Gordons Net Worth, Age, Biography & Career 2023

Gordons Net Worth and Biography

How much is Gordons net worth?

Gordons Net Worth:$2 Million
Full Name:Godwin Komone
Born:April 4, 1979
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Education:Delta State University
Source of Wealth:Standup comedy, Endorsements

Gordons is one of the most prolific comedians presently in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He has a unique way of getting into the hearts of his audience in a bid to make them merry.

Through his carefully crafted jokes which result from his deep knowledge and attention to details of matters that affect the social lives of many Nigerians, Gordons is considered hugely talented than many of his peers. This is why Gordon’s net worth has been on the rising trend over the last few years.

The more widespread exposure and acknowledgment of more Nigerians to Comedy have brought enough spotlight to this sector in the entertainment industry.

This translates to more revenues generated by comedians most of which hold shows and other related events on specific dates.

Gordons has also enjoyed the rise in the appreciation of comedy by many Nigerians, considering the significant growth in his net worth in the last couple of years. Today, he is one of the top 10 richest comedian in Nigeria.

Through this article, we will explore Gordons net worth and other interesting details about Gordons that will keep you captivated and most likely be a fan of his.

Gordons Net Worth and Highlights

As of today, I go dye is worth an estimated to be $2 million.

How Gordons Spend His Money

Gordons has quite a quiet life away from the stage, considering how well he protects his privacy. He has been efficient in keeping himself away from the spotlight once off the stage.

For other celebrities who are as rich in the region of Gordons net worth, most live a pronounced and luxurious lifestyle. Gordons however keeps away from the screens.

Due to his reserved nature, it is quite hard to know how Gordons Spent most of his fortune.

He owns a mansion on the island of Lagos, coupled with a 2019 Range Rover and a Bentley Continental GT which are both worth over $300,000.

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Gordons Biography

For people who know Gordons, it will be very hard to not like him. His sense of humor, attention to detail, and other characteristics made him one of the best stand-up comedians that he is today.

Before Gordon net worth became what he is today, he started from little beginnings.

Gordons was born in his hometown of Warri in Delta state, one of the 36 states in Nigeria, which is situated in the South-South geographical zone of Nigeria.

Despite being widely known by his stage name of Gordons, his full name is Godwin Komone. His parents originated from the Urhobo tribe of that part of the state.

Gordons had his primary education at Ighogbadu Primary School which is situated in his hometown, while he got his West African Senior school certificate at the Nana College which is also in the same town.

Gordons noticed his talents in comedy while he was attending Delta State University for his tertiary education.

He however didn’t put it to use for commercial purposes, considering his plans to focus on earning his degree certificate. While at the school, he studied integrated science and graduated with flying colors in the latter part of 1998.

Gordons Career

Gordons net worth was built from scratch, right from his university days when he was associated with the comedy group widely referred to as the DC Envoy.

This comedy group operated within the boundaries of Delta State at the time. He was also known for playing music and comedy during his leisure time at school.

Due to the unbearable financial situation that his family was in at the time, Gordons had to try his hands at different kinds of professions; from comedy, singing, ministering, and so on.

All these were in a bid to try and resolve the financial situation of his family. One of these jobs that he tried his hands at and stood out was creating his own church.

He named the church the Rainbow Christian Assembly located in Warri. He was inspired to create his own church due to his Christian background. Like the other ventures he tried his hands on, it failed.

His stage name Gordons was given to him by his friends when Gordons Spark and Gordons first came into the Nigerian market. No doubt, Gordons net worth was in the making.

Again, music sort him out in his early twenties when his childhood friend, Obus Zelee, formed their group. What originally looked childish and of no positive beginning on the Karien Streets, near Emiberen Street, Okumagba Avenue, later turned young stars everywhere in Nigeria for performance.

Gordons also featured in the team of comedians assembled by Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) for the Made in Warri project in 2006.

While being featured on the stage of Made In Warri, he got launched on the big stage of Experience in 2006, where the big story of his big break actually began. He has been featured on different platforms including AY Live Shows, A Nite of a Thousand Laughs, and several others.

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The first big project created of his own accord is the Gordons Comedy Clinic which is a series of comedies that spanned over more than 5 years.

This project brought Gordons the fame and recognition his career needed to blow up. And that was what happened, as he became a household name in the entertainment industry through his skills and jokes that just made sense to his audience.

Gordons net worth also earned a big boost that he needed to further advance his career to the next level.

As a multitalented comedian who is known for his abilities in singing, comedy, and hosting shows; Gordons has anchored several events and featured in concerts on the domestic and international scene where he earned huge payouts from.

His Gordons Comedy Clinic is one of the sources where he earns the bulk of his money including the popular CDs sold all across Nigeria.

Gordons net worth got a further boost after signing endorsement deals that had huge financial values that would change his life forever.

Endorsement deals he signed are with huge corporations including the likes of Ifeanyi Uba’s Authority Newspaper, Neon Fashion brand, Globalcom, and so on.

Like Gordon net worth, anyone’s net worth would increase exponentially after signing huge deals such as this. Today, Gordons net worth is estimated at a whopping value of $2 million.

How much is Godwin Konome net worth

In one of our favorite Gordons quotes, he once said; “In business nowadays, people always forget to work with the heart. It’s not every time that you go for skills.” – Gordons

Life Lessons From Gordons

  • There is nothing bad about exploring career options available to you. As in the case of Gordons, he tried his hands on many jobs, still, he was not able to secure any white-collar jobs in his chosen field of study. It was in this process that he found just the right career path for himself.
  • It is important to associate with as many people as possible during the job-hunting phase.
  • Regardless of your background, you should always do what you are passionate about and enjoy doing. This provides you with renewed energy every time you engage in this type of business or job.

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Summary of Gordons Net Worth

Gordons net worth of a huge $2 million comes as a surprise to many due to the general perception people have that comedians don’t earn much.

This article however breaks the stereotype and enlightens us to the fact that comedians actually earn more than we could ever imagine.

I hope this article has been able to enlighten you about not just Gordons net worth, but also his early life and other interesting facts about his career.

Definitely, it is not surprising to see how much Gordons has made through his lengthy career which has spanned almost a decade.

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