How to Fund a Bet9ja Account?

How to fund a bet9ja account

At the moment, almost 40% of the Nigerian youth population is involved in online gambling. Gambling presents a solid money-making opportunity but the risks shouldn’t be ignored. However, the profit may outweigh the losses if you can play your cards right. In Nigeria, the majority of people bet on sports, especially football.

This preference can be attributed to the deep-rooted affection Nigerians have for sports. Other sports Nigerian bettors wager on are basketball, handball, hockey, baseball, and cricket. Most bookies also offer online casino, virtual bets, and esports which gives you flexibility as a punter. That being said, Bet9ja is one of the top bookies in Nigeria.

Bet9ja is an indigenous Nigerian bookie that was founded in 2013 by Ayo Ojuroye and Kunle Soname. The bookie is well-known for providing competitive odds and also wide coverage. Bet9ja also has amazing promotional offers such as the the welcome bonus. Some of these bonuses are however time-sensitive but they’ll always be announced to the public.

To wager on Bet9ja, you need to have some funds in your betting account. These funds will be used to stake anytime you want to wager on the betting website. In this article, I will explain how to deposit on Bet9ja. The funding process has gotten relatively easier over the years as bettors now have several deposit options.

What are deposit methods in Bet9ja? (H2)

Bet9ja features multiple payment methods hence customers can choose their preferred deposit method. Some of the deposit options are USSD, Quickteller, ATM deposits, Opay, internet banking, local bank deposit, and more.

Let’s take a look into the most common deposit methods:


USSD is one of the fastest ways of funding your betting account. Note that all banks have a special USSD code that you can dial on your mobile phone number. For instance, the USSD code for GT bank is *737# while for Zenith bank is *966#. If you don’t know your bank’s USSD code, a quick google search will bring it up for you.

Once you dial the code on your bank-registered mobile number, you can navigate to payments/bills and then locate the Bet9ja biller. You will need your Bet9ja ID which you will find when you log in to your betting account. You will then be prompted to enter the amount you’d wish to top up your account. After this, the last step is to enter your bank pin. Once confirmed, the deposit should reflect in your account within 10 minutes.

Here’s a list of banks that have a working USSD code:

  1. Zenith bank
  2. Access bank
  3. GT bank
  4. Unity bank
  5. Fidelity bank
  6. Heritage bank
  7. Sterling Bank
  8. UBA
  9. First Bank 


Funding your account through Quickteller is straightforward. First, you need to visit the Quickteller payment platform and then select Bet9ja from the menu. A form will come up and you’ll be required to fill in the form as required. The information needed is your user ID, email address, phone number, and the amount to fund. Follow the subsequent prompts to complete your deposit.


Opay is one of the most popular mobile payment platforms in Nigeria. The Opay app can be used to make payments to several billers including Bet9ja. To use Opay, you will need to register an account. You can download the mobile app and then register an account, it’s easy.

After successful verification, you will find the billers Opay is compatible with including Bet9ja. Select the Bet9ja biller and then follow the subsequent prompts to complete the funding process.

Internet Banking

Virtually all banks now offer internet banking to their customers. With internet banking, you are in control of your activities. To use internet banking, visit the website of your bank and then login into your account.

You will find a menu that comprises many billers including Bet9ja. To complete your deposit, provide your Bet9ja ID and the amount to be deposited.

Bank Deposit

Bank deposits may not be the fastest way to fund your Bet9ja account but this method has always been relevant. To use this method, visit the nearest branch of your bank. Request for a Bet9ja deposit slip and fill in the details as required. Once done, return the deposit to the bank representative and the rest of the work will be done for you.

Is there any verification process or KYC procedure in Bet9ja?

Yes, there is a verification process involved in Bet9ja. After opening a Bet9ja account, the bookie requires you to verify your identity to prevent scammers from exploiting the website.

You will need to provide a means of identification and proof of address. Any legally valid ID card and utility bill will suffice. You can check the Bet9ja website for the list of accepted documents.

What is the most efficient way to deposit to Bet9ja sportsbook?

The means of deposit depends on your preference as a customer. While some bettors prefer the USSD deposits, some prefer the internet banking method. Hence, the most efficient way varies with customers. However, internet banking and card deposits are some of the fastest and the most common methods bettors use to fund their bet9ja account.

You may explore the available options and then settle for the one that suits you most.

What are the commissions and timelines depending on the payment method?

There may be a small commission depending on the payment method you use. For instance, most banks charge a flat rate of #20 for all transactions done through the USSD codes. Also, for direct bank deposits, banks charge #100 for a convenience fee. 

Typically, all payments reflect instantly especially if you are using the USSD and online channels. For direct bank cashier deposits, it may take a little longer as cashiers may need time to fulfill your payment request. However, regardless of the payment method, contact the payment channel if the funds don’t reflect in your account within 24 hours of initiating a request. 

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