9 Amazing Flavour Quotes About Life

Flavour Quotes about life and success

We bring to you amazing Flavour Quotes About Life & Success

Chinedu Okoli popularly known by his stage name as Flavour, is a famous Nigerian singer, song writer, multi-talented instrumentalist, recording artist, guitarist, stage performer, actor, model, and a philanthropist.

Flavour is a versatile instrumentalist, capable of playing the drums, piano, and guitar. He gleaned these skills professionally while in music school.

He was a professional drummer before venturing into singing, playing for City Centre Enugu. Through his knowledge of music, he was able to learn music production effortlessly.

He is a high-life singer known for singing in his native language “Igbo” and the English language.

Flavour Net Worth is proof that he’s a success as he has won several awards for his uniqueness and originality.

He is prominent for focusing on love inclined songs, most especially the kind that describes women, their endowments and all the feminine essence.

Quite versatile in his acts that he once took a break from his usual Igbo hip-pop, cultural and romantic songs to delve into motivational tracks that had inspired people.

He has also shown another angle of his abilities which were not limited to waist twisting and praising the behind of women.

He has collaborated with a blind lad and did a heart-touching Gospel single which endeared him to the hearts of many, even critics.

In this post, we share with you our favorite Flavour Quotes about life

9 Amazing Flavour Quotes About Life & Success

1. “Our lives follow the stories we tell ourselves”. – Flavour

Flavour quotes about life

2. “I think one of the most wonderful things we can do as performers is to remind audiences that they can still relate to the emotions and feelings, as though the music had been written yesterday”. – Flavour Quotes

words of wisdom from flavor

3. “The side effects of dying in your pants aren’t really funny… Alright, it’s a little funny”. – Flavour Quotes

wise sayings from flavor

4. “Sin has invaded God’s creation and we live now in a fallen world”. – Flavour. Also check our collection of Timaya quotes about good living.

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5. “Creativity is not a gift; it is a mindset that you practice”. – Flavour Quotes

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6. “Love was like a steamroller. There was no avoiding it, it went over you and you came out flat”. – Flavour

Quotes about love from Flavour

7. “Philanthropy is a staple part of my life. I feel it’s important, not only to raise awareness on crucial societal issues that men, women, and children face in Africa, but it is also key to be involved in creating the change one wishes to see”.” – Flavour

In our list of 10 inspiring hustle and life lessons from Flavour, making a change through his Foundation is proof that philanthropy is a staple part of his life.

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8. It is all on you; nobody will do anything for you. It’s tough but you have to accept it. Even if someone does anything for you, they will need to reap on that, so do not give up on yourself. Despite the negativity, start building yourself.” – Flavour N’abania.

Flavour Quotes

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9. “For me, I believe it is always important to not only remember your roots but actually take the time out to revisit and implement growth in any way possible” – Flavour N’abania.

Quotes from Flavour

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