Top 15 Highest Paid Players In EPL 2023: From Goals to Gold

The Highest Paid Players In EPL

Welcome, football fans and sports enthusiasts! Are you curious about the financial side of the English Premier League and wondering who’s raking in the big bucks? Join us as we delve into the world of professional football and unveil the top 10 highest paid players in the EPL in 2023. From record-breaking contracts to lucrative endorsement deals, we’ll explore what makes these football stars the highest earners in the game.

It has become a known fact that the English Premier League takes the top spot on the list of the ten best football leagues in the world, it is very entertaining, highly competitive, and also pays very well.

Statistics show that even the team that sits last in the English Premier League is richer than the top ten teams in some leagues, which explains why many of those playing in the Premier League are earning a great fortune even in the lowest team.

With new transfers and signings into different clubs, while teams are getting prepared for the new season in August, wouldn’t it be insightful to know the top earners in each team?

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 highest paid players in the EPL 2023.

Top 15 Highest Paid Players In EPL 2023

Highest Paid Players In EPL 2023
RankNameCurrent Annual Salary
#1Kevin de Bruyne£20,800,000
#2Erling Haaland£19,500,000
#3David De Gea£19,500,000
#4Mohamed Salah£18,200,000
#5Jadon Sancho£18,200,000
#6Raphael Varane£17,680,000
#7Raheem Sterling£16,900,000
#8Jack Grealish£15,600,000
#9Kalidou Koulibaly£15,340,000
#10N’Golo Kante£15,080,000
#11Gabriel Jesus£13,780,000
#12Reece James£13,000,000
#13John Stones£13,000,000
#14Anthony Martial£13,000,000
#15Bruno Fernandes £12,480,000

11. Gabriel Jesus – £13,780,000

Highest paid players in EPL - Gabriel JEsus

Meet Gabriel Jesus, the sensational Brazilian forward who has taken the English Premier League by storm with his incredible skills, speed, and goal-scoring prowess. He is now one of the highest paid players in EPL today.

Since joining Arsenal F.C., Jesus has consistently proven to be a force to be reckoned with, quickly becoming a fan favorite and a key player in the team’s offensive lineup. His unique blend of flair, creativity, and raw talent has earned him a reputation as one of the most exciting young players in the world of football.

His success in the Premier League is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and adaptability in the face of challenges, proving that he has what it takes to compete with the best players in the world.

N'golo Kante - Most paid English Premier League Players

10. N’golo Kante – £15,080,000

N’Golo Kanté is a French professional footballer who plays for the France national team and as a defensive midfielder for Premier League club Chelsea.

He is known for his clean tackles, stamina, and ability to cover long distances as well as his ability to win back the ball.

With a total of 197 appearances, 10 goals, and 12 assists, it is no surprise that his weekly salary of £290,000, and £15,080,000 annually ranks him among the top ten highest paid players in EPL.

9. Kalidou Koulibaly – £15,340,000

Kalidou Koulibaly - average premier league player salary

Introducing Kalidou Koulibaly, the formidable defender who has recently joined the ranks of Chelsea F.C. Hailing from Senegal, Koulibaly has made a name for himself as one of the world’s most sought-after center-backs.

With an impressive football career that includes dominating the Italian Serie A with Napoli, Koulibaly now sets his sights on making an impact in the English Premier League, and has become one of the most paid players in the league.

His arrival at Chelsea F.C. has generated much excitement and anticipation, with fans eager to witness his world-class defensive skills on the pitch at Stamford Bridge.

As Chelsea F.C. strengthens its squad with the addition of Kalidou Koulibaly, the future looks promising for the club and its supporters. With a proven track record of success in both domestic and international competitions, Koulibaly’s experience and expertise will undoubtedly elevate Chelsea’s defensive capabilities.

8. Jack Grealish – £15,600,000

Highest paid players in EPL - Jack Grealish

It might be surprising to see the Aston Villa icon listed among the highest-paid footballers in the EPL. Interestingly, he is on the high ranks of Manchester City players salary

Grealish joined Aston Villa at the age of six, and made his debut for the club in May 2014, following a loan at Notts County.

Jack Grealish currently has a total of 100 appearances, 16 goals, and 17 assists.

Making his way to one of the best EPL clubs – Manchester City, he earns £300,000 weekly, and £15,600,000 every year, and has made it to the list of the top ten highest-paid football players in the English Premier League.

9. Raheem Sterling – £16,900,000

Highest Paid English Premier League Players - Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling has been very sensational and indispensable for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

Raheem Sterling, the dynamic and versatile winger, has recently joined the prestigious ranks of Chelsea F.C., adding even more firepower to their already formidable lineup.

Known for his electrifying pace, impressive dribbling skills, and an innate ability to find the back of the net, Sterling has consistently proven himself as one of the most lethal attacking talents in the world of football. Having achieved remarkable success with his previous club, Manchester City, Sterling now looks to conquer new heights with Chelsea and contribute significantly to their quest for domestic and European glory.

His current average salary is £16,900,000, making him one of the highest paid players in EPL.

Raphael Varane

6. Raphael Varane – £17,680,000

Raphaël Xavier Varane is a French professional footballer who plays as a center-back for Manchester United FC, one of the richest football clubs in the world, and the France national team. 

Manchester United is delighted to announce the signing of Raphael Varane, keeping him at the club until June 2025 with a weekly pay of £340,000.

When he arrived at the club he said: “I want to make an impact here and I will give everything to become part of this club’s illustrious history.”

Varane, 28, is one of the most decorated players in world football and has amassed over 19 trophies in his career so far, including four Champions Leagues, three Spanish titles, and the 2018 World Cup.

5. Jadon Sancho £18,200,000

Jadon Malik Sancho is an English professional footballer who plays as a winger for Premier League club Manchester United and the England national team.

Sancho is a highly technical, creative player, he is known for his trickery, pace, and use of feints in one-on-one situations.

He was born on March 25th, 2000. He scored 50 goals and registered 64 assists in four seasons with Borussia Dortmund. England International was part of the squad that reached the final of Euro 2020.

Jadon Sancho said: “I’ll always be grateful to Dortmund for giving me the opportunity to play first-team football, although I always knew that I would return to England one day. Today he is one of the highest paid players in EPL.

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4. Mohamed Salah – £18,200,000

highest paid players in EPL - Mohamed Salah

Meet Mohamed Salah, Liverpool F.C.’s sensational forward who has taken the world of football by storm. Since joining the club in 2017, the Egyptian superstar has consistently dazzled fans and opponents alike with his electrifying speed, incredible goal-scoring abilities, and remarkable teamwork.

As a vital component of Liverpool’s attacking force, Salah has played a pivotal role in the team’s recent successes, including their triumphant 2019 UEFA Champions League campaign.

3. Erling Haaland – £19,500,000

As a vital component of Liverpool’s attacking force, Salah has played a pivotal role in the team’s recent successes, including their triumphant 2019 UEFA Champions League campaign.

Even as the Manchester City F.C went on to clinch the Premier League cups, it is evident that they need a professional striker who specializes in scoring goals at every chance created by the well-coordinated team.

Top earners in the English Premier League - Erling Braut Haaland

Erling Braut Haaland is a Norwegian professional footballer who now plays as a striker for the Premier League club Manchester City as well as the Norway national team.

He is also a member of the Norway national squad. He is renowned for his athleticism, quickness, and finishing ability, and is often regarded as one of the very finest players in the world.

Erling Haaland, who plays for Borussia Dortmund, has been a part of the bulk of the club’s games in the Bundesliga this season (2021/2022), making a total of 24 appearances and playing for 1,915 minutes.

He has been chosen to start in the starting eleven for 21 of these matches out of their total of 34, and he has entered the game as a substitute on three different occasions.

As a result of the 21-year-old player signing a long-term contract with the Etihad behemoth at a salary of £375,000 per week, he is now included on the list of the Premier League’s highest earners.

Kevin De Bruyne, Haaland’s new teammate, makes £400,000 per week, making him the best-paid player in the English Premier League. However, Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United continues to hold the title of highest paid player in the English Premier League.

2. David de Gea – £19,500,000

The Highest paid players in EPL - David De Gea

Guess who ranks 3rd on the list of highest-paid players in English Premier League?

The Manchester United and Spain shot-stopper David de Gea, who has made over 300 appearances for the Red Devils since joining in 2011.

Regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in Europe, De Gea who currently earns £375,000 per week is currently the highest paid player in EPL 2022

He is one of the reasons soccer fans head on to the best betting sites to place bets that his team will win.

He helped the Red Devils claim the UEFA Europa League, Carling cup (now carabao cup), and community shield in 2016 under Jose Mourinho.

Recently though, he has had a tough time trying to keep up with the good work he was known for but hasn’t found his form.

David De Gea has been linked previously with a move away to Real Madrid of Spain but the deal couldn’t pull through as he was tied down with a lucrative deal that had his weekly pay increased to £375,000.

most paid epl players - Kevin De Bruyne

1. Kevin De Bruyne £20,800,000

Kevin De Bruyne is currently the highest paid player in EPL in 2023. He is regarded as one of the best midfield maestro both in Europe and in the Premier League.

He has great shot power, pinpoints passes, and an eye for goal as he was the assist leader in the premier league last season.

He currently earns £19,500,000 yearly, which ranks him number 1 on the list of the highest paid players in EPL.

So, Who the most paid footballer in the English Premier League?

Summary of The Highest Paid Players In EPL

There you have the top list of the most paid players in the English Premier League. Here’s a quick recap below:

  1. Kevin De Bruyne
  2. Erling Haaland
  3. David De Gea
  4. Mohamed Salah
  5. MohamedJadon Sancho
  6. Raphael Varane
  7. Romelu Lukaku
  8. Jack Greleash
  9. Raheem Sterling
  10. N’golo Kante
  11. Paul Pogba

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