Full List Of Nollywood Movies On Netflix

List Of Nollywood Movies On Netflix

Are you a Nigerian curious about the full list of Nollywood movies on Netflix, then this place is the right one for you.

The global film industry has seen a significant transformation in recent years, with Nigeria emerging as a hub of cinematic creativity. The Nollywood film industry, known for its captivating narratives, vivid characters, and culturally rich storytelling, has gained acclaim.

Netflix, a streaming platform, has become a treasure trove of Nollywood movies, catering to a wide range of tastes and interests. As Netflix expands its global footprint, it has recognized the appeal of Nollywood productions, making them accessible to audiences worldwide. Nollywood, renowned for its diverse genres, includes romantic comedies, thrillers, and thought-provoking dramas.

This comprehensive guide presents an exhaustive list of Nollywood movies currently available on Netflix, serving as a gateway into the world of Nigerian filmmaking.

This compilation will serve as a passport to the dynamic realm of Nigerian filmmaking, allowing viewers to explore the stories that have captured the hearts of audiences both near and far.

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The List Of Nollywood Movies On Netflix

Have you been looking for a well-curated and detailed list of Nollywood Movies on Netflix? Below, you will find some of the most important and most-watched list of Nollywood Movies on Netflix.

  • The Black Book
  • The One For Sarah
  • Jagun Jagun
  • Passport
  • Déjà Vu
  • Shanty Town
  • Far From Home
  • Obara’m
  • The Stand Up
  • Mokalik (Mechanic)
  • The Wildflower
  • A Lot Like Love
  • Blood Sisters
  • Aki And Paw Paw
  • Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper
  • Ayinla
  • Aníkúlápó
  • Soólè
  • Dwindle
  • The Ghost And The Tout Too
  • Fate Of Alakada
  • Yahoo+
  • The Griot
  • Strangers
  • Master & 3 Maids
  • Omo Ghetto: The Saga
  • Chief Daddy
  • The Wait
  • Glamour Girls
  • A Simple Lie
  • Castle And Castle
  • Moms At War
  • Before Valentine’s
  • Eleshin Oba: The King’s Horseman
  • U Turn
  • Rattle Snake -The Ahanna Story
  • Your Excellency
  • Breaded Life
  • My Village People
  • Prophetess

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1. The Black Book

The Black Book is a gripping narrative that unfolds when a grieving deacon finds himself entangled in a web of corruption after his son is falsely accused of kidnapping.

Fueled by a father’s unwavering love and a profound sense of justice, he embarks on a relentless mission to clear his son’s name, pitting himself against a corrupt police gang that has infiltrated the very heart of the justice system.

As he delves deeper into the darkness, the deacon’s quest for absolution becomes a heart-pounding battle for truth, revealing the lengths one man will go to protect his family and uphold the principles he holds dear.

2. The One For Sarah

The One for Sarah” is a compelling tale of a fashion designer’s journey towards healing and self-discovery following a traumatic experience. Her path to reclaiming her self-worth leads her through a complex web of relationships, filled with unexpected twists and turns.

In the midst of her recovery, a fashion designer embarks on a profound journey of self-redemption, weaving through a intricate tapestry of relationships that promise unforeseen surprises and challenges.

3. Jagun Jagun

A determined young man aspires to attain greatness as a warrior, leading him to enlist in an exclusive military force.

Along this perilous journey, he crosses paths with a ruthless warlord driven by madness, while also finding himself entangled in a passionate romance with a fearless woman.

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4. Passport

Two individuals hailing from entirely different walks of life join forces, enlisting the assistance of a street-savvy companion in a race against the clock to retrieve a stolen passport, ensuring they make their crucial flight.

5. Déjà Vu

List Of Nollywood Movies On Netflix - Déjà Vu

Despite their deep love and happiness, a young couple’s relationship faces a significant trial as whispers and doubts threaten to fracture their connection.

6. Shanty Town

A collective of courtesans strives to break free from the clutches of a notorious kingpin, yet the web of political corruption and familiar bonds renders the pursuit of freedom a daunting endeavor.

7. Far From Home

Far From Home tells the story of a financially disadvantaged teenager whose life takes a dramatic turn when he earns a prestigious scholarship, granting him access to an exclusive school catering to the wealthiest one percent of society.

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8. Obara’m

Faced with her own history, Oluchi, a talented musician with a bright future, embarks on a journey to mend her relationship with the daughter she once left behind. However, some wounds run too deep for forgiveness.

9. The Stand Up

The Stand-Up unfolds the story of a resourceful young man in Lagos who, armed only with his sharp wit, embarks on a journey to secure quick funds and alleviate his family’s financial burden.

Along the way, he finds himself catapulted into the vibrant world of stand-up comedy, navigating the bustling Lagos comedy scene to achieve his goals.

10. Mokalik (Mechanic)

Mokalik (Mechanic)” is a coming-of-age story that revolves around a young boy whose life takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned to work at a distant mechanic’s shop, far from the comfort of his suburban home.

As circumstances unfold, he is confronted with a difficult decision that will shape his future.

11. The Wildflower

The Wildflower tells the story of three resilient women who bravely withstand mistreatment from a predatory boss, an oppressive spouse, and a disturbing neighbor.

Their silence persists until one of them summons the courage to break it and speak out against the injustices they endure.

12. A Lot Like Love

A wealthy woman and her husband, who also happens to be her father’s most trusted assistant, plan a romantic weekend getaway. But their peaceful trip takes a scary turn when unexpected problems arise.

13. Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters is a gripping story of friendship tested to the limits. Sarah and Kemi, inseparable best friends, find themselves in a perilous situation when a wealthy groom vanishes without a trace during his engagement party.

Bound by a dangerous secret, they have no choice but to go on the run, setting the stage for a thrilling and suspenseful tale of survival and loyalty.

14. Aki And Paw Paw

Moving to the bustling city of Lagos, two mischievous siblings embark on a quest for social media stardom, their journey taking an unexpected turn when they encounter a charismatic influencer.

15. Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper

In ‘Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper,’ the narrative unfolds around a pastor who, unbeknownst to his congregation, lives a double life. His world takes a dramatic turn when he falls for an exotic dancer within his own flock.

Little does he know, this newfound romance is a carefully crafted plot devised by a vengeful ex-lover with intentions to bring about his downfall.

16. Ayinla

Ayinla is a biographical musical film that traces the journey of Ayinla Omowura, a renowned Yoruba Apala musician, from his early days of obscurity to his ascent to stardom, delving into his personal relationships and ultimately, his tragic demise.

17. Aníkúlápó

Aníkúlápó” is a captivating tale of transformation and second chances, where a fateful affair with a queen ultimately becomes the catalyst for a remarkable journey. In this enchanting narrative, an intrepid traveler’s path intersects with that of a mystical bird possessing the extraordinary ability to bestow upon him a new lease on life.

As the story unfolds, we witness how the traveler’s destiny takes an unexpected twist, offering readers a glimpse into the profound mysteries of fate, redemption, and the enduring power of hope.

18. Soólè

As the sun sets over the bustling city of Lagos and a group of eclectic strangers boards a bus bound for Enugu, their ordinary journey takes an unexpected turn.

Soon, they find themselves entangled in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game with a group of ruthless criminals. Along this thrilling voyage, these diverse individuals must rely on their wits, resourcefulness, and the bonds they form during their perilous trip to navigate the perilous road ahead

19. Dwindle

As they took control of a stolen vehicle, two frightened companions embarked on a dangerous adventure entangled with hitmen, law enforcement, and an abducted governor.

This narrative is presented in straightforward grammar to ensure it’s easily understandable, even for those with limited experience.

20. The Ghost And The Tout Too

List Of Nollywood Movies On Netflix - The Ghost And The Tout Too

A woman with the special ability to talk to ghosts finds herself in a situation where she needs to use her powers to assist a coma patient. This patient’s spirit is stuck in a state between life and death, and the gifted woman must help them.

21. Fate Of Alakada

Fate of Alakada is a movie about a social media influencer who pretends to be an event planner and is given the job of organizing a fancy party with famous guests.

22. Yahoo+

Yahoo+ is a Nollywood film you can watch on Netflix. The story revolves around two friends who have big dreams of making it in the movie world but keep facing letdowns.

They get really frustrated and, in their quest for riches, team up with a Hong Kong crime boss to pull off an internet scam, all in the hopes of getting rich quick. In plain words, this movie is all about two buddies whose dreams of making it in the movies don’t work out, so they partner with a Hong Kong criminal to do an internet scam for fast cash.

23. The Griot

The Griot is similar to a special storyteller originating from West Africa. Picture a person who possesses exceptional storytelling abilities, yet they remain exceedingly reserved and introverted.

Now, envision this individual having a friend who, while less skilled in storytelling, exudes a more outgoing demeanor. In this scenario, both the reticent storyteller and their outgoing friend share a mutual attraction to the same woman.

In an effort to impress her, the extroverted friend shamelessly appropriates the shy storyteller’s narratives without consent, presenting them to the woman as if they were his own, akin to pilfering someone’s cherished possessions.

Consequently, a Griot embodies the essence of this introverted yet highly proficient storyteller who, in this narrative, experiences betrayal as their friend purloins their stories in a bid to win the woman’s heart. This tale delves into themes of friendship, betrayal, and the formidable influence of storytelling.

24. Strangers

Stranger is a Nollywood movie you can watch on Netflix, It tells a story based on real events about a young boy living in a remote Nigerian village, where the people are struggling due to a serious illness, feeling very sad and isolated.

However, an unexpected event occurs, completely transforming the boy’s life when someone or something unexpected arrives to provide help that they didn’t anticipate, ultimately bringing hope and happiness to their lives, in simple words, “STRANGER” is a Nollywood movie on Netflix depicting the life of a boy in a remote Nigerian village plagued by disease and despair, until an unexpected source of help arrives, changing their lives for the better.

25. Master & 3 Maids

Master & 3 Maids is a Nollywood movie available on Netflix. It tells the story of three maids working in a strict household in Ghana.

These maids find themselves in various troublesome situations as they attempt to outsmart and outmaneuver their employers while also dealing with the messes they create themselves.

The movie explores the comedic and dramatic situations that arise as these maids navigate their challenging work environment.

26. Omo Ghetto: The Saga

Omo Ghetto: The Saga is a Nollywood movie available on Netflix. It tells the story of two twin sisters who are brought back together. One of the sisters is a kind-hearted female gangster, while the other is an uptight, wealthy woman.

Together, they face various challenges involving their family, criminal activities, law enforcement, and the problems that come with their actions. The movie explores their journey as they deal with these difficulties and how it affect their lives.

27. Chief Daddy

Chief Daddy is a film about the Bee-croft family, who want to use up all the money left behind by their deceased family member, Chief Daddy.

However, there is a problem because the CEO of Chief Daddy’s company doesn’t want them to spend all the money. In simple terms, the Bee-Croft family is eager to use Chief Daddy’s inheritance, but the CEO of his company is trying to stop them from doing so.

28. The Wait

The Wait is a Nollywood movie on Netflix, based on Yewande Zaccheaus’ book. The movie explores the importance of faith in guiding individuals through family issues, career pursuits, and love search.

It highlights how faith can provide support and guidance in overcoming challenges and achieving personal goals. The movie is a relatable tale that many people can relate to.

29. Glamour Girls

Glamour girls are high-end escorts who are promised luxury and riches. However, their world takes a dark turn when a murder and theft occur, putting everything at risk and threatening their lives.

30. A Simple Lie

A Simple Lie is a romantic comedy that follows a woman who tells a small lie to her former lover, leading to a complicated situation. The lie reveals hidden truths among a group of friends who are cheating on their partners, sometimes even with each other.

The movie is a fun and entertaining watch that can be enjoyed on Netflix. The story highlights the consequences of lying and the consequences of unfaithfulness in relationships.

31. Castle And Castle

Castle and Castle is a TV show about two married lawyers who often defend opposing sides in the justice system, causing tension and stress in their marriage.

List Of Nollywood Movies On Netflix - Castle And Castle

They often find themselves on different sides of a legal case, representing conflicting interests in court, which can strain their relationship as they navigate the complexities of their personal and professional lives.

32. Moms At War

Moms At War is a Nollywood movie available on Netflix about two motherly rivals who become rivals when their children compete in a school contest. The story revolves around the conflicts and support they face as they help their children excel in the competition.

33. Before Valentine’s

Before Valentine’s is a Nollywood movie on Netflix that follows four hairdressers in Lagos who prepare for the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day.

The movie explores their experiences and challenges as they navigate the ups and downs of relationships and family dynamics. The four hairdressers focus on their work while dealing with dramatic events in their love lives and families.

The movie is a romantic drama that explores the wild and unpredictable dramas that love and family can bring while getting ready for the special day.

34. Eleshin Oba: The King’s Horseman

Eleshin Oba: The King’s Horseman is a Netflix-watched Nollywood movie about a horseman who must sacrifice himself to serve his king in the afterlife after his king’s death. However, unexpected distractions lead to a tragic and surprising plot twist.

35. U Turn

U-Turn is a Nollywood movie featuring a driver and a single passenger on a long journey. However, they have hidden agendas and are not honest about their intentions.

This adds suspense and drama to the story, as they keep their secrets hidden. The film explores the tension and intrigue of two people on a journey.

36. Rattle Snake – The Ahanna Story

Rattle Snake – The Ahanna Story is a Nollywood movie available on about a smart person who becomes unhappy with life and gathers a group to commit impressive thefts.

However, their actions lead to a group of people wanting to harm them, highlighting their adventures and the dangers they face. The movie is a remake of a stylish film.

37. Your Excellency

Your Excellency

Your Excellency is a Nollywood movie available on Netflix that follows a rich businessman who decides to run for president. Initially, his campaign seems to fail, but social media unexpectedly boosts it.

The movie follows the businessman’s struggle to make his campaign work, making numerous mistakes. However, when social media becomes involved, things start to change for the better.

Your Excellency is a funny and entertaining Nollywood movie that explores politics, social media, and the ups and downs of a presidential campaign, making it easy for anyone to understand.

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38. Breaded Life

Breaded Life is a Nollywood movie on Netflix that follows a wealthy young man who becomes forgotten by everyone he knows, including friends and family.

To find a solution, he turns to a local bread seller, who is the only person who still remembers him. Together, they embark on a journey to unravel the mystery and restore his place in the world.

39. My Village People

My Village People is a Nollywood movie on Netflix about a selfish man who flirts with many women and doesn’t care about others. His reckless behavior accidentally attracts the attention of a group of witches, who are evil sorceress.

The movie follows the man’s struggle to deal with the consequences of his actions and avoid the witches’ spells, resulting in funny and dramatic situations. The story is filled with funny and dramatic situations as the protagonist navigates the consequences of his actions.

40. Prophetess

The last on our Full List Of Nollywood Movies On Netflix is Prophetess.

Prophetess is a Nollywood movie available on Netflix that revolves around the story of a small town a small-town prophetess who predicts the outcome of a football match. Despite her special abilities, her prediction is correct, leading her to become involved in the world of sports betting.

The movie explores the complexities of sports betting, where people gamble on the outcomes of sports events. The movie features interesting and potentially funny situations, making it a must-watch for fans of Nollywood. Overall, “PROPHETESS” is a captivating and entertaining Nollywood film that explores the complexities of sports betting.

List Of Nollywood Movies On Netflix – Conclusion

In conclusion, Netflix’s presence in the Nigerian film industry is a testament to its growing international recognition and offers audiences a chance to explore its diverse storytelling. Nollywood movies, with their diverse genres, themes, and talents, captivate audiences with their unique narratives, cultural insights, and entertainment value.

The collaboration between Nollywood and Netflix has opened up new horizons for the global dissemination of African cinema, blending traditional storytelling with modern filmmaking techniques.

The full list of Nollywood movies on Netflix is a treasure trove for fans and cinephiles alike, offering powerful dramas tackling social issues and light-hearted comedies providing moments of pure joy.

As Netflix continues to invest in Nollywood and other African film industries, it can only anticipate an even brighter future for African cinema on the global stage. With the world at our fingertips, the journey through Nollywood’s cinematic wonders is just a click away, thanks to Netflix.

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