Femi Kuti Net Worth, Career, Age & Biography 2023

Femi Kuti Net Worth and Biography

How much is Femi Kuti net worth?

Femi Kuti Net Worth$5 million
Born:June 16, 1962
Full Name:Oluwatobi Wande Ojosipe
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Education:Igbobi College, Lagos
Source of Wealth:Saxophonist, Songwriting, Endorsements, Singing

Femi Kuti net worth piques the curiosity of many, particularly among older Nigerians, as he’s the son of the legendary Afrobeat musician and activist Fela Kuti. Much of Femi’s success can be attributed to his father, who instilled in him a passion for music and activism that he eagerly embraced.

His musical talent became evident at a young age, and by sixteen, he was playing the keyboard and saxophone, joining his father’s band.

After his father’s death, Femi continued to champion the musical and political legacy, writing and performing in a style reminiscent of his father.

Though not among the richest singers in Nigeria, Femi’s net worth still draws attention. His political engagement, especially within Nigeria and Africa, is evident in his energetic and jazzy songs that tackle issues like politics, corruption, poverty, and the challenging living conditions in Nigeria.

In this article, we’ll delve into the financial aspect of this influential musician, examining Femi Kuti’s net worth.

Femi Kuti Net Worth and Career Highlights

As of today, Femi Kuti is worth an estimated $5 million. Here are some of his best career highlights:

  • Grammy Awards World Music Album 2014 · No Place for My Dream  Nominee
  • Grammy Awards World Music Album 2012 · Africa for Africa  Nominee
  • Grammy Awards BEST CONTEMPORARY WORLD MUSIC Album 2009 –  Day By Day Nominee
  • Grammy Awards BEST WORLD MUSIC Album 2002 – Fight To Win Nominee
  • Guinness World Records 2017 – (Record for a single note held on a saxophone circular breathing for 51 minutes and 35 seconds) Won

We’d like to give you a brief story of his life and music career.


Born abroad in London, specifically to the iconic Fela and Remilekun (Remi) Ransome-Kuti, Femi Anikulapo Kuti was raised in Nigeria’s former capital, Lagos.

Following his birth, Femi’s mother left Fela, likely due to his well-known infidelity both at home and abroad. However, fate intervened in 1977, leading Femi to make the decision to reconnect with his father.

Remarkably, Femi began honing his saxophone skills at just 15 years old and eventually became an integral part of his father’s esteemed band.

His exceptional talent shines through as he joined such a high-caliber ensemble at such a young age.

Femi’s educational journey took him through Baptist Academy and Igbobi College, shaping his path to becoming the remarkable musician and artist he is today. Who could have foreseen the impressive worth that Femi Kuti would go on to achieve?

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Femi Kuti’s Career

Following in his father’s footsteps, Femi has remained committed to social and political causes throughout his career. In the late 1980s, he established his own band, Positive Force, alongside Dele Sosimi (Gbedu Resurrection), a former keyboard player for Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

His global journey commenced in 1988 when he received an invitation from the French Cultural Center in Lagos and Christian Mousset to perform at esteemed events like the Festival d’Angoulême in France, the New Morning Club in Paris, and the Moers Festival in Germany.

In 2001, Femi collaborated with various US musicians, including Common, Mos Def, and Jaguar Wright, on his album “Fight to Win”.

In 2002, he contributed a reinterpretation of his father’s classic track “Water No Get Enemy” to the compilation CD “Red Hot and Riot,” dedicated to Fela Kuti and AIDS awareness.

Femi Kuti’s voice resonates even in the virtual realm, as he serves as the host of the radio station IF 99 in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

Similar to his father’s approach, Femi addresses critical issues within Nigeria, evident in songs like “Sorry,” “What Will Tomorrow Bring,” and “97”. His Grammy nominations in the world music category in 2003, 2010, 2012, and 2013 reflect his impact, although a win has eluded him.

In 2014, a significant management deal between Chocolate City Music Group and Femi Kuti was announced, emphasizing his ongoing relevance.

His album “Africa for Africa” highlights the challenge of “Bad Government” in Africa, where he voices concerns about political corruption, hunger, and media control.

He also underscores the lack of knowledge about African slavery’s history in Nigeria’s textbooks, revealing the complexities within his homeland.

He reverberated similar conclusions in the 2015 elections by releasing a remix to the song “Legislative issues Na Big Business” highlighting Tuface Idiibia and Sound Sultan through his management organization, Chocolate City.

Femi Kuti and his son, Made Kuti, jointly unveiled their two-album venture, Legacy+, through Partisan Records on 5 February 2021. This undertaking encompasses Femi’s eleventh album titled “Stop the Hate” and Made’s debut album “For(e)ward”.

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Kuti’s song “Make We Remember” approaches individuals to remember the expressions of his father and “great black individuals”, who battled for the liberation of Africa.

For an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time, Femi has been using music to rouse, change and persuade African individuals.

Life Lessons From Femi Kuti

  • Dare to be different

Femi was born into a famous family. Just like his father, Femi forged a career path different to others. Even with music, his style was visibly different.

He followed in the footsteps of his father by carrying on the Afrobeat created by his father, a new genre of music that fused Jazz, Funk, West African High Life and psychedelic rock. And it was indeed a bang.

  • Be Bold – Never succumb to fear

Femi has turned out to be one of the most vocal musicians and social commentators Africa has ever seen, this is a trait he obviously got from his father who Even in the face of the brutal military dictatorship that ruled Nigeria in the 1970s and 80s, Fela was one of the fiercest critics of a government that was notorious for intimidating and taking out its opponents.

  • Be versatile and creative

Femi was a creative and versatile musician. He was multi talented in several instruments including the saxophone, keyboards, trumpet.

We can let this ability also translate into our lives especially in the business aspect. This creates all kinds of opportunities for us and gives us more chances to succeed.

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Summary of Femi Kuti Net Worth

Femi Kuti stands as an iconic African musician today. His substantial net worth, as highlighted in this article, showcases him as a beacon of positive change in our challenged society.

While Femi might be in the later stages of his career due to his age, his musical journey has undeniably imprinted a legacy for both Nigerians and emerging artists in the industry.

His career has been remarkable, marked by achievements that are unparalleled. Just as his father, Femi Kuti is a unique figure we won’t witness again.

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