are trained or you are able to train them so that they can meet up with the demands of the business.

Choose Appealing Business Name

Business Name is the name you want to give your business; it is the name you want to be known for. You should also have plans to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

9. Marketing

Build relationships with those in similar fields and with those that could use your services.

Have a good network with wedding planners, event planners, and caterers will go a very long way. Offer discounts for referrals and remember to reward those who recommend your services with similar recommendations and praise.

Attend local and regional industry expos that feature food, wine, or cake. Set up a booth to market your own business or use the time to network.

Always have a business cards and flyers with you at all time, your business card is also a form that carries your name and information about you and your business, so, it also helps to promote your business in places where you can’t imagine and it is a kind of reference when it is being needed.

You can also put your business cards as gift tags on cake boxes when you send them out.

Be creative online as you are in your kitchen, get into social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, it is a great way to engage with potential audiences and find new customers and if possible connect with other bakers.

Selling your cakes or your cake making services online can be a great way to reach a large audience.

Packaging and decorations

This is the final part of your cake making and it is important that you find reliable suppliers for your cake boxes, bases, stands and decorations.

Spend a bit of time sourcing a good supplier and it will potentially save you lots of money and add beauty to your business.

A cake-making business can be a great way to build a sustainable enterprise from a hobby you are passionate about that you can start out relatively small scale and with little investment, to a fast-growing business with a generous profit.

The good thing about the business is that it can be started from home and at minimum cost. First of all make sure you have learnt how to bake and have the required knowledge and skill.

You can start by baking with your stove and oven and making people around aware that you are into the business of cake making. You can tell your friends and family, church members on what you are doing.

The good thing about the business is that you can do it on a part-time basis if you have a regular job. You can tell your colleagues at work also and work at the weekends baking cake for people’s birthdays, weddings and other occasions.

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