60 Ederson Moraes Quotes (Things Ederson Once Said)

Ederson Moraes Quotes about life and soccer

We’ve compiled a list of about 60 Ederson Moraes quotates and sayings about football, life, and achievement.

Ederson Santana de Moraes, better known as Ederson, is a Brazilian goalkeeper who currently plays for Manchester City in the Premier League and for the Brazil national team.

According to the CIES, he is the most expensive goalkeeper in the world in terms of transfer value.

Ederson de Moraes net worth demonstrates that he is a successful goalkeeper who plays in the English Premier League for one of the world’s most successful clubs, Manchester City.

What does Ederson have to teach us? You’ll learn more about Ederson Moraes’ mind set, motivating strong attitude, and what motivates him to succeed in this collection of Ederson Moraes net worth.

60 Ederson Moraes Quotes and Sayings About Life & Football

1. “The role of a goalkeeper in Pep’s team is like the 11th outfield player on the pitch, in terms of the build-up, the pressing. I think it’s more difficult. There is a bigger responsibility because you can’t afford to make any mistakes. If you do, it probably ends in an opposition goal.” – Ederson Moraes

Ederson Moraes quotes about goalkeeping

2. “I’m not sure if I would be able to do set-pieces, but I’m good at penalties, either using power or technique on shooting it.” – Ederson Moraes

3. “I think futsal helped me a lot when I was 11 or 12 years old. It helped me to think quicker and look for the passing lines. I think I managed to move those lessons to 11-a-side football.” – Ederson Moraes quotes

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4. “I always train as a goalkeeper. I never train outside the goal.” – Ederson Moraes

5. “When I started playing football, I started as a left-defender. Maybe I wasn’t very talented in that position but I knew that something good could come out of it. I got some skills with my feet and that helped me a lot later on. Those qualities have helped me a lot in my career.” – Ederson Moraes

6. “It’s no wonder Pep is one of the best coaches in the world. When I knew I could work with him I was very happy. I didn’t think twice. He has helped a lot in my adaptation, in the form of the game he likes.” – Ederson Moraes

7. “I started playing in goal because I ‘struggled to run as fast as the strikers and the other players out there. I was 10 years old.

8. “On the pitch, I try to be focused and calm and think positive. That’s my attitude towards football.” – Ederson Moraes quotes

9. “When you live without training for a long time, you end up losing that habit. It is difficult to resume things, even if you have some time to prepare. It is difficult to acquire that rhythm again. Many injuries end up happening.” – Ederson Moraes

10. “If we do the build-up so well, it’s because our players always offer me different options to pass the ball, so that makes it easier. With calm and quality on the pass, it always works out. Of course, you need to have the courage and be very cool to play that way, because any mistake can end up in a goal conceded.” – Ederson Moraes

11. “It’s something I’ve been working on since I started out at Sao Paulo, and over time I’ve tried to improve my skills. But even when I played in the local academy, I was trying to show off some ability with my feet. I actually scored several free-kicks.” – Ederson Moraes

12. “I want to finish in Portugal, in Benfica.” – Ederson Moraes

13. “I don’t practise it that much, maybe two or three times a week. It’s a natural skill that I have, to hit long balls, so I don’t need to practise it every day.” – Ederson Moraes quotes

14. “My goal is to defend our goal, save shots and not concede goals. But one thing that could happen is to score a goal from my penalty box to the other box directly.” – Ederson Moraes

15. “Pep is a great manager who sees football in another way. He lives football and breathes football. The way he thinks about the game is completely different to other managers.” – Ederson Moraes

16. “One of my coaches encouraged me to try it. In the beginning, I didn’t want to take any free kicks but he pushed me to do it. Then I started scoring a few goals and everything changed.” – Ederson Moraes

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17. “When I was nine or ten, I had a chat with my coach and I asked if I could play in goal. I started playing as a goalkeeper and it was love at first sight. Only a goalkeeper knows how it is.” – Ederson Moraes quotes

18. “I always learn from Julio Cesar and I learn more from watching him than from talking to him. I gain a lot of experience when I train with him. ” – Ederson Moraes

19. “That is very important, to play with your feet, it is very important to know how to read the game and obviously save balls and also handle the pressure when it comes to the crunch time.” – Ederson Moraes

20. “We study the shooters of the opponents – the team, the goalkeeping coach and the other goalkeepers.” – Ederson Moraes

21. “I already know about the importance of the derby.” – Ederson Moraes

22. “I already know about the importance of the derby.” – Ederson Moraes

23. “I think it’s a matter of taking advantage of your opportunities in life.” – Ederson Moraes

24. “When I started playing as a boy, a lot of people were asking, ‘If you don’t make it, what are you going to do?’ But in my head, I was always repeating to myself, ‘I’m going to become a football player.’” – Ederson Moraes quotes

Ederson Moraes quotes about dreams

25. “Guardiola is one of the best managers in the world.” – Ederson Moraes

26. “I’m a player that usually focuses on my team, try to give the best for my teammates, and I don’t look much at what the other teams do.” – Ederson Moraes

27. “Despite football being my job, it’s also good fun and it’s a way that children enjoy themselves.” – Ederson Moraes

28. “I am very happy to have been called up by the national team. It’s indeed another achievement in my career and I’ve worked a lot and very hard for this moment.” – Ederson Moraes

29. “I started playing as a full-back, but it’s hard to chase quick forwards, especially for me as I’m not particularly quick.” – Ederson Moraes

30. “I have lots of meaningful tattoos, also some others are for just passion.” – Ederson Moraes quotes

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31. “If there is a chance to ever take a penalty I am going to ask the manager and I would do it!” – Ederson Moraes

32. “In the European competition, when the knockout rounds start, it’s always 50-50.” – Ederson Moraes

33. “I remember my father used to wake up at 4 A.M. He woke me up as well. We would leave home together, he was going to work and I continued my walk to catch the bus. I had my training session with Sao Paulo in the morning. I had to take two buses to the point I could take the club bus.” – Ederson Moraes

34. “I am working on my English skills that will help me on the pitch. Communication between each other makes our job much easier.

35. “When a child falls over and gets injured, he gets back up and carries on playing. It’s no different for me.” – Ederson Moraes

36. “We will only celebrate when we are champions and not before.” – Ederson Moraes

37. “I want to win everything we can! But it is my dream to win the Champions League in Manchester City’s shirt.” – Ederson Moraes quote

38. “I think modern football has evolved a lot. Goalkeepers do several things during the game.” – Ederson Moraes

39. “When I knew it was real, that City were really interested in me, I was very happy because it’s good to see your work recognised.” – Ederson Moraes

40. “Representing the Selecao is a very great expectation, being able to play is even greater.” – Ederson Moraes

41. “I’m good at penalties, either using power or technique when I’m shooting.” – Ederson Moraes

42. “There is always room for improvement.” – Ederson Moraes

43. “The passion I had for being a goalkeeper made me follow the career of Rogerio Ceni.” – Ederson Moraes

44. “I have tattooed the names of my parents, my wife, my two kids, my brothers. Those are the most important ones for me.

45. “My daughter’s Portuguese.” – Ederson Moraes

46. “I like everything about Manchester City.” – Ederson Moraes

47. “With Pep Guardiola, City are growing more and more.” – Ederson Moraes

48. “Brazil is well served for goalkeepers, many who have not been to the World Cup are very good.” – Ederson Moraes

49. “I hope one day to return to Benfica.” – Ederson Moraes

50. “When I played in the Benfica youth teams, they would always call me to play in midfield if someone was missing and I didn’t ever embarrass myself.” – Ederson Moraes quotes

51. “I was always comfortable with the ball at my feet, and this helps me during games. I think it’s a natural talent.” – Ederson Moraes

52. “I’d like to score.” – Ederson Moraes

53. “I used to play as a ‘goleiro-linha,’ it’s a goalkeeper that plays a lot with his feet.” – Ederson Moraes

54. “I have always been skilful with my feet.” – Ederson Moraes

55. “Whether I use the long kick all depends on the moment, only at certain stages of the game.” – Ederson Moraes

56. “When I play with my friends, I always play as a midfielder.” – Ederson Moraes quotes

57. “Even before I’m on the ball, I’m always looking to see where I can pass the ball.” – Ederson Moraes

quotes by Ederson

58. “I’ve always been very good at playing long balls. That was an attribute that my old club Benfica used to exploit because you can’t be offside from a goal-kick.” – Ederson Moraes

59. “I help a lot in the build-up and the long balls as well. But mainly I would say a goalkeeper must be a calm person to cope with the pressure to handle when you make a mistake. I think that’s really important and it helps you a lot to develop your skills.” – Ederson Moraes

60. “I’m a happy person.” – Ederson Moraes quotes

61. “I remember sometimes a difficulty and I realise that it taught me something or it helped me later on. The difficulties in the past are the wins in the present.

Summary of Ederson Moraes Quotes

There you have it, our quick collection of Ederson quotes and sayings about football and life.

You’ll agree he is one hell of a goalkeeper who strives to become better at every game. So tell us, what you think about the professional goalkeeper in the comment section below.

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