Honolulu, the Capital of Hawaii – 20 Interesting Facts.

Honolulu City the capital of Hawaii

Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii State and it is located in the southeast area of the Pacific Ocean. Honolulu was incorporated as a city on the 30th of April in 1907.

It has the 11th largest Metropolitan Area in the United States. The city has a total area of 68 square miles and that equals to about 177.2 km2.

The capital of Hawaii state has series of nicknames and some of them are; cross roads of the Pacific Ocean, the big pineapple, paradise, sheltered bay, HNL, place of shelter and others.

The population of this city has been estimated to be around 345,000 people and that makes Honolulu the 55th most populous city in the United States of America.

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Honolulu is considered a major hot spot for international business, ocean defense, hospitality and finance. It is also one of the southernmost and westernmost cities in the United States.

The five nearest cities to the capital of Hawaii U.S.A are; Aiea, Kaneohe, Waimalu, Ahuimanu and Pearl City, Hawaii.

  • Population: 348,000.
  • Land mass: 68.4 square miles.
  • Area code: 808.
  • Popular Celebrities: Barack Obama (Former U.S President), Bruno Mars (Artiste), Nicole Kidman (Actress).

If you don’t mind knowing more about Honolulu, I have certainly provided up to 20 interesting facts below.

Fact 1

The Honolulu symphony which is popularly called the Hawaii symphony Orchestra was formed in 1900 and this symphony is the second oldest symphony in the United States of America.

Fact 2

The city is the largest city in Hawaii State, United States.

Fact 3

The word Honolulu can be translated in Hawaiian language as “a place of shelter” or “shelter bay”.

Fact 4

Out of the fading monarch systems in the United States, Honolulu city still has a monarch.

Fact 5

Honolulu has two official languages; English language and Hawaiin language. The Hawaiian language comes in as a result of Hawaii being the only U.S state with an official language.

Fact 6

It is so much illegal in Honolulu to annoy a bird. Funny right?

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Fact 7

It is even against the law in Honolulu to assemble about 15 Dogs or Cats in the same place.

Fact 8

Did you know that Billboards are outlawed in Honolulu?

Fact 9

Honolulu is home to about, if not even more than 30 Buddhist Temples.

Fact 10

In Honolulu, it is a crime to own a mongoose.

Fact 11

Have you heard of the Hawaiian Plate Lunch? This is arguably one of the popular meals you would find in Honolulu.

Fact 12

It is compulsory for residents to own a boat as failure to do that could even attract a fine.

Fact 13

The city hosts the van’s Triple Crown in December which is also known as World Professional Surfing because of the high waves of the period.

Fact 14

 In Honolulu, it is a crime to use imitation milk in a milkshake.

Fact 15

It is against the rules to feed a shark in this city.

Fact 16

The city is even the 11th largest metropolitan area in the United States of America despite its number of beaches.

Fact 17

You could be arrested in the city for fishing with electric currents, poison or dynamite. Why would a sane person fish with dynamite anyways?

Fact 18

According to Forbes, the capital of Hawaii was named the third happiest city in 2015 and 2017.

Fact 19

As a reminder, Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii State, United States.

Fact 20

Every December in the city, about 28,000 runners engage in a marathon due to Honolulu’s flat landscapes which seems almost perfect for athletes.

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