Grace Nakimera Net Worth, Age, And Biography

Grace Nakimera Net Worth

What is Grace Nakimera Net Worth?

Grace Nakimera Net Worth: $320,000
Born: February 1985
Country of Origin: Uganda
Source of Wealth: Gospel singer, songwriter, and businesswoman
First Hit Project: “Ani Akumanyi”

Grace Nakimera is a gospel female musician, dancer, composer, and songwriter who has been in the entertainment industry for seven years now.

She has collaborated with other notable acts like Cindy Sanyu, and Jackie Chandiru.

Her rise to fame in gospel music has seen her rank among the top 10 richest musicians in Uganda with her being the only richest female musician on the list.

Apart from music, she has businesses that she is running, which also fetches her a ton of money.

This article will be taking a look at everything concerning the life and career of Grace Nakimera.

Grace Nakimera Net worth and Highlights

As of 2021, Grace Nakimera’s net worth is estimated to be $320,000 dollars.

Here are the best highlights of Grace Nakimera’s career so far:

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Grace Nakimera Award

  • Vine Gospel Awards For Song of the Year 2020

Grace Nakimera Biography

Grace Nakimera was born in Kampala, Uganda in February 1985.

She attended Bat Valley primary school and then Old Kampala S.S.S; but since her mother wasn’t financially buoyant enough to sponsor her, she had to enroll in a salon course where she learned how to make hair and make up.

She has a brother named Jjunju. 

She got married to a Norwegian photographer named Andre Ringen, and their marriage lasted for 10 years before they went their separate ways.

Their marriage was blessed with a lovely daughter.

Grace Nakimera Career

Grace Nakimera began singing at the age of seven.

She began performing at various talent shows in Kampala.

When she turned  18, she traveled to Rwanda and performed with the resident band for two years at the Mille Collin Hotel in Kigali, the hotel was featured in the Rwanda genocide movie, Hotel Rwanda.

Nakimera joined the church choir Christ the King after returning to Kampala in 2000.

In 2004 she had a major breakthrough in music.

She worked with the singing duo Gatimo and Paragon to record “Ani Akumanyi,” a song that became a hit in Uganda.

The trio won the upcoming Artists Award at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards 2004/05.

She started a solo career when the group split up.

Since then she has released hit tracks like “Anfuukula”, “Kiva Kuki”, “Sukuma”, “Nvawo Nawe”, “Kawoonawo”.

And the rock gospel song “Onyambanga” Nakimera is also one of her hit songs. 

Grace Nakimera also owns a business and she is into real estate.

She owns a piece of land in Najjera. 

Some of the songs she has recorded within the seven years she has been in the entertainment industry are;

  • Ani Akumanyi
  • Katika
  • Nkwagala Kufa
  • Sexy
  • Onyambanga mukama
  • Kawonawo
  • Nvawo Nawe
  • Mpola Mpola
  • Anfukuula
  • Some More
  • Ntandika
  • Bumper ku Bumper
  • Nalo
  • Kiva Kuki
  • Sukuma
  • Welaga Ki
  • Seesa
  • Baagala Kiki
  • Riziki Yo
  • Twala Byange
  • Tuseyeya

Grace Nakimera had a progressing music career until she decided to put it on hold in order to attend to other things, such as her marriage with Andre.

She is currently engaged in business and other community services despite promising to return to the industry. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is Grace Nakimera from?

Grace Nakimera is from Uganda. 

Who is Grace Nakimera’s daughter? 

Grace Nakimera’s daughter bears the name Mariah Shane. 

What does Grace Nakimera do for a living?

She is a gospel singer, songwriter, and businesswoman.

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Is Grace Nakimera Married?

Grace is currently single. Although she was previously married to a Norwegian photographer named Andre Ringen who she had a daughter with.

How did Grace and her husband Andre meet?

Grace Nakimera met her husband Andre Ringen who happened to be a senior photographer at a  Modelling audition she went for.

They got attracted to each other and immediately exchanged contacts.

Not long, the duo had started dating and soon decided to take it to the next level by toeing the knot. 

When asked about her marriage and husband, Grace responded by saying ‘I Have been the happiest woman on this planet earth.

Dating a white man is the best experience that has ever happened to me? First of all, our child has the best-mixed genes.

His father takes him through the white culture. He teaches him how to respect women and all that.

I find whites as the most romantic fathers. When we had just met, my parents thought otherwise of Andre”.

Why did Grace Nakimera’s marriage end? 

Grace Nakimera later ended ten years marriage with Andre Ringen.

According to her, “her husband was picking up chics every day”, she couldn’t deal with her husband’s attitude anymore and so she had to end the marriage. 

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Great Life Lessons From Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera is one musician who had battled with several obstacles in the course of her career.

She had to contend with both “physical” and “spiritual” forces which later led to her switching from secular music to gospel music after God “gave her a second chance”.

Here are some of the lessons we can learn from award-winning artist.

Never give up hope but keep maintaining a positive attitude

During the time Grace Nakimera was into secular music, she used to battle with “demonic spiritual attacks, along with stress and also how on many occasions people constantly deserted her due to what she was going through in her life. 

According to her  “during that time I realized that money is just nothing, useless and just paper”, also emphasizing that it’s only by God’s doing that she is alive.

She also went on to stress that “I understood the power of God, and my life today as well as me being here is all a second chance”, Grace pleaded and bargained with God to let her see her child grow and pledged her life to Christ if all things went right. 

Grace Nakimera has released a number of gospel songs right from the time she gave her life to Christ which have been welcomed and accepted by mainstream media and the church as well, songs like Anvirideyo, Yansasira, and her recent release Kabaka Kristo a gospel smash hit track of confession depicting herself as the daughter of the Most High God. 

Be determined and stay focused 

It wasn’t easy for Grace Nakimera, especially after divorcing her husband, as she had to Singlehandedly take care of her daughter and also her music career and other businesses at the same time, but she was determined to succeed despite all odds, and today she has become an inspiration to many Ugandans. 

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Grace Nakimera Net worth (Summary)

Right from secular music to gospel music, Grace Nakimera knows that it’s only in God satisfaction and peace can be found, she then clings to him.

Her life had been a demonstration of faith and courage to everyone, and today she has become an inspiration to many Ugandans. 

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