How to become a croupier

Many people will have toyed with the idea of becoming a croupier. The stylish professionals that keep casinos ticking are the embodiment of slick skills, as they shuffle cards and collect chips with effortless panache.

The job requires a specific type of person, with a range of high-level attributes in their arsenal. Not everyone has what it takes to run the tables, but for dedicated people, there are ways to pursue the job as a career path.

Why Would Someone Want to Become a Croupier?

There are numerous reasons why someone would want to become a croupier, and different people would have diverse motives in taking it up as a career.

Some may simply want to gain a better understanding of a game they love and play it from another perspective. For instance, in blackjack, the dealer has a slightly better chance of winning than the player, which is why regular blackjack online has a return to player rate of 99.28 percent.

However, dealers need to be aware of the different rules that apply to them. They need to draw to 16 and stand on all 17s, whereas players aren’t restricted by these rules.

Some players may choose to take up the job purely for their love of providing other people with enjoyment and entertainment. They may like being the center of attention at the table, with the power to make or break people’s evenings.

It can be a chance to socialize, with many casino regulars often having their preferred dealers to sit opposite. Croupiers have the chance to meet an assorted range of people and can experience different languages and cultures throughout their working day.

Becoming a croupier is now easier than ever, thanks to online options. This is one of the main reasons why more people are striving to get into the trade.

There’s no longer any need to live close to a casino, and instead, croupiers can travel to specialist studios to host the live games.

With the rise of live casinos as a popular option in the already booming online casino industry, there will always be a wealth of jobs available.

This buzzing sector may also give people a chance to level up and take on higher-paying jobs in the casino structure at a later stage in their career.

The fact that croupiers can train and hone their skills over time makes it the perfect career path for individuals with a growth mindset, who are constantly striving to improve.

Dealers need to have several strong skills to get started, but they can develop and set themselves apart from beginners in the trade.

This can lead to roles in bigger and better casinos, which then open the door to a greater number of opportunities for career progression. On top of the standard salary, there are also opportunities to earn tips.

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What Traits and Skills are Required?

Anyone who wants to become a croupier needs to possess many more skills than simply knowing the rules of the different games.

Of course, a passion and knowledge of casino offerings is a good starting point, but there is a vast amount of training needed to get to the stage of becoming a professional.

The first thing that anyone wanting to follow this career path needs to know is that the training differs from country to country, and individual casinos may add their own stipulations to the requirements of their dealers.

There are courses on joining the casino game operators. The official name of this form of study is Casino Operations Training, and numerous universities and colleges across the USA provide this.

There are also private institutions that teach the skills to budding dealers. When applying for a position, there is no official qualification needed, but candidates will have to showcase their talents to get offered a job.

When croupiers first get roles in casinos, they are usually placed on games that are considered low risk for the casino first. In North America, they always start on blackjack.

This is because errors are unlikely to cost the house much money. In Europe, croupiers are put on the roulette wheel initially for similar reasons. The more complicated games with intricate betting systems, such as baccarat and craps, come later.

Aside from being able to deal and collect chips, croupiers need to have rapid calculation skills so that they can accurately pay out the right amount of winnings to the lucky punters.

When operating on busy tables, they also need to have a great memory to keep track of who placed which bet. On top of all that, they need to be sociable, likable, and have an infectious personality that keeps players coming back for more.

What Else Should People Consider Before Becoming a Croupier?

For anyone aspiring to take up a role that is further up in the casino hierarchy, getting in on the ground level as a croupier could be the best way to rise through the r

anks. For instance, they could aim to progress through the levels of the floor supervisor, pit boss, shift manager, and eventually, casino manager.

The other option would be to try to get recognized as one of the best croupiers in the game. This is the path that experts like Antoine Grauss decided to take.

The Monte Carlo-based dealer is known for being one of the most promising talents in the industry, after making a name for himself at the 2018 European Dealer Championships.

People who already enjoy casino gaming could benefit from the role because it would mean they’re constantly surrounded by their favorite sights and sounds throughout the working day.

For someone who can’t get enough of the electric atmosphere, this is the dream job. On top of all that, they usually get to dress up in the best suits and dresses imaginable.

For people looking for business or career ideas, there is a strong argument for becoming a croupier. There is wide scope for career progression, along with the chance to develop a highly unique and enviable skillset.

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