Fincra Review – All You Need to Know

Fincra Review - all you need to know

Here’s what you need to know about Fincra, a financial technology company serving as a payment platform for businesses in Africa, Europe, and Amercia.

Have you ever tried importing from another country? How was making payment hassle like? Well, there seems to be various options available but sometimes it can be very challenging.

Are you a dealer, entrepreneur, sole proprietor that practices e-commerce and international operations? How has it been when it comes to accepting payments across all countries?

Experiences show that making all these transactions is far from easy plus the fact that it takes time sometimes before Payment gets sorted.

Having seen how much importance is attached to cross-border transactions is to individuals, companies, and even as a country, challenges and struggles associated with it should not be overlooked.

No wonder Fincra introduced payment solutions across borders. How? We’ve written about the top fintech companies in Nigeria. You should check it out.

First, let’s discuss what Fincra does.

What Is Fincra?

Fincra is a universal financial technology company that serves as a payment platform for businesses in Africa, Europe, and America.

Its aim is to make cross-border payment so easy in and as instant as a flash of light. Fincra’s delight is to see businesses in Africa connect easily with the rest of the world.

This it does by ensuring that there is greater efficiency of operation, improved performance, productivity, and reach to target markets.

It serves as a payment gateway meaning you can either send or receive from UK, Europe, Nigeria, the US, and other African countries through virtual accounts in currencies such as Naira, Cedis, Shillings, Rands, Dollars, GBP, and EUROS.

Collect payments with Fincra payment solutions

Benefits of Using Fincra

First, Fincra allows registered dealers receive and make payouts to desired countries at low cost with no unknown charges.

This means you can easily connect your supplier such that you can easily pay either single or cross-currency as long as such currency is supported on the platform.

Remember, you can pay out in 7 currencies to more than 100 countries.

It is so good for businesses that make payments oftentimes and requires a lot of control and flexibility.

You can be sure that you will be free from any stress or difficulty that comes with cross border payment and transaction that normally takes forever to settle as such gets sorted in a flash of light on fincra.

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Also, your customers can easily pay you directly from their different types of accounts be it savings or current.

On Fincra, you can easily understand exactly how your business is performing through analytics which include detailed reporting, alerts such as  successful, abandoned, and failed transactions

Infact,  you can easily control the information each member of your team has access to, through the granular user permission.

Do not feel left out with Fincra if you do not have a website, you can still receive payment, just sign up and create an account with Fincra.

Another plus to Fincra is that It helps business owners with large staff strength as they can easily use it to pay salaries

Is Their Portal User Friendly?

The answer is Yes, as you can easily maneuver through the platform plus transaction details can be easily monitored.

Again, there is easy access to fincra wallet without stress from international banking

Fincra Application programming interface help users to build innovative products, create financial data and secured payments.

As a customer, you can easily connect your bank accounts to fincra using your mobile banking credentials.

Can You Sell With Fincra Links?

Of course, yes. fincra link helps you to sell either single or multiple products or services using payment pages.

With product link, you can view and manage your product orders, manage inventory, set up shipping preferences and also set what happens after a customer purchases a product.

How to Use Fincra Links On Your Website?

If you wish to be receiving payments on your website,  Fincra API can be integrated on your website and e-commerce website such as shopify, wordpress and many more.

What if you don’t have a website and you desire to receive payment online. The goodnews is that with Fincra, you are good to go. How?

How to Use Fincra Without a Website?

After Registration and your account has been activated, Fincra is designed such that you can use its pages, invoices and product links to collect payment online without a website.

Fincra’s invoices and Payment Pages are perfect for freelancers and small businesses that want to collect payments online and don’t have a website.

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How Safe Is Fincra?

It is said that their security  and encryptions is of world class standard. Hence, there is assurance that customers data can be protected from fraud.

Is Registration Easy?

To create a Fincra account, you will need to provide some basic information about your business and accounts. These include:

  • Information about your Corporate Bank Account  with any bank in your country..
  • Company Registration details.
  • Business. Details such as  what your company stands for, products or services you offer, etc.
  • If you transact business across border, then you will have to  provide your International Payments details as this will enable you accept payments from customers all over the world.

Well, as the saying goes, nothing good comes free. Same way  Fincra comes with a pricing plan.

After registration, you will be required to choose from  a variety of options which payment plan suit you best. This allows all customers on Fincra to find the perfect subscription and pricing plan that works for them.

Fincra was founded by Wole Ayodele in 2019 but he works with a team which consist of 30 innovative individuals who work together to create innovative solutions.

Its headquarter is in Toronto, Ontario.

Fincra Review (Summary)

In a system where importing and exporting is on the high side, the need to send and receive money either to suppliers or receive from customers respectively is a must.

This sometimes can be delayed due to different currencies, various country’s regulations and other challenges that comes with cross border transactions.

Thanks to Fincra, at least merchants can transact without stress. That’s it on Fincra review. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

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