How to Book A Flight In Nigeria EXPLAINED!

How to Book A Flight In Nigeria

If you want to know how to book a flight in Nigeria, this article presents you with necessary information and steps to take.

The frequency of air travels in Nigeria over the last decade has increased exponentially. This can be attributed to the increasing quality of air travel services offered by numerous flight companies in Nigeria.

Another contributing factor is the obvious poor road transportation network which seems to be dangerous for lives and destructive to valuable properties for those moving locally across Nigeria.

As a result, many people are trooping in to use air travel, as it is safe, faster, and hassle-free. However, many people today are still new to the use of the utilities of air services and want to know how to book a flight in Nigeria.

As there are few individuals who want to know how to become a pilot in Nigeria, some are new to flying on a plane.

Booking a flight in Nigeria may seem complicated and a long, strenuous process for new users; and this may usually lead to confusion and doubts about the use of air services.

However, it is worthy to note that booking a flight in Nigeria is as easy, provided you follow the necessary steps which will lead you to successfully booking your flight online to anywhere in the world.

Quick Guide on How To Book a Flight in Nigeria

This article will be a guide to first-time users on how to book a flight in Nigeria and is written in a bid to help ease clear any doubts or confusion concerning how to go about booking flights, both locally and internationally.

Booking a flight in Nigeria will prove to be easy, as long as first time users follow the necessary steps which would be outlined subsequently in this section.

To book a flight successfully in Nigeria, you need to follow these 8 important steps:

  • Locate an air carrier website or a flight booking site
  • Enter departure and arrival cities
  • Select travel dates
  • Browse flight options and select your ideal flight
  • Insert (correct) passenger details
  • Select any additional add-ons like insurance or extra baggage
  • Confirm your preferred payment method
  • Receive your e-ticket straight to your inbox. Off you go!

How to Locate An Air Carrier Website/Flight booking Site

In order to book a flight ticket, there are two booking options available to the disposal of intending travelers in Nigeria.

The booking options are the air carrier website or through a flight booking site.

Booking through an air carrier website simply involves booking a flight directly from the carrier you intend to use. You can check the ranking of the top 10 local airlines in Nigeria.

Say for example, you intend to use Dana Air for travel from Lagos to Abuja, you can booking directly by visiting The same applies to other air carriers you know.

Booking a flight on airline website

Booking through a flight booking site is simply using a third party website to book your flight tickets.

This can have a few advantages like discounts on airfares, deals, and promos. Using a flight booking website will help you find the cheapest flights for your trip to your preferred destinations.

You will then be presented with a list of options which you can choose from. Some flight booking websites include Travelstart, Wakanow, Travelbeta.

Providing Flight and Passenger Details

As you’re learning how to book a flight in Nigeria, you should know that to successfully book a flight online, it is only expected that you provide some details which will help make your booking easier and organized.

These details may include travel and return date. It is important to note that it is not mandatory to book flights on the day of intended travel.

It is however advised that travelers book their flight tickets for two main reasons.

The first of which is to avoid filled or unavailable flights, as well as reduced fares. It is common knowledge that the farther the date of your intended flight, the cheaper your flight becomes.

The details you input on either the carrier website or the flight booking site will appear on your booking ticket, so it is expected that you provide correct details when filling them in.

Details required by different carriers may vary, but on a general note, information required includes:

Here, you choose the date of travel, trip type which may be one way or return, destination, number of travelers, and so on.

You also have to fill in personal details about you, like your Full name which is expected to be arranged as it is on your ID, as well as your Date of birth.

These are distinctions created by flight agencies to provide different classes with different flight experience ranging from regular to luxurious. You should note that the higher the class you choose, the more expensive it gets. The flight class available includes Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First Class, and Suites.

oneway flight is a flight that is booked from a passenger’s departure airport to their intended destination airport with no scheduled return trip. There are a number of reasons to purchase a oneway flight ticket, including: permanent relocation. continued travel or uncertain return travel plans.

A return flight or ticket is a ticket to the place you want to go to, and back. So if you’re going from Lagos to Abuja you’ll have two options:

  • A single ticket: Lagos to Abuja
  • A return ticket: Lagos to Abuja and Abuja to Lagos

With many airlines a return ticket will be much cheaper than buying two singles

What to Know About Booking Domestic flights

Domestic flights simply refers to flights within Nigeria. Booking domestic flights in Nigeria is quite easy, provided you produce the few documents required of you.

These details include just your ID and booking reference number. With these details in hand, you can easily board your flight on the chosen date.

Travelers under age 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardians, or better still, a written permission and birth certificate from the aforementioned parties.

In order to board your flight, you are required to produce any form of identification which has to be in tandem with the ones you provided while booking the same flight.

Forms of identification may include NIN, National ID card, Driver’s license, voter’s card, international passport, and so on.

How to Book International Flights

Traveling to countries overseas usually comes with stricter restrictions which may vary depending on the country you intend to travel to.

In order to travel abroad, you are expected as a passenger to tender your original valid international passport, Visa, Covid-19 test results, and so on.

It is important to note that you MUST have acquired your visa long before trying to book your flight tickets. Without it, such passengers will not be granted access to the intended country of travel.

Do you Need a Passport When Booking Flights?

The answer is a simple “NO”. At the flight booking stage, there is no need to present your passport for booking online. The only time your passport will be required is when you check-in for your flights or book a flight package.

How to Pay for Flight

To pay for a flight, you need to buy a flight ticket.

Since flight payments are usually done online, there are vast payment methods available to the disposal of intending travelers in Nigeria.

After completing the required steps, the concluding steps in booking a flight is making payments, and you can use the following online options:

  • Online credit/debit card payment
  • Bank transfer EFT
  • POS

Also, you can visit any Travelstart agency around you to make payments for you flight, as long as you used Travelstart for your bookings in the first place.

Where to Collect Your Flight Tickets

After completing payment on either the flight carrier site or the third-party booking site, your flight ticket will then be forwarded to the email address provided while booking.

This will enable travelers to print their flight tickets from wherever they are. All you have to do is download a copy of the ticket to your device.

You can then print out the ticket or present the downloaded copy at check in. It s also possible to collect your tickets at the offices where you made your flight bookings.

After paying for your booking, you’ll receive a ticket. If you book online, you’ll receive an electronic ticket (e-ticket); if you book at a travel agency or ticketing office, you’ll receive a paper ticket.

The ticket shows the full journey you’ve purchased. 

How to book a flight - Flight ticket sample

You need a boarding pass to board the aircraft. You’ll receive it after checking in for your flight. If you check-in at the airport, you’ll receive a paper boarding pass; if you check-in online, you’ll receive an electronic boarding pass.

documents needed to book a flight in Nigeria - boarding pass

What Details are Needed to Book a Flight?

Travelers with the intent to know how to book a flight in Nigeria are required to have available with them, the following details:

  • Personal Information (like Name, Date of birth)
  • Trip details (like travel dates, one way or return ticket),
  • ID number or passport number, and;
  • The class of flight.

Which Is The Best Site for Flight Booking?

The best site for flight booking in Nigeria is Travelstart. This third-party booking site offers its users the lowest fare rates they can get for respective flights.

In addition, Travelstart offer promotions and deals to its esteemed customers, a feature you will not find on other flight booking sites in Nigeria.

So, if you’re looking for information about how to book a flight in Nigeria, you need to use the best site for flight booking.

Is It Better to Buy Tickets Directly From Airlines?

Over the years, buying tickets directly from airline has proven to be the best option in terms of security.

Tickets acquired directly from airlines are legit and are not under any risk of being fake as seen in some cases with third-party flight booking sites which are prone to be cloned.

Booking with external flight booking sites, however, proved to be cost-effective, as you are offered the cheapest option for your flights.

On a general note, it is better to buy directly from the airline, as there are no risks involved.

Do Flights Get Cheaper Closer To The Date of Travel?

No. On the contrary, flights get more expensive when you book closer to your date of travel.

Summary of How to Book A Flight In Nigeria

How do I book a flight has always been the first question on the mind of first-time air travelers, either domestic or international.

What seems to be a hard process to people who don’t know how to book a flight in Nigeria has proved to be easy through this article.

This article has provided intending air travelers with the required information and guidelines on necessary steps to take to book their first flight.

Did you find this article to be helpful? Let’s have your comments in the section provided below, and don’t forget to like and share this post.

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