16 Gordons Quotes (Things Gordons Once Said)

Gordons Quotes about life and success

We bring to you about 16 Gordons quotes and sayings about life, hustle, and success.

Gordons is one of the most prolific comedians presently in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He has a unique way of getting into the hearts of his audience in a bid to make them merry.

Through his carefully crafted jokes which result from his deep knowledge and attention to details of matters that affect the social lives of many Nigerians, Gordons is considered hugely talented than many of his peers. This is why Gordons net worth has been on the rising trend over the last few years.

What kept this professional Nigerian comedian going forward to achieve his dreams to become a successful entertainer? In this collection of Gordons quotes in this post, you’ll learn more about his mind-shifting ideologies.

Gordons Quotes About Life, Hustle, and Success

1.”You have to be ready mentally, physically, and spiritually to face challenges that will come your way.” – Gordons

2. “You must maintain your focus, focus on your dream and pursue it. Live it and sleep it every day.” – Gordons

3. “You have to respect people because they are the backbone of your success and failure. You must respect the people that contributed in one way or the other to your dream.” – Gordons quotes

Gordons quotes about respect

4.”It is not by force to greet everybody you meet on the road, but you have to know how to put yourself out there.” – Gordons

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5. “You need to have the talent to make it in your industry” – Gordons

6. “No matter how good you are, you are the villain in somebody’s narration of the movie.” – Gordons quotes

7. “In business nowadays, people always forget to work with the heart. It’s not every time that you go for skills.” – Gordons

8. “There are lots of things that people can do in the music industry. One of the challenges that we have in the industry is actually human resources. We are looking for people that can handle different things.” – Gordons

9. “I am a leader that allows his team to do what they think is right.” – Gordons quotes

10. “I listen to everyone from the manager to the gateman. Once you have an idea, we table it, we debate it and if it is practicable at the end of the day, we run it.” – Gordons

Gordons quotes about ideas

11. “Advice to comedians, you have to have passion. If your initial plan was to come into music production because of money, you won’t go far.” – Gordons

12. “You must try to create a name for yourself; create a style for yourself and do things differently.” – Gordons quotes

13. “In this era and beyond. Find something to bring to the digital table so you can have some meals.” – Gordons

14. “Never look at what you can do as easy. Look at it as special. Do it well and diligently. Trust me to those who can’t do what you do, it’s your superpower.” – Gordons

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15. “Funny thing is that in this our business, bigmanism/bigwomanism can make you go hungry.” – Gordons

16 “If your world doesn’t allow you to dream, move to one where you can.” – Gordons

Summary of Gordons Quotes and Sayings

There you have it. Thanks for checking our collection of quotes from Gordons. So, tell us, which of these quotes resonates more with you?

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