How to Make Real Money by Gambling Online


Usually, a recipe for success is a trick to convince you of something, whether giving money or your time aimlessly.

In reality, things are more complicated.

Like any other niche, online gambling has a complicated structure that takes years to learn. People who understand the structure of a domain have a better chance of success than those who don’t.

Therefore, let’s see a few strategies you can learn and understand to improve your gambling or betting activities.

Strategies to Make Real Money

This article means to expose some gambling and betting strategies that don’t get enough attention from the public.

The experience level influences the strategies

StrategiesEasy to UnderstandRequires some Experience
Sports Trader StrategyMatched BettingValue Betting
Poker Player StrategyComplexify your KnowledgeThink In Ranges

The strategies debated are legal and shouldn’t give you trouble when enacted in a licensed online or land-based casino.

Sports Betting Strategy

Quick and big wins are only fantasies (unless you’re cheating or reading the future). However, an experienced sports bettor can notice opportunities and advantages that help them gain a betting advantage legally.

This means you need good observation skills, attentiveness, and a hunger to know more. Since you’re here, the latter necessity is already fulfilled!

Matched betting

Matched betting can become a complex strategy in itself, but we’re going to start with a simple definition. Remember, further research is recommended.

Matched betting means using free bonuses to get an advantage or reveal an opportunity while betting. An easy way to understand it is to start with specific cases.

For example

A welcome bonus might double your first deposit.

With a doubled sum, you can bet the first half on a result you think might happen, and the second bet has to be made on that event not happening.

Why do players do it?

This “cover your back” strategy allows you to minimize your losses and increase your odds.

The specific advantages may differ depending on the game, the teams, the players, the referee, etc.

Be sure to keep an eye out!

Value betting

Value betting is believing the betting scale (risk to reward ratio) favors you.

This more opportunistic approach requires experience, rule know-how, and courage. It exploits other bettors’ fear of loss and usually improves your winnings.

How to do it

You can express this strategy simply as betting on the underdog. Usually, in the case of a favorite, you can count on many people betting on that team/player.

Naturally, people like to be among those who will win.

So, if fewer players bet on ‘a favorite team losing’ and it ends up losing, those few players get a big cashout.

At the same time, if the obvious favorites of the match win, the multitude of players who bet on them winning don’t get as much as the first bettors.

This strategy can be very successful when combined with matched betting

Therefore, if you bet on the underdogs, while everyone else placed bets on the favorites, you’ll have more chances of winning a significant sum.

In addition, if you also bet on the winning team, the backup plan can save your initial sum.

Poker Player Strategy

Unlike other casino games, Poker is not about chance alone.

Although this game deals you a random pair of cards (depending on the type of Poker game), you need to know how to play the dealt hand to your advantage.

Read the other players

Another thing you must exercise is reading the playstyle of your opponents. This helps when you want to make an opponent bet unnecessarily higher or tilt and forget their main target.

Four typologies that combine into the main Poker personalities

  • Tight – this means the player is cautious with their money, betting only on safe hands;
  • Loose – this defines a player who likes to call or raise more than the average. Their standards for betting on a hand are lower;
  • Aggressive – an aggressive Poker player will try to intimidate you either by forcing you to bet (by raising the bet continuously) or fold;
  • Passive – this player doesn’t stand out. Passive players like to call and fold but don’t want to get involved in risky raising.

However, before you try to identify them in other people, determine yours first. Knowing your style can help you make strategies based on meeting certain types of players!

Complexify your game

After identifying the types, a pro needs to have a range of strategies, not just one or two. Being a professional and making real money means doing your best to fool everyone else while applying and combining playstyles.

For example

We all know that Poker doesn’t require a good hand to win (unless it’s down to the best hand dealt), but it requires the ability to become unreadable.

Therefore, an aggressive style would compliment an average hand with quick bets and raises.

If you’re lucky, your opponents won’t figure out your game

Remember, you have to apply this aggressive strategy on multiple hands, not just once or twice. What pros do is trick the adversaries’ minds with fake expressions and misleading habits.

Think in ranges

“Thinking in ranges” means is to stop guessing every player’s specific cards. Instead, please think of the range of cards they might have.

This will not only allow you to intersect some player’s possible cards, but it will train your thinking in multiple ways.

You also need to apply the inverse

Think about what other players believe your cards to be as well. There’s a big chance pro players are doing this, so interpret carefully!

With this technique, players sometimes raise and reraise other players pre-flop. This is often done to intimidate or gain an advantage before the flop.

The Ultimate Strategy: Choosing Your Casino

Ultimately, the chance that you will make money from online gambling increases when you make a smart choice of website.

There are a few indicators that an online casino will make it easier for you to win:

  • It has low or no wagering requirements on bonus funds
  • It imposes high or no withdrawal limits
  • It offers lucrative no deposit bonuses
  • It provides high-RTP games

High-RTP games are perhaps the most important factor, since the return to player rate expresses directly the chances you have of winning.

Based on an update by CasinoBonusCA, the best payout casinos have high return to player rates and usually provide helpful withdrawal policies for players.


There’s no particular recipe for success. This is why you should take every piece of information with a grain of salt.

The strategies mentioned here are not fully explained, so further research is encouraged!

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