10 Practical Lessons From Flavour About Life & Hustle

Life lessons from Flavour

Chinedu Okoli, the Nigerian artiste popularly known as Flavour N’abania is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer.

He performed at the city center, Enugu, where he was inspired by the crowd present to gain new grounds and reach a greater height.

Might you know that Flavour was educated in music production from Dekumzy, Isi Charles and Nnachie.

In 2005, he released his debut album N’abania. An album which gained acceptance especially in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Flavor is a good drummer, a professional one at that. He used to play the drum in his church which was how his pastor noticed him and introduced him to his friend, Chris I Ordor, CEO and owner of Soundcity Communication.

His interest in music especially instruments grew stronger when he decided to move in with his band members, though against his parent’s will. This was when he learnt to play the drum, piano and guitar etc.

The name Flavour was inspired by a fan he admires so much, Flavour Shelter who was into real estate. Flavour’s Net Worth has risen as he has paid the price for success.

Wouldn’t you want to learn a thing or two from this easy-going musician’s career and life?

We bring to you 10 practicable life lessons from flavour

10 Practicable Hustle & Life Lessons from Flavour N’abania


1. Your Identity

Packaging is a form of adding flavour to your food. Flavour, as his name implies indeed added flavor to the release of his songs in that he releases his songs in albums.

Flavour’s Album

  • N’abania – 2005
  • Uplifted – 2010
  • Blessed – 2012
  • Thankful – 2014
  • Ijele (The Traveler) – 2017

There is indeed nothing new under the sun, but one thing – you. That’s your identity, your style, and when you keep up with your style, you’d realize you’d be known for it.

2. Work Hard

In one the powerful quotes from Flavour, he said: “I’ve always wanted to do my best, do better in giving back and in strengthening my interaction with unique and remarkable people from across the globe, who despite having faced tough experiences, still find a way to go with life happily”.

Flavour N’abania was no doubt a hardworking musician and instrumentalist. He stopped at nothing in giving his best every time, in his songs, his performance, etc.

If you’re the type who sits around waiting for a miracle to get the job done, now is the time to rise to the task and get the job done. No hardworking man will ever be hungry.

3. Remember Your Source

For me, I believe it is always important to not only remember your roots but actually take the time out to revisit and implement growth in any way possible – Flavour N’abania.

Flowing with the tide is necessary, but flowing against the tide is bad.

When life brings new opportunity your way, pursue it. But in your pursuit, do not forget how it all started.

Flavour N’abania in an attempt to give back to his source, established his foundation “The Chinedu Okoli Foundation

Through his hustling life, he had the opportunity to get an educational scholarship to study music; he is simply doing the same with his foundation.

Always remember that, no man lives in isolation, we all need one another to grow and if you’ve grown, go back to help someone grow as well.

4. Invest in Youngsters

Flavour N’abania choose to be a blessing to many other people with the creation of The Chinedu Okoli Foundation established in 2010.

The foundation is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and is aimed at young people to experience the impact of music through education and empowerment.

Someone believed in him, that’s why he is where he is today, doing the same thing to a hundred more people is key.

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5. Listen to Yourself

At a point in Flavour N’abania’s life, he moved out of his parents’ house so he could learn more from his fellow band members, his parents refused, but he knows he had to make it all by himself with or without his parent.

He went ahead and left home without his parent’s concession and today, everyone speaks of Flavour in the entertainment industry.

It is important to know that success requires sacrifice and not everyone is willing to pay that sacrifice. That’s why we have a few successful men around us today.

People will despise you especially when what you’re doing doesn’t seems to make sense to them, they’ll discourage, they’ll mock you and call you name; if you listen to them, then success is far from you.

The only person you need to listen to is yourself.

It is all on you; nobody will do anything for you. It’s tough but you have to accept it. Even if someone does anything for you, they will need to reap on that, so do not give up on yourself. Despite the negativity, start building yourself. – Flavour N’abania.

6. Be Your Best

Flavour N’abania gives nothing but the best in his releases and one of his albums (Uplifted) attracted Lolhiphop Records, an established record in South Africa to release the album.

Do your best and leave the rest. But make sure that that best is indeed the best. You should also read these 10 life lessons from Ayo Markun about hustle and success.

7. Believe In Yourself

In 2010, Flavour released his album “Uplifted” which has quite a number of hit singles which are: Nwa Baby, Oyi and Adanma.

The album was a success and it made waves on media platforms. This, of course, created a platform for Flavour to be one of Africa’s most sort artist.

An amazing fact about this album is that while he was working on this album, he believed the album, he believed the album would surpass his previous works and he was right. The album broke national barriers.

In summary, be true to yourself, work for yourself and the best is yet to come.

8. Humble Beginning

After working with Soundcity Communications and his band for eleven years, Flavour N’abania left the band and started playing with different bands on his own. It was not an easy journey, but, he kept the learning active.

No one has it all, not even the best musicians of today, there was the time of humility, learning, planting, growing, and of course, reaping.

Flavour N’abania went through this process.

9. Embrace it and Multiply it

It is good to embrace ones dream earlier in life, in order to increase productivity. Flavour N’abania did not waste time in choosing his career in music, that’s why today, he is a force to recon with in the music industry.

Know your passion, embrace it on time and increase your productivity per time.

10. Create the Change

After all is being said and done, Flavour N’abania is a well-known philanthropist. He established The Chinedu Okoli Foundation in 2010 in Lagos, Nigeria.

This is to enable young people experience the impact of music. That is whom he is – Flavour.

He said, “Philanthropy is a staple part of my life. I feel it’s important, not only to raise awareness on crucial societal issues that men, women, and children face in Africa, but it is also key to be involved in creating the change one wishes to see”.

It can be said of Flavour that he wants a change in the entertainment industry by establishing The Chinedu Okoli Foundation.

Look into yourself also, identify where you want to create the change, don’t just sit around, make the move for the change. If you do not achieve it, trust me, someone else will.

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