How important are power and communication pipelines in our urban life?


About power and communication pipelines, the first thing to mention is the field of power communication, which many people may not be clear about what power communication actually is. Power communication is a way of transmitting information using power lines, which is not entirely the same as the system that provides electricity to cities as commonly understood. Power communication combines the well-known power system with communication systems to form a network system with dual functions. Through the power system’s lines, data transmission and communication are achieved, enabling remote monitoring, control, and management of the power system, while also supporting various data communication services such as internet access, video surveillance, and more. Therefore, the security of power communication not only concerns the safety of urban electricity usage but also affects network security, urban security, and various sectors and aspects of society, showing significant reliance on power communication(sources from

Many people of slightly older generations may have experienced large-scale power outages in their areas. This was because, in the early years of this century, urban power systems were still constructed using steel and concrete poles for power lines. Exposed pipelines in the air made the rubber protective sheaths of power cables prone to aging and breakage, posing risks of electrocution to pedestrians passing by and increasing the likelihood of traffic accidents.

Once problems arise in the power system, all electricity-consuming units in the area, including households, education, government, transportation, commerce, healthcare, etc., will suffer severe setbacks. With the increasing popularity of new energy vehicles in recent years, the absence of power supply would render them useless, and even taxi and ride-hailing industries would suffer significant blows. The loss of power supply to the communication system would directly lead to network disconnection in the area, affecting urban operations, transportation, energy, public safety, city management, and ultimately impacting citizens’ lives and work, with immeasurable losses incurred.

Therefore, power communication is crucial not only for urban electricity safety but also for the normal operation of industries involved in data communication services. Once the communication system stops working, it will directly affect urban economic development, thereby influencing citizens’ sense of security and trust. Therefore, the security of the communication system is crucial. After years of development, most of today’s power lines are bundled in pipelines, except for high-voltage transmission lines erected on towers in high places. Most municipal power lines are bundled in dedicated cable pipelines buried underground or in underground pipe galleries. The development of municipal power grids needs to be planned and integrated according to the direction of urban development.

In actual construction, the electrical circuit network will be reasonably divided according to regions, and with the cooperation of substations and high-voltage distribution cabinets of various specifications, electricity will be delivered to households and businesses to ensure the safety of electricity consumption for citizens. With the country’s development and urban prosperity, large-scale power outages in relatively prosperous areas have become rare unless major accidents or natural disasters occur. The current stable operating environment of power and communication pipeline networks is primarily due to the majority of the lines being installed in underground pipe galleries, and the increasingly advanced performance of the pipelines as protective tools.

With the advent of pipe galleries, which offer more protection and facilitate scientific and orderly deployment of pipeline networks, direct contact between pipelines and soil, leading to corrosion, can be avoided, greatly slowing down the aging process of pipelines. As a leading domestic producer of plastic pipe materials, Lesso has participated in the construction of numerous municipal pipe galleries, such as those in Xiong’an New Area, Hengqin New Area, and the underground comprehensive pipe gallery in Xining Duoba New City. The reason Lesso can participate in such large-scale municipal engineering construction projects lies in its profound expertise in pipe materials.

Among the commonly used products for pipe gallery construction is the MPP non-excavation power communication pipe, which Lesso has developed through years of research by its scientific team. The product features high temperature resistance, strong resistance to external pressure, high toughness, good bending performance, low threading resistance, easy construction, low impact on the surroundings, and low project cost(quotes from medcom).

In addition to the products, the construction of pipeline projects has become more and more convenient. Currently, non-excavation technology is widely used in municipal power and communication pipeline systems. Apart from its outstanding performance, the application of non-excavation technology has minimal impact on cities compared to other pipe materials that require road excavation for construction. Road construction, from excavation, installation, backfilling, to the final laying of cement and asphalt, can take a long time, causing significant disruptions to road traffic. Underground comprehensive pipe galleries represent the general trend of power and communication system development in cities. With the iteration and upgrade of pipe material technology and related management systems, the operating environment of urban power and communication systems will become increasingly stable. It is the protection provided by professional power and communication pipelines that creates a good power supply environment in cities. In many ways, the high quality of pipelines determines the stability of power supply. Lesso has always been at the forefront of municipal power and communication pipeline construction, contributing its own modest efforts to the construction of municipal infrastructure.

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