Dunnie Net Worth And Biography

Dunnie Net Worth

How much is Dunnie net worth?

Dunnie Net Worth 2021:$50,000
Stage Name:Dunnie
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Collaborations:Ric Hassani, Oxlade, Fiokee etc
Source of Wealth:Singing
Genre:Hip Hop, R n B/Soul and Highlife

Dunnie is one of the fast-rising female artists in the Nigerian music industry today. Ever since her debut in the industry, it was clear to many that her style of music was unique and will rarely be associated with any other previous acts.

Her style of music makes her unique in her own space, as she can switch easily from soul to Afropop, and hip-hop.

Considering how much work she has been able to do in her career, exploring Dunnie Net worth is quite interesting. Although she’s not listed as one of the top 10 richest Nigerian musicians, we’ll be checking out her net worth in this post.

Despite many of her fans liking her work to other established superstar artists like Asa and Simi, Dunnie is of the idea that her work is quite in a niche of its own.

To be factual, her music is quite distinct from these sets of artists. Dunnie has worked on different projects since her first work, however, we can all admit to the fact that her career is still relatively young.

Through this article, we will go through her career, early life, her achievements, quotes, and eventually Dunnie Net worth.

So come with us as we divulge information concerning one of your favorite Nigerian artists.

Dunnie Net Worth

Dunnie Net worth is valued at $50,000 at the time of this writing this article.

Dunnie Biography

Born to her amazing family in 1992, Oladunni Lawal discovered her singing talent from when she was so little.

After finding her voice in music, she opted to join the children’s choir unit of her church at the age of four, through the guidance of her parents. During her time there, she took solos and lead vocals through training from her handler back at that time.

Over the years of her childhood, she evolved from singing to playing the drums in the adult choir, eventually moving to play the guitar also.

She became the full-time drummer at her church aged twelve and took charge of the guitar at age sixteen. You would agree she was a teen sensation after seeing her play these instruments.

According to Dunnie, her first song came at the time she was writing and performing at diverse functions for kids aged fifteen.

Details of her education are yet to be released to the public, but we expect in the coming years when she earns the attention she deserves, these details will emerge. Whenever they do, trust us to keep you updated.

Dunnie’s Career

Dunnie decided to go fully into music after establishing she has all it takes to succeed in her craft.

The debut single which she released titled “E go better” topped music charts across Nigeria in early 2012. Despite earning minimal success through her first release, she has been actively making and pushing her music. The contribution of the first release had no major impact on Dunnie Net worth.

After a few years of honing her craft to become a better artist in her own niche, she released a 23 minute EP titled SEVEN.

The title of this song is quite significant and holds personal meaning to her, as the EP was released on the 7th of July, 2018.

This EP, according to her, symbolizes seven years in her professional music career. Most of the production input in this EP was done by Dunnie, further establishing her proficiency as a producer.

Tracks on the SEVEN EP invludes:

  • Sunmobi
  • Smile
  • Tell me
  • Simpulu
  • Deep love
  • Gbemiloke
  • Unconditionally

Tell Me, Simpulu, Deep Love,Gbemiloke and Unconditionally were all produced by Dunnie under the alias “OladunniTheBeatmaker“, with production support from Sparkzy for Unconditionally, guitars for Deep Love by Fiokee and horns for Gbemiloke by Chordinator.

Production credits for the other songs include Sunmobi (Macroc, written by Ephraem) and Smile (Sampro).

Simpulu and Gbemiloke were also co-written by Ephraem. The SEVEN EP earned massive airplay, downloads, and public acceptance. The work recorded huge success which brought a significant boost to Dunnie Net worth.

When asked for the inspiration behind most of her work, Dunnie stated that “I was mostly inspired by Fela, Duncan Mighty, Taylor Swift, Tunji Oyelana, and Osita Osadebe for this project.”

For Dunnie, sacred numbers are a source of power, inspiration, and expression in her musical art. Her debut project titled, Seven was then followed by another project based on an important number inspired by the Jewish beliefs.

The project titled FOUR was all about Dunnie’s maturity into her role as a musician, celebrity, and as one of the significant voices in the Nigerian music industry.

Through the opening track and lead single of the EP, “Overdose”, the growth of Dunnie net worth over the years was significant and evident.

The single which was Co-written with Troms explains Dunnie’s longing and dedication to the love of her life. The song is characterized by calm musings which transform into a thrilling chorus characterized by its lively percussive beat.

After the initial release of the track, she made a remix with a fellow Afro-fusion artist in Oxlade and their combination on the song resulted in a masterpiece.

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Next up is “Koro” which is also as dynamic as the lead single. This song focuses on the vocal abilities of Dunnie and displays her tenacity in changing pitches from high to lows, and vice-versa.

It is evident that Dunnie always sticks to numbers, as she finish off the EP with the fourth song titled “ I need you”. This song portrays a darker, sad tune which marks the conclusion of the EP.

In an exclusive virtual listening party via YouTube earlier this month, Dunnie revealed that she made the song over Instagram with some of her followers, reflected in the extensive songwriting credits given to Klem, Mikel Mizzy, Worship, Tiwadara, Rome (who co-produces the record along with Dunnie, Tuzi and Klasikbeats).

Despite being A very short project consisting of four songs as the title denotes, it is full of high quality tunes, vocals and beats that keeps listeners wanting for more of her work.

Marking more than ten years since her debut single, it is safe to admit to the evident maturity and growth which Dunnie has undergone.

To highlight the quality of this project, Dunnie Net worth earned a significant boost a few months after the release of the project.

Her abilities in music have earned her much fame, fortune, and recognition from some of the most influential organizations in Nigeria. Recently, she won different endorsement deals with huge brands in Nigeria, including the likes of Nestle and Ciroc.

How Dunnie Spends Her Money

Dunnie is one of the most reserved female artists in Nigeria. This means that there are only fewer details available about her personal life, how she lives, what she spends on.

Dunnie Net worth, however, guarantees that she can afford luxury living to a minimal level. To this end, there is no knowledge of what she invests her money in or enjoys spending money on at the moment.

Quotes & Sayings By Dunnie

  • My life is simple, I sing moist songs and make hard beats
  • Still out here Chasing Dreams and melodies
  • A lot of our ‘normal daily experiences’ as Nigerians is actually very traumatic…. Most of us need therapy and we don’t even know it…
  • How do u think of therapy when an average Nigerian is barely making enough to Feed.. SMH!
  • Normal is regular… normal doesn’t birth greatness, and if greatness were normal everyone would be great…
  • Happiness is an inside job…
  • Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten

Life Lessons

  • Regardless of how long it is taking, never give up on your dreams. It took Dunnie up to 6 years to release her next project after her first release in 2012. That never deterred her from coming back to do what she loves most. Today, she is reaping the fruits of her labor bountifully.
  • Work hard! Work hard!! Work hard!!!
  • Never let your success depend on anyone else. Rather, let it depend on you. That way, you will never be disappointed.

Summary of Dunnie Net Worth

Dunnie Net Worth is estimated to be $50,000 and that surely is just the start of a career that she is building for herself.

For those who have listened to some of the works which Dunnie has been on, it is hard to argue the former fact stated. Her vocal abilities are excellent, and she’s got the potential to reach the skies in the coming years.

This post has been enlightening on Dunnie as a celebrity ready to take the music industry by storm in the coming years.

What did you think? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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